-1Letting her sink it.

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The drive out to Tokyo was pleasant. He'd even made rather good time. Sure he could fly on his cloud but there was always the possibility that he'd need a car, or she might. He wondered just what he could say to her, what he'd do if he could get her to love him the way he loved her. It was just afternoon when he arrived near her home.

He went to the local toy store before coming over and made two purchases. One was in fact a real toy battleship. The other was the game 'battleship' itself. It wouldn't matter, really, if he came with nothing, but he knew she'd get a kick out of these. He grinned as he made his way up to her apartment at the top of the five story building.

The stairs were his way up for he had always hated elevators; too much noise and such a small space. It was somewhat maddening. Not to mention there was always some lingering scent that he never liked. Getting to her door, he gulped a bit, wondering if this was going to be okay, if she would even mind seeing him again. It had in fact been a little while since they had seen one another face to face. He wondered if she still had her baby fat. He'd always adored it, but then again she hadn't. He wondered what she looked like now. She'd always been so cute back when they were younger, but he couldn't help but wonder if she grew into her body.

He rang the bell as he came to his destination, and prayed to every kami that this worked out.

Kagome had been having the most fantastic dream about Sesshomaru EVER when the doorbell to her apartment rang. Grunting out in annoyance as she tried desperately to cling to sleep and her wonderful dream, Kagome slowly sat up. She couldn't help it. Years of training to be a miko having her rise at all hours of the day made her a light sleeper. It was fortunate that in her building she had the corner apartment on the top floor; the one below her was not rented out as of yet and her only bordering neighbor was out of town for the month. She'd slept better then she had in a very long time because of this. Still, getting up, she was annoyed. She had planned to sleep for another ninety plus minutes, she realized, as she looked at her clock and frowned.

Kagome didn't bother getting dressed, not remembering that she was naked, and headed for the door. Still rubbing sleep out of her eye she looked out the peep hole only to see Sesshomaru. A grin plastered on her sleepy face faster then anything and she swung the door open and yanked the poor surprised demon into her apartment before tackling him, landing on him in a straddling position. Kagome was in fact the only person other then his father who could ever put the drop on him. He both hated and adored this about her.

He was stunned, though. Yes, he had envisioned her naked body in this exact way before, but he really hadn't thought it was be this soon. Raising a perfectly arched brow at her, he decided not to say a thing; Knowing she was horribly off balanced when still sleepy and judging by the fact that she had been rubbing her eyes when she opened the door she hadn't realized her state of dress yet. He wasn't going to give it away. He smirked at her though as he said, "I got you something," holding up the bag from the toy story. She giggled a bit before yanking the bag away and pulling out the toy battleship, a deviously evil gleam entering her eyes as she envisioned ways to sink it in her bathtub while having a bubble bath.

He couldn't help himself when he put his hands on her bare hips holding her tightly in place above him, as one hand crept up her bare back and pulled her down by the nape of her neck into a searing kiss. Kagome hadn't been expecting it and had stiffened just a bit before falling right into it. Neither asked for permission before tongues were battling and she moaned softly into his mouth as it became more and more fierce. Hands were moving quickly to remove his shirt, and soon, he had a bare chest pressed against her own as they finally broke their kiss.

They panted, him watching as her eyes were softy closed, her cheeks rosy and flushed, her lips parted as her long lashes fluttered open, parting just a bit. She bit her lip just a little before she spoke. "I have always wanted to do that," she said quietly, before embracing him again in another passionate kiss. It lasted shorter then the first time, but as he leaned up releasing her from his grasp Kagome came up too. She still had her eyes closed. a soft pant coming from her being.

The demon prince managed easily to pull himself and his miko up and into the apartment she lived in. He'd look at it later. Right now, as he held the woman he'd secretly loved for years, nude, and flushed to his bare chest, her mile long legs wrapped around his waist, he asked one thing. "Bedroom?" he said between more hungry kisses along her nude neck, his clothes leaving a similar path as those left from the previous night. Kagome only seemed to be able to direct with slight tosses of her head.

Easily they made it into her bedroom, the demon tossing the miko onto her bed as he slowly took his belt off and allowed his pants to fall. He'd gone commando. Why he didn't know but his impressive member sprang to life. Kagome could only blush at the heated appendage that would very soon be attacking her. She didn't need foreplay at the moment, already wet and hungry for him. Maybe later she would wonder what she'd been thinking, why she didn't fuss about the fact that they had gotten together so fast. That was, of coarse, realistic thinking and right now her mind was on a battleship full of seamen at this moment.

The demon moved above her swiftly; not at all thinking anything about their situation, the distance, all that mattered was his feelings for this female, his soon to be female, and what she did to him without her even trying. Heatedly he looked over her body as her heat radiated from her, he was about to speak when the vixen managed to grab and tug on his lengthy hair pulling him down to her. "Don't think. Feel, and fuck me!"

Her words were hot, heated, and wanton. The alabaster inu needed no further prompting.

