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Special Love Event Branch!

By Zefie Kirasagi

If she could have gotten up, she would have. Not because she wanted to, but because her butt was getting sore.

Kagami sighed, sitting there on the edge of the terrace garden. She'd come up here a little while beforehand - Akira-san's celebrity birthday party in the penthouse of the tall building had gotten quite rowdy and loud, what with the live band, probably a hundred guests, and Akira-san herself screaming at this person or that person on occasion to get something they were doing wrong right. After an hour and a half of the rowdiness, Kagami had staggered up here to this rooftop terrace garden, having a seat on a little stone wall that ran around its perimeter to rest.

Of course, she'd followed her up here. Despite Kagami's assurances that she was fine being alone, that she wanted to be alone, the blue haired girl had ignored her and simply sat down next to her, although she'd given her assurances that she wouldn't bother "Kagamin's peacefulness and quietnessness on the roofness gardeness", at which point Kagami had given Konata a solid bonk on the head with her fist. The girl had pouted for a few seconds, then called Kagami "tsudunere", and abruptly and without notice dropped off to sleep on her shoulder.

So if she could, Kagami would have gotten up.

Or maybe she wouldn't have.

Konata was nuzzling against Kagami's side in her sleep - she'd slowly slipped down until she was leaning into Kagami's tummy. In sleep, she looked so peaceful and different from her normal self that Kagami felt her guard dropping. She'd even run her fingers through the older girl's long blue hair once.

The time wore on, and the party downstairs began to die down - it sounded like someone had called the either Akira-san's parents, or the police, because people were definitely leaving downstairs, in a fair hurry. Kagami shook Konata's shoulder, hating to wake the girl up.

"Come on, wake up Konata."

The older girl sat up, rubbing her eyes sleepily. "Myuh Party's over?"

"Mmhmm." Kagami replied, standing up and brushing the back of her skirt off.

Konata stood, looking out over the rooftops beyond their tall building. The moon was shining down on the city, throwing a pale white light on the buildings. The girl turned to Kagami, putting on her neko-like smile.

"Nmm, Kagamin's tummy was cushiony."

"Ehh?! I-I thought you were asleep!" Kagami exclaimed, blushing.

"And miss the possibility for a love-event story line branch? Nah, I only snoozed." the girl replied, perfectly straight-faced as Kagami's blush went crimson.


Konata merely grinned a little, grabbing Kagami's hand and pulling her away from the terrace towards the stairs. "You said party's over, lets go."

"K-Konata! Wait!" came the stuttered reply from the still crimson-faced girl. Konata looked back at Kagami. "Nyuh, I think I just earned a Level Up in Love. Heheheh."

If there was a red deeper than crimson, Kagami hit it in two-sixteenths of a second.

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