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Chapter 14

Take Bessy with you

Tiana smirked as she watched Belle run around the old warehouse room, a water gun in hand as she squirted Phil. "Hee hee!" The girl chuckled as she squirted the Spaniard in the crotch.

"Hey!" Phil cried out in his American accent as he looked down at the wet patch on his jean pants. "Why you!" Belle let out a squeal as Phil chased after her. "I'm going to get you!!" his hands shot out to get her but she ducked.

"HAH!" Belle laughed. "You missed!" She laughed running behind a random goon who was wiping his gun. "Nah! Nah!"

Tiana couldn't help but smile as she watched Belle, remembering what Belle was like when they had found her... she was happy to see the girl so happy. 'She's so-' her mind froze as The Joker slammed up from his desk and stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Silence filled the room, a silence so eerie that it almost sent chills up the spines of the goons.

"…umm…" Tiana began hesitantly.

"T-The boss s-seems a-angry…" Came the voice of one of the more timid goons, who received looks that said 'no shit Sherlock' for his statement. "Umm.. maybe someone should s-see i-if he's o-okay?"

For that comment the goon received looks of pure horror from the other people in the room. No one, NO ONE in their right mind went and saw The Joker to see if he was okay and to even suggest it was idiocy.

"Are you high?" asked a random goon.

"You feel'n okay?" asked another. "Ya sure you're not ill? Why the fuck ya even suggest sumtin' like that?"

"Oh for fuck's sake!" Tiana growled jumping up from her seat, the room went silent and stared at her. "Just fucking get back to work, unless you want him coming in here and killing you for slacking!" with that said she stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind her in a fashion which was scarily similar to The Joker.

"Aunty Tiana's scary…" Belle said slowly.

Phil nodded in agreement.


"Alright where are you Joker." Tiana mumbled as she trudged down the cold corridors. She hated that it was always her that had to go and see that a person was alright- sure when she was little she had no choice, she NEEDED to see if the person was alright, but now, at this age, it was getting a little old.

Sighing she turned into another corridor and headed towards the room where he usually went on that rare occasion when he would go to sleep. 'Please be asleep…' she thought to herself- if he was awake he would probably end up beaten into a wall…

…she found out that the gods had decided not to grant her wish when she found herself face to face with The Joker's knife when she opened the door. "How nice of you to join us beautiful."

"…umm…" something about the look in his eyes that she didn't like- they were dark and filled with so many emotions that she couldn't name… "Well-" before she could say anymore she found herself flung into a nearby wall. "WAH!?" blinking she looked up at The Joker, a stinging sensation began to form in the back of her head.

Her hand rose to touch the back of her head but before she could a blade was jabbed into her shoulder. "Ung!!" she looked down and saw crimson liquid roll down her upper arm. 'Lovely.' She thought annoyed before moving her hand up to wipe at the blood, however before she had the chance she was lifted and thrown onto the nearest surface- The Joker's bench.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!?!" she growled pushing herself up and wincing at the throbbing pain in the back of her head. "Jerk." She muttered lifting a hand to touch the back of her head. 'Blood.' She thought at the feeling of warm dampness. 'lovely.'

Jumping at the feeling of something wet on her other hand she looked down to see a long pink organ sweeping over her fingertips. She trembled at the warm sensation of the organ, then shivered at the feeling of his cold blade moving across her neck.

"Ungh…" She bit back a groan as she felt the knife cut finely into her flesh. Her fist clenched and the other shot out from behind her head to grab his wrist in some stupid attempt to stop him.

"Stop." He growled making her freeze instantly. "You enjoy it." was all he said before thrashing her down against the hardwood table.

Tiana could barely argue with that… he WAS right… even if it did hurt…


"They've been gone a while…" Belle looked up at Phil who was staring at the damp and moldy ceiling.

"The boss probably killed her." One of the goons laughed as he twirled his gun around his fingers. "He's probably hacking her whore-body into ity-bity little pieces!" he let out a laugh.


The room went silent as a goon with a bullet hole between his eyes fell back to the ground. Blood slowly spurted up like a water fountain and rolled down his face onto the floor creating a pool of blood. The rest of the goons stared at the dead body in shock before their eyes slowly moved to Phil who was standing perfectly still, his arm held out straight and held tightly in his hand was a gun.

"You will not talk about the Senorita in such a manner." He said coldly while using his Spanish voice- the voice was effective in sending shivers down the spines of the goons.

"That's Tiana." The populace of goons - including Belle and Phil - all jumped at the sound of her voice. They turned to see Tiana standing in the doorway, her dark contact eyes glaring coldly at them. "Belle." She addressed the girl standing beside the Spaniard. "We're leaving." Turning her nose up she did a very good impersonation of an Aristocrat as she waltzed from the room.