Sesshomaru could scent just how wet she was, and if for some reason he wasn't he could see it. The streaming afternoon's heated sun rays filtered into the room heating up her apartment more then just the two undulating bodies had already began to do. He didn't even think to use a condom, why again maybe in a more coherent less lust filled moment he might ask himself later, right now all he wanted was to feel her tight heated wet silken flesh against his own.

His torpedo plunged into her swollen heat dragging out a low and melodious moan from the Internet vixen that had so thoroughly teased him the night prior. For the norm, for one so small as she, for others he had bedded before, he would have waited for the female to adjust to his girth. He was not small by any measure, much the opposite in fact, but he couldn't force himself to do it just now. This was needy, wanton, primal almost. The whites of his eyes were already receding into the crimson caress of his beast as it waged war to rise to the surface and take this bounty as its own and not share with the logic.

His moment was stilled a bit as he battled, but by far he was sunk when the minx shifted her hips up hard, resulting in a tight pop of skin from his hips to her own. She growled out low in her throat, the sound for a human nearly inu, forcing both parts of him to mellow into an equal sharing. It all happened in moments as the desired result was the large dai having his hard fast and pounding way with his tiny miko.

Her cries were heavenly, as she dug her claws into his back, her nails long for a human as she liked them looking as though she paid for them but they were all her own. She liked the noise they made while typing she had once told him. But they hurt in the best way. Pounding, this was not love making, nor was it even sex, but pure unadulterated fucking. He pistoled his member deeply into her finding parts of her she was certain had not been there before he had found them. He could lay claim to her inverted peaks, and she would die a thousand deaths to have him do it daily, and more then once at that.

Her world shattered not long after for there was no other option, his girthy length had rubbed her clit raw, the feeling leaving her in post orgasmic bliss as he continued slowing his strokes yes, but going harder and deeper, Kagome could feel her womb give way to his plundering tactics. Still he moved on, as she latched on to his body above her own, her mouth finding his neck as he could do nothing but grasp her own between his fangs. His breath was hard on the juncture between her shoulder and her neck and she leaned just the barest bit away to give him more access, unknowingly submitting to the wild thing with in him.

The unconscious gesture made the dai snap. He did not get close to using demonic speed, that would break her, but he got as close as he dared, bring her to another climax as he met his own. Near scalding hot jets of his essence emptied into her, nearly burning her with his passion, it set into her being, rooting in a way that only a pleased female could feel, coating her innards with it. He swelled to great proportions within her, knotting into her all as he sank his fangs into her neck, the barbaric near baser need to claim what was his, marking her irrevocably his.

He stilled then, unable to release her, as she shuddered for lack of anything else she could possibly feel now. But he was worried, such were the things of passion, one hardly worried over consequences, effectively they were married by youkai law, and she was to be shunned by her miko heritage for such a crime as laying with him let alone mating him. Even if it had not been her choice. The world around them was tolerative, and still new to these easy things, or it had been that way in the last hundred years or more, really it was all new. No matter, he thought. He would keep her. She was his and he was hers. After all, she sake his battleship and he allowed her to do so.

Her tired beautiful orbs fluttered from beneath lush lashes as she grinned up at him, her cell phone finally going off telling her it was time to wake. She sighed and smiled beautifully at him as her lids grew heavy once more. "Kagome," he breathed out as he kissed her neck gently once more.

"Mmm," she murmured as a reply.

"How do you feel about this Sesshomaru?" he asked, not noticing the slip of the third person persona, something he used when he tried to guard himself and something she knew all to well. Her eyes softened as she looked upon him, not speaking and unknowingly wrecking his nervous system.

"Honestly" she replied softly, knowing that she was torturing him with her playful ways. She honestly couldn't help herself. He had for the life of her been the only male that she knowingly had always flirted with. It didn't seem that this was going to stop with their new situation. Kagome was no fool. She was well aware of what it meant to have fangs sink into your flesh, especially there. Granted it was the modern times and the ritual was hardly ever used, it was still practiced though and thus, as a miko, she needed to be aware of it.

Ironically, knowing he thought she might not want it, she was thrilled. She had loved him for so long, and this, this was beautiful. She only wondered if he felt the same way. Feeling an uncharacteristic bout of bravery, possibly because of the fact that she was aware he could physically go nowhere as he was knotted within her, Kagome replied. "I've loved you for as long as I can remember. Last night all I could think was that I wished you were here, with me, in me, for me. I love you. But... Do you .." her eyes betrayed her fear of rejections as she whispered the rest. "Do you love me?"

He could have died a happy male right then, she loved him! SHE LOVED HIM!! His inner self screamed at the top of its lungs, he was certain if they could in fact be two beings the inner self would be prancing around like a kitten high on cat nip, hind end in the air and tail wagging proudly. He was never, EVER, going to let her go again. Damn the distance, the jobs, even family if need be, he would always have her! Noticing her eyes begin to swell in tears he realized that he'd waited to long to speak to her his reply and so he spoke, his baritone vibrating her to her soul.

