One Objective

Summary: After seventeen years, Sharpay Evans is finally going back home with only one objective in mind: to bring her daughter back to France with her, and if possible, avoid the father at all costs.

Rating: Ranging from PG - 13 to whatever. ;)

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Pairing: ZS and all the others.


Her French manicured nails carefully opened the sealed white envelope. Her eyes were housing a pool of tears that refused to fall down. She was leaning on the wall near the window, her hands on the envelope she was dreading to open. With a sigh, she put the envelope aside and flipped the card open.

She wrapped her white, designer trench coat around herself tighter as her fingers graced the front of the picture, her index finger purposely stopping at the young face that was smiling at her. A girl who was an exact copy of her, from the hair to the skin colour and to that megawatt smile she was wearing.

She sighed once again before turning the picture over and reading the message that was neatly scribbled.

Your daughter's turning eighteen in two weeks. Be a mother. She clearly needs one.

-- Ryan.

She flipped the picture back and stared at the young girl's eyes. Those eyes were not like hers. It wasn't the same ocean blue eyes as hers, but it was the almost-gray-but-still-brown color she always used to get lost in. It was a hypnotic shade. But her staring moment was interrupted by the one of her maid's voice.

"Ms. Evans, the limo had just arrived. If you don't move, you will get late for your private jet, yes?" Glenda – her grandmother's trusty maid for years – said with her thick foreign accent. She shooed her towards the front door and into the stretch black limousine. She saw the driver struggle to put the large amount of Burberry luggage that she planned to bring along with her.

Seventeen years have passed, too much has happened. But she was ready to make up for it. She was – in her opinion – mature enough to handle it. And at her late thirties, she wanted nothing more than to get to know the one person that has been roaming her mind ever since that faithful day.

And now, she was about to go back home and face her two biggest mistakes: her seventeen year old daughter – well, her almost seventeen year old daughter – and her father.

With a sigh, she stepped out of the car and waved her long, blonde hair carefully. She grabbed a pair of white Juicy sunglasses and covered her shining, wet, ocean-like eyes and smirked softly as she entered her grandmother's private jet.

Sharpay Evans was going back home with only one objective in mind:

To bring her daughter back to France with her, and if possible, avoid the father at all costs.

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