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"I love you, my bride." Temari said as she lay me back onto the bed, pressing her lips to mine. She licked my bottom lip, asking for entry, and I gladly let her in. I wasn't sure if I was doing this because I genuinely loved her, or because I just wanted to make the pain of losing Neji go away. I started to suck on her tongue as she pressed herself to me and started to grind our bodies together. I moaned at the feeling.

She detached from my mouth and placed small butterfly kisses down my chin, to my neck, and then to my chest. She pulled my bra down to my waist as she went, and attached herself to my left nipple with her mouth, while her right hand went to my other breast.

I drew a sharp intake of breath as she twisted my nipple, and lightly bit the other one. After a moment she switched sides, only she bit into the soft flesh and drew blood. She sucked for a moment, "Oh, there is nothing sweeter than this." She moaned. She started to move lower. I eventually got tired of her teasing and flipped her over, so that I was on top.

"Well, someone's horny." She smirked, I merely growled and ripped off her lingerie, immediately going for her already moist slit. I was completely unsure of what I was supposed to do, so I tried to remember some of the things Temari did to me. I started by slowly licking up the slit, causing her to shiver. I separated her lips with a couple of fingers and took a few test licks inside.

She let out a small moan that made me grow bolder. I plunged my muscle into her core and flailed it about. After a moment, I replaced my tongue with two of my fingers, and pumped them in rhythym, occasionally flicking my tongue over her clit. "Nn, more, Tenten, more!" she moaned out, and I slowly pushed a third finger into her. She started to slowly roll her hips in time with me. I glanced up at her and noticed she had a dreamy look on her face, her eyes were half closed, her mouth was agape, and a blush was making its way onto her face.

I moved myself up to her face and engaged her in a heated kiss while continuing my ministrations down south. She grabbed my head and pulled me deeper into the kiss.

'More, Tenten, more!'

I happily obliged, and easily slipped a fourth finger in. She moaned into the kiss, and pulled away with a large smack. She screamed out my name and arched her back as she hit her climax. I continued to pump as she rode out her orgasm. Temari collapsed back onto the bed panting, "If only I had thought to bring the pills." She panted.

I removed my fingers from her and licked them clean before cuddling up next to her and closing my eyes to sleep. She lightly slapped my cheek, "Don't go to sleep yet. We're not done." She rolled me over and traced a hand over my neck, "Are you ready?" I meekly nodded my head and tilted it to one side, exposing my jugular. She grinned and slowly lent down and gently kissed my neck before biting into it. I let out a pained gasp and wrapped my arms around her head as she drank. I could feel the life ebb from me with every suck. First my toes went numb, then my legs, my hands, my arms, and finally, the room started to darken as my heart stopped beating.

"See you tomorrow."


Temari licked her lips clean, "Tastiest I've ever had." She checked Tenten's pulse to be sure she was dead. She was. Temari climbed off the bed and picked up the phone. She dialed out of country.

"Nice job with the plane, Gaara. How'd you do it?"

"Cut the fuel lines and disabled the landing gear."


"Did you get her?"

"Yep. She's changing now, should be done by tomorrow night. Oh, by the by, how's Kankuro's puppet thingy in Berlin?"

"Fine, I'm going to go see him before I go home."

"Alright, but you two be sure to come and meet your new sister soon, got it?"

"If we must." He sighed, "Alright, talk to later, red."

"Bye." He hung up, and I stole one last kiss from my new bride before leaving to feed.


Tenten's eyes fluttered open, it was nighttime, yet she could see as clear as day. She looked around, she was in her bedroom, she was naked, and she had two separate bite marks on her body. "So it wasn't a dream." She brought her hand up to her neck and felt the bumps, "Damn right it wasn't." she glanced over to the door and saw Temari standing there.

She came in and Tenten saw she was carrying what looked like a woman in her arms. She dropped the woman on the bed. The woman had short pink hair, bright emerald eyes, and her hands and feet were bound, and her mouth was gagged. She had a look of pure terror on her face. She jumped when Temari laid behind her and stroked her arm, "Doesn't she look delicious?" the blonde licked up the girl's cheek to her ear.

"Her name's Sakura. Sakura, this is my bride, Tenten, and you are going to be her first meal." Sakura started to shake in fear. Temari pulled the gag away from her mouth, "Help me!" she begged to me, "I know you, you're that famous monster killer, help me! Please!" she whimpered, "Now, now, don't be a spoil sport, Sakura." Temari licked her ear.

