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Chapter one

Midnight meeting

"Sister it looks like that Joker guy has robbed a bank… then made away with large sums of money… ON A SCHOOL BUS!!" A woman of roughly twenty exclaimed. "He even killed his own men!!"

The woman was of medium height but her body was slim and nicely curved in the right places. Her face was pale, though it wasn't pasty and matched her light pink lips. Her hair was a dark, almost black, purple, it was wavy and rested at her hips. She was wearing a pair of plain black pants with a white business shirt and black shoes, she was dressed as though she had just got off work.

"Who cares?" came her sisters reply as the pair walked down a street of Gotham. "You're 'savoir' Batman will stop him eventually, so why should we care about some clown man?"

The sister was about twenty five and looked nothing like her sister, the only similarities being that they both have the same light violet eyes.

Her face was slightly more tanned than her sisters though still pale, her hair was black however there were two sections of medium purple hair that shaped her face.

She was wearing clothes similar to her sisters however her shirt was black and she was also wearing a long black coat. Her body wasn't as perfect as her sisters, while it was thin, it was slightly more flatter and less curvy than her sisters… well that was the given impression from the baggy clothes she wore.

The younger of the two folded the paper she was reading and looked up at her elder sister. "Tiana, what do you have against the batman? He's saved this city so many times!" she defended the dark knight.

The older of the two, Tiana, snorted lightly and sped up her step as though she was in a hurry to either get somewhere quick or avoid the topic. "Look he's saved the city and I'm grateful but I'm not going to sit there and expect him to come rescue me like you, I can take care of myself."

The younger one made a sound of protest. "But the Batman is a hero! He saves people, he protects Gotham! Even if you don't like him you should at least care about what he does!"

"But that's just it Keiko, I DON'T care." Tiana shot back huffing, crossing her arms and looking back at her sister. "He can save Gotham all he wants and I still wouldn't care. And do you want to know why?" she leaned in close to her sister in an intimidating way, only it didn't scare the young one, she was used to it.

"I don't care because bad things happen in life, they always have and always will happen." She clicked her tongue. "There is no good or evil, just two different sides with two different opinions." With that she turned and continued walking.

"Tiana!" Keiko protested chasing after her older sister. "How can you say something like that!?" she questioned coming to a halt next to her sister who was fidgeting through her jackets pockets in search of something.

"I just can." She replied bluntly before pulling a set of keys out from her pocket. She then turned to face a black wooden door that led into a shop that the inside couldn't be seen as it was dark and the windows were covered with black blinds.

Tiana selected an old style key and put it into the hole. "Keiko…" she said calmly. "Just go home and get ready for your party or whatever it is you're going to." She unlocked the door with a click.

"It's called a date sister." Keiko shot back with a soft smile. "Something you should be going out on more often."

Tiana laughed bitterly. "I'll leave the spotlight of dating to you." she looked at her sister through the corner of her eyes. "Who is it this time? That footballer? If forget his name."

"It's Jet!" Keiko exclaimed clasping her hands together as a dreamy look appeared in her eyes. "He's so cute! And he chose me!"

Tiana rolled her eyes and reached for the doorknob. "If you love players so much you may as well date Bruce Wayne." She twisted the knob and opened the door slightly. "Hurry up and get a cab, its getting late." With that she walked into the shop, slamming the door behind her.

"But Bruce is in love with Rachel…" Keiko murmured walking away from the shop and waving a taxi. She looked up at the sky that was filled with reds, greens, pinks and oranges as the sun set. 'How long has it been since you smiled a real smile Tiana?' Keiko thought to herself as she crawled into the taxi. 'I'd love to see you smile again.'


"Stupid Keiko." Tiana murmured before pulling the blinds up and switching the shops lights on to reveal a small liquor shop that was filled with many different forms of liquor. To the left of the shop was the bench where her cash register was and across from that was a wooden door that led into another part of the shop.

Tiana let out a sigh and rotated her neck around to let out the tension that was building up.

She let out another tired sigh and sat by the stool in front of the cash register and pulled out the newspaper, something told her it was going to be a long night. Soon enough, without realizing it she was falling asleep.


At around about midnight Tiana woke with a jump as she heard her shops door being slammed shut. "I swear to god if someone just stole from me I'll murder them…" she growled as she rose from her stool, still not looking up. "I'll rip their guts-" she cut herself off as she looked up and saw a grinning painted face staring at her.

"Hello there Beautiful." The joker said with a grin.

"What are you doing here?" she questioned, sounding as though she didn't care that it was the joker standing in her shop.

"Aww… now why so serious gorgeous?" he asked taking a step closer to her.

The next thing the Joker knew a knife was being pressed to his chest by the 'gorgeous' woman.

"Now why are you here? What do you want?" she questioned, sure she knew he could probably kill her in less than a few seconds but at least now it could be said she didn't go down without a fight. "Tell me or I'll give you matching scars down there." She pointed her knife to his crotch.

Her actions caused the joker to throw his head back and laugh a high pitched hysterical laugh. "Got some fight in you, I like that gorgeous." He stated with a lick of his top lips once he had finished laughing.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "What do you want? Answer me!" she pressed the blade harder against him.

He let out another laugh and put his hands up in a mock defensive position. "Hey, why so serious? If you must know, I'm getting away from batsy." He explained with a grin.

