Hi folks

Hi folks! Nic here, I am going to write this journal format kinda like how Tamora Pierce wrote Beka Cooper. A little different though of course. Hope you enjoy! Oh and if I make it sound immature it's just because they are young.


Entry 1: I'm a werewolf… (6 years old)

I am a werewolf. It's silly to think that this would be my first entry to my journal cause my mom told me "It's to keep memories and be able to reliquish in them whenever you're sad." No, now I think otherwise. If I were to relinquish these memories like she said, I'd be more sad (T.T). Yesterday was the day my normal life ended. I got bitten by a werewolf. My dad said that it happened so fast, one moment I was looking at Sirius, and the next I was down on floor with the most scary thing on top of me. It had yellow eyes that glowed in the dark and very very sharp teeth. I know cause when it bit me I felt sooo much pain I thought I was going to die.

My mom was at a friend's house, one of our neighbor's I believe, just about four houses away. My dad was attending a meeting to at work. So I was left all alone at home. I was sooo bored after reading this book that I went to do what I loved, gazing at the stars. I set up the telescope my dad lets me use for star gazing. My favorite star is Sirius cause it is sooo unique. It was not named after the person who found it or a starologist (whoever finds and studies stars) or by it's shape. It shines so bright and even though it's alone, it's as if it isn't cause it lightens up my day. I don't know how to describe this much. I'm just 6. Me and my dad used to watch stars together but my dad can't get my fascination with Sirius. "Why are you fascinated with it huh son?" "Cause it's different." "Different ey…" I love Sirius. It's just soo cool! I could stare at it all night and all day if stars would show up on the day.

Tonight Sirius caused my downfall in life but I don't blame it. I don't think it's Sirius' fault that I got bitten. I just did. My dad hates it. Hates the fact that I got bitten and hates the fact that my mom died in front of his very own eyes. The werewolf killed her. Dad said she and him were coming home when they heard me scream. Mom dashed like a speeding bullet, straight to our garden. She tackled the werewolf off me. My dad said she was sooo brave to fight a dark creature like that with no magic. She was a muggle you see. I didn't know what happened next cause I blacked out. I woke up in the hospital, St. Mungos they called it. I don't care cause I was unaware of everything except the throbbing pain on my shoulder. Oh Merlin it hurt like hell! My dad's head was down the whole time. His face covered by his hands. He never looked up, that is until I called him. "Dad?" "Yes son?" He had tears in his eyes and his cheeks were all wet, but he had a small smile on. "Where's mom?" "Remus, mom's gone." he told me. He got up from his chair and hugged me. Mom's gone. She's gone. My mom… I cried and cried. I couldn't understand how my mom could be gone, she was with me a few hours ago, how could she be gone?

The doctor came in the room and told dad my situation, he said I couldn't be cured. My dad was mad, no furious he said. But the doctor said he should by thankful that I'm still alive. My dad looked shaken then, he looked sad. He couldn't look at me. "He's a werewolf now, your son, he's a werewolf." said the doctor. My dad was crying more, if there is such a thing. Tears multiplied on his face as he sat down and gave a wail. The most saddest thing I have ever heard. "Dad don't cry. Boys should not cry. Look I'm okay dad, look I'm fine." I tried. "No Remus you're not fine you're a werewolf." A werewolf… But I don't want to be a werewolf. I don't want to turn to a scary beast. I don't want to be a monster. "I'm sorry son but you're not normal anymore… you'll never be fine. You're a werewolf." He couldn't even look at me when he talked to me. I'm a werewolf. My dad's not happy with it. He's not happy with me. I'm a werewolf… a werewolf… a werewolf…