-11 years old-

Entry 2: Hogwarts

Like every wizard I was sent an invitation to attend a wizarding school. In my case Hogwarts. My dad was quite surprised since he thought that opportunities such as these would be impossible for me because of my being a werewolf. How am I even to acquire a wand well my dad sent a letter to the Headmaster Dumbledore declining his offer but then we got a visit from the Headmaster himself!

He came in and talked to my dad. After what seemed like forever, I thought my chances to get into Hogwarts or into any wizarding school were depleted. Until it turned out to be the total opposite. The Headmaster, himself, called me into the room giving me my school material list. He also gave me a permission slip to acquire a wand!

My dad came out timidly. I did not understand why. Shouldn't he be leaping for joy cuz his son can go to school now?

Later I did. He was filled with guilt. He apologized to me about keeping my hopes down. Told me he wanted me to be realistic not idealistic. He said he was happy for me but it was going to be hard.

Hard? I don't care! I'm going to get to go to school! HOGWARTS HERE I COME!

The next day my dad brought me to Diagon Alley. We bought my robes, books, cauldrons, and of course my wand. I treasured that day; it was one of those rare days I could go into the outside world (not be cooped up in the house all day).

I was so excited! My dad had a meeting though the day I was to go to the station heading for school. So I had to go on my own. Sure I was disappointed but I was going to Hogwarts! I still looked forward to it!

I came to the station, got a little confused on where platform 9¾ was. I saw a few kids in wizard robes, and they had owls and luggages (newer than mine) on trolleys, except that I did not have an owl (could not afford it). Anyways I followed them and went through this wall. And there was the Hogwarts Express…

With glee on my face I bounded off towards the train. My heart was leaping with joy and my mind, in bolded words, I once again exclaimed: HOGWARTS HERE I COME!