Tiana quirked a brow. "So what? You come in here, kill me then hide in my shop?" there was amusement in both parties eyes.

"Heh, you know me so well and it's only been five minutes!" he let out another laugh, this time Tiana joined him, she didn't know why but his laughter seemed contagious.

Once she calmed down from her laughter she spoke. "Your laughter can probably be heard from the end of this street." At that more laughter erupted from him.

Once he had finished laughing Tiana said something that would have stunned anyone who heard it. "Hide in the room over there." She pointed to the door. "If 'batsy' comes I'll tell 'im your not here."

Joker laughed. "I can tell when a person's lying you know?" he laughed some more before continuing. "And you're not." With that he gave a sloppy salute and waltzed into the room.

Once he was gone Tiana couldn't help it, she laughed. And it felt GOOD. She hadn't laughed a real laugh in the longest time and now that she was laughing she had no idea why she was.

Once she had stopped laughing she looked up and jumped for the second time that night as she saw batman standing in the middle of her shop. "Can I help you?" she asked calmly.

"Have you seen the Joker." He replied in his raspy voice.

"No." Tiana replied bluntly, acting like her old self, not like the woman who had just been laughing her ass off.

Batman narrowed his eyes as though he wasn't all the convinced. "Why then," he began. "Why are you holding a knife?"

Tiana looked down at the knife she was holding and smirked lightly. "I like knives." She said calmly, twirling the blade in her fingers. "I don't like the modern weapons, I mean, I like guns, but when it comes to choosing weapons I must say I like the classics. Though I do like dynamite."

"That didn't answer my question." Batman replied calmly.

Tiana looked up at him. "My shop is open to the late hours of the night," she replied coolly. "I need protection, this is it."

She received a look from Batman that showed he wasn't at all pleased with her respose but he accepted it… barely.

"I did however see a flash of purple go that way." She pointed down to the end of the street. "It could have just been a car but I thought I'd let you know."

Batman nodded and said a small thank you in his raspy voice before leaving.

Once she was sure he was gone Tiana called out to the 'visitor' in the other room. "He's gone."

A chuckling Joker walked from the room. "Why thank you beautiful." He stated toying with his knife. "Though I must ask, why help me?" he licked his top lip.

Tiana eyed him for a moment. "I just felt like it, now if you don't mind I'd like to close shop and go home." She gestured for him to leave.

His head fell back as he let out a laugh. "Why should I do that?" He looked at her and lifted his knife. "Id rather," a lick of his lips, "Have some fun."

Tiana took a step back but kept calm eye contact with him, she wasn't about to show weakness in front of him… though surprisingly enough she wasn't scared of him, just slightly annoyed and unnerved. "Look, I helped you so wouldn't it be only fair if you did something for me?"

He seemed to contemplate it for a moment before smirking and replying with. "Sure, why not?" he chuckled. "So what do ya want?"

Tiana opened her mouth to tell him to leave but closed it again as a thought popped into her head. It was strange for her to even contemplate wanting something like this but she couldn't help herself, when would she have an opportunity like this again?

"I want a kiss." She spoke bluntly.

He let out a high pitched laugh. "You're serious?" he laughed, and laughed harder when she nodded. "Why the hell not?" with that he grabbed her and bought his lips upon hers.

Tiana's eyes went wide at the feel of his lips on hers. They were… surprisingly soft… and warm… Tiana's eyes slid shut as his tongue traced her lower lip. She moaned and he slid his tongue into her warm mouth, coaxing her tongue out to play with his. Tiana let out another moan as pleasure shot through her body.

But alas all good things come to an end as soon enough Joker pulled away and let out a laugh at the slightly dazed look in Tiana's eyes. "Well I'd love to stay and chat beautiful but gotta go, people to meet, places to blow up!" he stated with a chuckle and a lick of his lips- something that was really starting to annoy Tiana-

"So I'll leave you my card gorgeous." He placed a joker card on the bench and turned to leave, suddenly not feeling like killing her anymore…

"It's Tiana." Tiana breathed looking up at his back.

"Tiana." He tested the name before nodding in approval. He then left into the darkness.

Tiana looked at the empty doorway then down at the card, she smiled, for the first time in a while she felt something close to happiness.


"So Harvey what exactly are your intentions with my Rachel?" Keiko questioned as she, Harvey, Rachel and her date a bulky footballer 'Jet' all sat at a restaurant table.

Harvey chuckled and placed his hand on top of Rachel's. "I want nothing more than to be with her." He smiled lovingly at Rachel.

Rachel went red and changed the subject. "So why couldn't your sister make it? I haven't seen her in a long time."

Keiko sighed. "She's working at her shop again… I asked her to come but she refused. I mean I understand that that shop is all she has left of our uncle but I don't think he would have wanted her spending her youth in it… but she doesn't see it like that she just wants to spend her life it… and be miserable." Keiko let out another sigh and took a long sip of her wine.

"I see." Rachel spoke. "Your uncle meant a lot to you both didn't he?" she then asked.

Keiko smiled and nodded. "After we left home our uncle was the only member of our family who would talk to us. She loved him a lot, we both did. Since he died, Tiana's well… just sorta distanced herself from us all… I haven't seen her smile in months… smile a real smile at least."

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