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Chapter 6.

Roxas sat on his couch, feet up on his newly cleaned sofa table waiting for Axel. After getting off the phone where Axel had assured him that he would come to the apartment to make Roxas feel better, he had turned the car around and driven back to his apartment. Oh yeah he wanted Axel to make him feel good, to make him forget about the hole inside him or the fact that his heart didn't seem to know how to beat anymore. Roxas wanted to get high and he wanted sex, sex and drugs that sounded like a really good idea...NOT! Even Roxas knew that what he was planning to do was idiotic but he just couldn't think of another way to drown his pain.

Roxas was woken from his musings by a pounding on his door; He rose from the couch and went across the room to open it. He felt a slight pang of guilt for using Axel the way he was but he quickly shrugged it off. He knew that Axel liked the sex. As Roxas opened the door to his apartment he was suddenly met with a fist to his face.

"What the fuck" Roxas screeched very unmanly as his hand came up to his bleeding nose; he looked up and locked eyes with electric blue ones. Blazing angry blue eyes followed by golden skin and spiky brown hair.

"YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IDIOT I HAVE EVER MET!!" This roar was followed by another punch, this one directed at Roxas's stomach. Sora was so angry he could barely contain himself; he gritted his teeth as he prepared to charge Roxas again. His older twin dodged the third blow and ran into the living room so that there would be a bit of space between him and this furie that looked like his brother.

"What is your problem? Why do you show up here hitting me? Roxas wiped the blood from his nose with the sleeve of his sweater as he asked his brother the question.

"You are my fucking problem" Sora began to walk towards Roxas. "What the hell do you think you're doing? You saw me there on the driveway; you saw that I ran after the car. Did it ever cross your mind to stop and let me talk to you?"

Roxas backed away even more until his back hit the living room wall. "You seemed to be quite busy with Riku and I didn't want to ruin your moment."

"God you are stupid! First of all I wasn't busy with Riku as you put it; I was on my way to YOU when suddenly that loon appears from out of nowhere planting a big one on me. Then before I can even get out of his death grip you drive by, but instead of stopping and helping me you just keep driving regardless of my screams for you to stop...What kind of brother are you?"

Ouch that hurt, Roxas felt a pang in his heart. He never wanted to hurt his brother and now it seemed like he had done just that. "I-I just wanted to l-leave you alone with Riku. I know you were in love with him two years ago and that that's why you left when he and I got together" Roxas felt so ashamed as tears started to leak from his eyes. "I didn't want to be the one standing in the way of your h-happiness, not again" He cried.

Suddenly he felt a pair of strong warm arms around him. "You're even more stupid than I thought" Sora whispered. I didn't leave two years ago because of Riku I couldn't care less about him, I left because of you. I have always loved you and when you and Riku became a couple I knew that I had lost you. That hurt too much and so I had to leave" By this point Sora was crying to and his tears mingled with his twins.

Roxas's head shot up and he locked eyes with Sora. "You love me?" Sora could see Roxas's entire soul in his eyes at that moment and he felt himself feeling a small sliver of hope. "Yes Roxas I love you more than anything in this whole world, I always have. That's why I pulled away from you, it's not right for brothers to feel this way about each other" At the last statement Roxas sneered and grabbed Sora's face. "I love you to; we are two parts of one whole. I don't give a shit about what's right or wrong or what the rest of the world think...Feelings such as these could never be wrong" After saying this Roxas leaned forward and captured Sora's lips with his own.

It was wonderful, it was heaven... Roxas sighed in to the soft kiss. His brother's lips were so soft and his skin so smooth, Roxas wanted more so he started to tease the seam of Sora's lips with his tongue to get Sora to open his mouth. Sora complied opening his petal soft lips and letting his tongue play with Roxas's. The playful licks and nips soon became more passionate and the kisses more feverish just stopping once and a while when oxygen became a necessity.

Roxas decided that he wanted more and gently pulled Sora along with him and pushed him down on the couch. He grabbed Sora's dark purple sweater and pulled it over his his head. Roxas stopped in shock when he saw Sora's arms and all the scars that resided there, Sora followed his gaze and gently put a hand on Roxas's cheek. "Not now Roxy, I promise that I'll talk to you about this later but please not now...Let us just love each other, unless you find me ugly now and want to stop." Roxas gasped at that statement. "You could never be ugly, you are the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen and you turn me on so much. I want you, just feel" Roxas took Sora's hand and placed it over his arousal that strained against his jeans. "You're so goddamn sexy Sora and I have wanted you for so very long.

