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Warnings - Boy on boy so if you don't like, don't read it's as simple as that. Also will eventually be twincest Roxas/Sora.

AN - Here's a little story that I hope you enjoy. As read in the warning it will be Roxas/Sora and yes in this fic they are brothers...

Chapter 1.

Sora squinted his cobalt blue eyes against the bright sunlight as he stepped off the plane. He felt the warmth of the tropical weather and the humidity in the air that made his chocolate colored spikes of hair droop a bit. He was home... After two years away at art school in France he had returned to Destiny's Island and he wasn't sure what to think of that, after all the reasons he left was still here.

Sora was seventeen now and after the two year scholarship in France he was back to spend his senior year at the local high school along with his old friends and along with his brother...The reason he left in the first place, the bane of his existence.

Sora was very young when he realized that the feelings he had for his twin brother wasn't normal, he loved everything about him. His sunshine colored hair, creamy skin and sparkling blue eyes. His brother was his everything and he didn't want to share him with anyone! These feelings scared Sora, he knew it wasn't right to feel this way so to protect himself and his brother he started to distance himself from him. He asked his parents for his own room and started to hang out with other kids at school. He knew he hurt his brother by doing this but it was the only way he could think of to keep his brother safe... From him.

Years went by and when the twins started junior high Roxas had gotten over Sora's distant ways, they were brothers again, just not as close as they used to be. Though they were twins they were very different in personality and hung out with very different people in school. Sora was very shy and insecure but hid that fact behind large smiles and funny comments, he was also very artistic and loved nothing more than to sit and draw in his notebook. His favorite model was of course Roxas, Roxas laughing, reading sitting everything and anything going on with his brother was perfect to draw in Sora's point of view. Roxas was quiet in his personality very stubborn and with a short fuse; he was known for getting into fistfights if someone annoyed him too much. When Roxas wanted something he got it that was just his way. That trait was the final blow for Sora. Roxas wanted Sora's best friend Riku and therefore he got him. Sora came home from drawing class one say and found them making love, in Sora's room on his bed. Riku had been there waiting for Sora to come home and while he and Roxas hung out they just couldn't control themselves. That broke Sora though he didn't show it of course, on the outside he treated it as a joke and he wished his Sunshine love and his best friend luck in their new relationship.

That same night he confirmed and accepted the scholarship he had applied to and won without anyone knowing. He then told his parents he really wanted to go and convinced them what a great opportunity it would be even though he was only fifth teen and would be thousands of miles away. When the weekend came he packed up and left without saying goodbye to his brother, it would have been too hard. He did leave him a letter wishing him good luck with school and Riku but as it were he hadn't spoken with Roxas in two years.

Sora took a deep breath and shook of the memories as he walked towards the arrival gate,

Now he was back come what may...

AN - Sorry for the short chapter but it was just the prologue. Next chapter will be in Roxas POV.