"Kagome, I need you, and I need for nothing. I will possess you, keep you, have you, hold you. You will be my bitch, my lover, mother of my pups, my mate, and my wife if you'll have me as such. Love is such a small word to even try to encompass how I feel for you." he said as he sealed her lips in a searing kiss, his miko and lady love rocking her hips and groaning into him as he did so. He shifted against her, surging his still fattened girth deeper into her being.

Kagome was sure he was hitting her spin, and she LOVED IT!! Her back arched in, concaving as her chest jut out a bit, and her spin straitened, the pain was delightful, pleasurable, not masochistic, and yet the deep pinning of his mushroomed tip was maddening. His grip somehow found her hair as his taloned fingered found purchase in her mane. He slowly rocked forth into her deeply. It stung yet it felt so fantastic and the sound of flesh against flesh was erotic. He wasn't fucking her but it was not making love either. Still she was in heaven.

A sudden desire hit her hard and strong as Kagome somehow managed to rock herself to the of them, dominating his much larger body with that of her own smaller form. She was aware that he had only allowed it but she didn't care. Slowly, deliberately, Kagome rocked her hips, managing easily to some how find a way for his nearly over sized torpedo to go deeper with in her. Her head fell back, her breasts bounced as she moved her hips, before easily her dai began to move her being as well.

His clawed hands easily gripped on to his miko as small doses of poison slipped into her system. Whether he knew he was doing it or not was beyond her. She understood though. She'd need it if they made love and he couldn't stop it. Also if they had pups and they bore his ability for poisons she would need the immunity to it. Somehow though it didn't hurt. It only added to her pleasure. Perhaps it was her will or his own, but she orgasmed from the strange yet intoxicating feeling of it. Her heat gripping tightly to his engorged member embedded within her.

She was easily proved that she was tired in this position, yet she was only able to hold herself up, her palms against his chest, as Sesshomaru took over though allowing her to stay on top. Gripping his tired mates hips, he began to thrust forward; not needing to piston himself as the flutters of her heat continued to grip and hug his member as he pulled in and out of her. Her muscled clamped on him, nearly a vice like grip as she swallowed a happy sob of bliss as he once more forced an orgasm. She was getting closer to having just one long orgasm.

He fought off his own as he continued to take her. Though this did not last long as those tiny flutters and slight grip became a jarring clamp upon him, opening and closing hard as he moved, and forcing the swollen girth to once more swell. He wasn't certain of her desire for pups but knowing that humans were still able to conceive at any time of the month, he might be giving his father those pups he was always after. Kagome collapsed upon his mate's chest, her breathing hard and flush as her skin tinted pink. She kissed his chest as she fell easily into the land of sleep, not being able to take it much more should she be able to stay awake.

Sesshomaru lay beneath her, resting her head in the nook of his neck. His hands wrapped around her tightly just taking it all in, he couldn't help but smile as he thought about all that he had now. He'd think more about the rest of it, those tiny complicated parts later. Right now just wanted to rest, and seeing as his member wasn't going to release her any time soon, they were already poised to rest as best they could. Slowly the great dai fell into a comfortable sleep, only after sending out his daunting and terrifying aura allowing all to know that he'd kill anything at all that dared to disturb him and his new mate. Not surprisingly, all fled him. Though Kagome snuggled into him more.

Hours passed before the dai woke. Regaining his senses and his surroundings, he eased his way away from his mate, his member once more solely his own, and made his way to what he assumed was the bathroom. Taking silent stock of everything around him, everything Kagome, he liked what he saw. Her design, or decorative taste, as similar to his own yet more feminine and delicate with a light quirk here and there. Her bathroom was simple and clean, just the way he himself liked them. Getting the tub ready, he set out to draw her a hot bath as he went off to find the battleship from earlier.

Soon, battleship in tow, the large dai roused his mate from her slumber and carried her bridal style to the bathing chamber. Stepping in himself and setting her in his lap, the pair easily filled the space, leaving just the barest bit before the water began to slip out of the tub. Though tired, Kagome was very happy. She rested her body into Sesshomaru's, allowing herself to sleep just a bit once more again her dai. They stayed there for a while, allowing the water to become lukewarm to their skin. When Sesshomaru was fairly certain the miko was completely out, he finally allowed the toy battleship to lazily float before them near their bent knees.

He had taken it away from her not long after they had entered the then heated water. She had eventually settled and left the toy alone. Yet ,with the sleepy grace only his little mate could use, a wet hand emerged from the depths of the tub like an ancient mariner Kraken, sinking the battleship in one angry yet playful slap.

" I. Sank. Your. Battleship," was the only thing she muttered sleepily as she settled back in from her impromptu attack of small scale destruction.

Sesshomaru just blinked for a moment before he shook his head a tiny bit, dismissing the randomness of his little woman. He smiled a bit to himself. He'd never mine her sinking the ships so long as she was his-and perhaps if he got those pancakes.