Roxas went back to worshipping Sora's skin; his lips followed the slender column of Sora's throat, down his chest to his nipples. There he stopped to lick and tease until the nipples were hard strawberry colored peaks. Sora grabbed Roxas's head and moaned, he had never felt anything this wonderful. All of his senses were concentrated on Roxas and the amazing things that he was doing to Sora's body. He could feel Roxas's tongue making a wet trail down his chest and coming to a stop at his bellybutton which he circled several times before thrusting his tongue in and out of the navel. "Aaarghhh Roxy you drive me crazy" Sora panted," I...I need more."

"More huh, what do you want Sora?" Roxas asked while he continued to kiss and lick Sora's lower abdomen. "Touch me Roxy please! Touch me a-allover..." Sora writhed beneath him all flushed, embarrassed and aroused, Roxas could feel himself grow even harder with his need for Sora. "Ok Angel, let's get this pants off you shall we?" Roxas said as he unbuttoned Sora's jeans and pulled down the zipper. Sora lifted his hips to make it easier for Roxas to get them off. Afterward Roxas just looked at Sora as he lay there all naked and aroused. Sora blushed and started to cover himself with his hands. "Don't do that" Roxas said as he pulled Sora's hands away. "You are so pretty, and this", he put his hand on Sora's member "this is simply gorgeous..." Before Sora could reply Roxas bent down and in one swoop engulfed Sora to the hilt in his mouth.

Sora's whole brain shut down when he felt the wet heat surrounding his member, it was so intense. His hands clawed on the couch just trying to get some leverage. He looked down and saw his brothers golden head bobbing up and down his length and he thought he would come just by that image alone. Then in all this pleasure he felt Roxas separate his legs more and he felt a finger move along the crack of his bottom to the secret opening hidden there, he could feel himself tense up. "Shh Angel, just relax" Roxas whispered in a husky voice. As he was blowing Sora he had managed to dig out the tube of lube hidden under the sofa cushion and slathered his fingers in the slippery salve. "I need to stretch you Angel, you'll like it I promise" With that said Sora could feel a finger invade his rosebud, it didn't hurt but it wasn't very pleasurable either, mostly it just felt weird. Roxas pushed his finger in and out a few times before adding another. That stung a bit and Sora tensed up again. To take his mind off the pain Roxas started to lick and suck Sora's member again and he felt Sora relax in pleasure once more. As Roxas stretched Sora's opening he came across that little bundle of nerves and massaging that made Sora scream and cum in Roxas's mouth.

"Oh God, oh Roxy what was that? Sora panted in the aftermath of his orgasm. Roxas smirked "That Angel would be your prostate, did it feel good baby? You tasted delicious" Sora blushed even redder than before. "It felt amazing but I'm sorry I didn't warn you...you know before I came." Roxas just smiled "It was nothing sweetie I love your taste and I wanted to bring you pleasure. Now are you ready for me Angel because I don't think I can wait anymore. I need to be inside you." Sora smiled a coy smile and helped his brother out of his pants. "Where is the lube?" He asked Roxas. Roxas gave him the small tube and Sora popped the cap open and poured a generous amount of lube into the palm of his hand. He then grabbed Roxas's organ and made sure it was covered in the substance, Sora gave the length a few extra strokes just because it felt so good holding his brothers pulsing member in his hand. "Enough" Roxas groaned, ""You're going to make me come before I even get a chance to be inside you." Roxas pulled away from Sora's hands and placed his brother underneath him. "I want to see your face the first time we do this" Roxas whispered as he covered Sora's face with butterfly kisses.

Sora nodded his head, willing his body to calm itself. This was it the moment he had longed for and dreaded at the same time. He was so very scared, but he wanted it, needed it. Sora needed to know what it felt like to be entered by the one person he had always loved, always wanted. Blue eyes locked on blue as Roxas pulled Sora's knees apart and placed himself in between them.