"Umm…" Belle looked up at Phil who mouthed the words 'we'll play later.' Nodding she chased after her 'Aunty Tiana'.

Once the pair were gone one of the goons turned to Phil. "What's up her but?"

"You don't want to know." The goons jumped at the sound of their bosses chuckle as he sauntered into the room. "Don't worry she'll be fine." He reassured them, though something in his voice told them that she wasn't exactly 'fine'.


"…Oooo… one of these days I'll…" Tiana smacked her fist into the palm of her hand. "…that jerk…" she muttered before reaching into her pocket to pull out the keys to their apartment.

Belle looked up at the fuming woman. "What did Uncle Jack do?" she was a little concerned, she had never seen Tiana this angry after visiting 'Uncle Jack' before.

Tiana grunted and inserted the key into the lock. "Don't worry." Was the only explanation she offered as the door opened. "Now go play in your room for a while." It wasn't a suggestion, it was an order.

Nodding Belle hurried into her room- Tiana was in a bad mood and she didn't want to make it worse.

"Hello Keiko." Tiana murmured as she limped across the living room towards her bedroom.

Keiko made a sound in return but didn't look up from the magazine she was reading.

Tiana didn't bother to notice that her sister was not behaving like her bubbly self and hastily limped into her room, closing the door behind her before her kitten even had a chance of sneaking in- poor little guy, all he wanted was his master and she was ignoring him!

Sighing Tiana stepped towards her bed having every intention of just collapsing on it a passing out on it for the remainder of the night… before she let out a groan as she realized that she had to work that night…

"Damn…" She grumbled pulling down her pants and letting out a wince of pain. "Fuck." Closing her eyes she reached behind her and between her cheeks. "That bastard…" her eyes scrunched as her hands closed around the hilt of a knife. "Oh f-fuck…" holding back a sob, she pulled at the knife taking it out inch by inch.

"O-Ouch…" a hot tear rolled down the side of her face as the blade's edges cut into her hold- why the fuck did she agree to this?!

"Oh f-fuck!" she sobbed as the bloody blade finally came out of her. "O-Oww…" slowly she limped to her bathroom to clean herself up.


Tiana sighed and looked up from the paper she was reading as she heard the sound of her shops door being opened and closed. "What do you want?" she asked bluntly as she saw The Joker standing in the center of the shop grinning at her.

He chuckled. "Feeling better beautiful?"

Tiana grunted and slowly moved to stand up. "I've been a lot better." She limped towards him. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be off hunting Dent or whatever it is you have in store for them?"

He laughed at that. "Are you worried?" he mocked.

Tiana glared. "No! It's just, do you know how many police are going to be there?" a pause. "It could be interesting." She added as though covering something up.

He threw his head back in laughter. "You're worried!"

"I am not!!" she yelled over his laughter. "Go ahead and die for all I care!!!" she stomped her foot in a childish manner before simmering down. "It's just…" she said a little softer. "Can you do me a favor?" at his pause she continued. "Take Bessy with you."

He frowned. "What is 'Bessy'?"

Tiana sighed and gestured for him to follow her into the room where she had hidden him when they had first met. The room contained one bed but the walls were covered head to toe in weapons- mainly knives but there were also a few guns.

"Here." Tiana pointed to the wardrobe in the room. When he came to her she opened the doors to reveal a bazooka and its accessories.

"You're giving me a bazooka!?" he sounded as excited as a child in a toy shop- he even had his hands clasped together in glee.

Tiana smiled.


Keiko trembled as she stood on top of the police building, she had gotten permission to use the bat-light despite the fact that The Batman wasn't coming to anyone since Gordon's death.

"Please come." She murmured holding herself with her arms, it was quite chilly out there. "Please…


"It's no use…" she murmured after an hours waiting. Sighing she moved to switch the light off, only to jump as she saw the dark figure in the shadows. "Y-You…" she gasped feeling her face hear up.

"Hn?" was the only response she received before he turned to leave.

"Wait!" she held her hand out to him. "I-I need to talk to you a-about The… The Joker…" she watched as he practically swung back to face her.

"The Joker?" his gruff voice growled.

"Y-Yes…" she looked down. "I-I d-don't know quite how to say this… and it feels like a betrayal in so many ways… especially since this person has done so much for me…" her eyes watered. "…but what's going on feels so wrong to me…"

He remained silent and waited for her to speak.

Keiko closed her eyes. "The Joker, he…" she bit her lips. "He's in a relationship with my sister… I've seen the pair together… I…"

"What?" he practically growled.

Her eyes scrunched as though she was in physical pain. "I saw them" together… I don't know what they are to each other but… I saw them…" she looked up at him with teary eyes. "You have to help me."

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