"Temari, let her go." Tenten ordered, "Aw, but look at her," she angled Sakura's head, "Look at the fear in those big beautiful eyes. And besides," Temari bit into her neck, causing her to cry out, "she's almost as tasty as you."

"I'm not going to do it, I don't care what you say, I won't take someone's life." Temari groaned and lifted the poor girl off the bed, "Oh sure you will, I'll bet you just want to have some fun first. Let's dance!" She started to waltz around the room, humming a tune and dragging the bleeding pinkette with her. "Temari, stop it!" the brunette shouted.

Temari stopped her dancing and picked up the pinkette bridal style, "Then eat." She said as she used her foot to pull off a sheet that was on an object Tenten hadn't noticed before, it was a coffin. She kicked the lid off and dropped Sakura inside, "Wh-What is this? Is this a coffin?" she shrieked before Temari clamped the lid on and sat on top of it. She patted the top, "It's your coffin, my dear, enjoy it."

"What the hell are you doing?" Tenten screeched as she climbed off the bed and pulled the sheets around her naked form, "I brought you breakfast. I would've ripped off the blood bank downtown, but there's nothing like fresh blood for your first time." She grinned evilly, "Let me out! Let me out!" Sakura was pounding on the lid of the coffin, "Oh shut your trap."

"Where did you find her?"

"She was hitting on me at a bar." Temari shrugged, "So I brought her back here for breakfast."

"Let her out." Tenten snarled, Temari sighed before flipping the lid off of the box. Sakura sat up, shaking, "Th-This is a coffin." Temari looked thoughtful, "Why so it is. Well, if you're in a coffin, you must be dead." The pinkette grabbed at Tenten's sheet, "I'm not dead! I'm not dead!" she was in tears, "No, you're not dead." Tenten said, trying to calm her down.

"P-Please, help me." She begged, "Kill her, Tenten. Kill her then feed off of her. Do it." They both looked at Temari, who had a cold stare on her face, which was directed at the shaking girl in the coffin. Sakura immediately calmed down and turned back to Tenten and leaned her head to one side, "Feast Tenten. You wanted this, you asked for me to change you, now it's time to feed. Do it."

Tenten stared at the pinkette's exposed flesh, she could smell the blood coursing through her veins, she glanced back to Temari, then to Sakura, before taking on a scared look and latching onto the girl's neck, drinking her dry. The now lifeless body fell back into the coffin, and Temari put the lid back on. She picked up Tenten roughly, "Never hesitate again. We were lucky she didn't scream for help, or we'd be dead. When the opportunity to feed comes along you take it. Understand?" Tenten nodded her head, never taking her eyes off of Temari's angry face.

The blonde embraced the brunette and stroked her hair, "Don't worry, Tenten, it'll get easier. Now get packed and dressed, we're going home."


"Yeah, we're not staying here, you're coming to live with me back in Konoha." Temari chuckled before planting a passionate kiss onto Tenten's lips, "And make it quick, our flight leaves in two hours."


I took a deep breath as I stalked through the forest, a werewolf had found it's way onto mine and Temari's lands, and neither of us like that. It had been over a year since she turned me, and over that time, I did indeed fall deeply in love with her, but I would never forget the time I spent with Neji.

I held my new M-4 at the ready, I could smell the mutt nearby. I eventually found myself in a small clearing, and then it charged. The wolf came barreling out of the woods, at a speed that only gave me a split second to react. I dodged and opened fire, only hitting it a few times. It ran around the clearing snarling, eyeing me.

"Bring it, bitch." I said calmly as I threw down my now empty weapon. It came straight at me, and I at it until we collided in the middle.


Temari sat on the porch of the mansion. She was never worried when Tenten went out hunting, but this was the first time she went after a werewolf, and Temari knew better than anyone how hardy those things were. She perked up when she saw Tenten's glowing eyes coming up the way, "Miss me?" she asked as she approached. Her clothes were torn, she had several deep gashes on her body, and more cuts marred her. "What happened?" Temari asked, "Took the thing down with my bare claws." The brunette grinned.

The blonde embraced her, "I love you, Tenten." Tenten embraced back, "And I love you, my bride."


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