"Sora…I love you so much, you're everything to me," Roxas whispered before he plunged inside the tight heat. "You're so tight..." he groaned when he was finally sheathed inside Sora.

Sora's teeth dug into his lip until he could taste blood, his hand clutched Roxas back so hard that he was afraid he would break the skin with his fingernails. Sora wanted to scream. It hurt. It hurt so much. The stinging in his bottom was almost unbearable; it felt as if he had been split in half. Every muscle and nerve in his body locked up, making it impossible for Roxas to move at all.

"Sora, you have to relax or you're going to break my dick," Roxas said, his hands were caressing Sora's sides, legs and ass. "Relax, please Angel..." A few minutes which felt like hours to Roxas passed with Sora adjusting to Roxas size and Roxas waiting in pure agony for the Angel to give him the go ahead to move. His arms were shaking with the effort to hold himself up over his brother and be still when all he wanted was to pound that sweet, tight ass.

"Ok Roxy" he heard Sora whisper. "Take it slow" Sora pleaded. Roxas caressed Sora's face and nodded. He pulled backed slowly, and when he was halfway out of the amazing heat, he pushed back in. Sora grunted and moaned underneath him. Roxas continued with this process several times, picking up speed as he slammed back into Sora's willing body.

Roxas enjoyed the moans that spilled from Sora's throat, but it wasn't enough. He wanted Sora louder, needier and dare he say it sluttier. He needed Sora to scream. Roxas slowed his thrusting, adjusting his position a little and hoped he would hit Sora's prostate from the new angle. He pushed back in with force, pleased when a loud scream tore from Sora's throat. Roxas pounded into his younger twin, his right hand reaching to grab Sora's hard, weeping erection. Roxas pumped the aroused member as he continued to slam into his Angel, but he still needed more.

"W-who is it that's fucking you?" Roxas asked panting as sweat dropped from his face. "Who is it making you feel this way writhing underneath me?"

Sora couldn't answer. He was lost in a world of pleasure where nothing mattered except the sensations his brother made him feel. He was close, so close to coming. Roxas pumping his length and Roxas's dick filling his ass was all Sora could think about. He let out a startled gasp as Roxas stilled all movements above him grabbed his chin and made him meet his eyes. "Answer me!" Roxas growled.

"Y-You" Sora answered shakily. "You're fucking me; you're making me feel this wonderful. You! Roxas! My brother is doing this to me..."

Roxas resumed his thrusting and they rocked wildly into each other, Roxas grinding down and Sora arching up. The hand on Sora's erection pumped in time with Roxas's thrusts. Sora whimpered and moaned, feeling his orgasm quickly approaching.

"You feel so good, Sora, so tight, so right. I c-can't hold back much longer. Cum for me!" Roxas stuttered as he felt Sora squeeze his member in a velvety iron grip.

Sora cried out and arched his back, placing his his shaky arms around Roxas's neck as he came, splashing his and Roxas's stomach with his warm seed. Roxas leaned forward, catching Sora's lips in a hungry kiss. With a few stronger, deep thrusts Roxas came moments after his brother, coating Sora's insides with his release. His arms giving out he fell on top of his Angel pressing himself closer to him.

Time passed as the two brothers panted and tried to collect themselves, their hearts racing. Sora stared up at Roxas, completely spent. When his breathing was close to normal again, he spoke. "I love you so much; I hope you know how much I adore you." All Sora wanted was to lie like this forever, he felt so safe in his brother's arms.

"I love you to Angel!" Roxas's head rested on Sora's chest and he could hear his twin's heart beating, the sound was soothing and it was a sound Roxas wanted to keep hearing everyday for the rest of his life. "You'll move in here now...right?" Roxas asked as he drew small circles around Sora's nipple with his finger. "So now you want me here?" Sora asked in a teasing tone as he played with Roxas's shiny hair. "Just try to leave and you'll find yourself tied to my bed" Roxas growled. "Ooh you promise?" Sora laughed as he pinched Roxas's cheek, not the one on his face.

As Roxas lay there with Sora in his arms everything was right in his world. Through all the misunderstandings and the pain they were finally together and they would never be apart again. Roxas knew that things wouldn't be easy for them, they both had their fair share of problems and this was a love that the rest of society frowned upon. But he also knew that with Sora by his side Roxas could do anything...Come what may.


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