Whispers down the Path

AN: I'll try not to make this too lengthy, so you can enjoy the story; this fiction is roughly based off of a Welsh and Greek myth. Both of those myths are somewhat similar. Other myths will be incorporated from different origins; As well as part of an interpretation of a movie or two, and a old PSone videogame. But as I said, these will just be for the basic plot and some inspiration. I'll try not to give away what happens, but I explain myself better later on. If there is any confusion or questions, don't hesitate to ask, just remember to read and review. As always, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Yuugioh, seriously guys.


In a darkened room somewhere inside the vicinity of Kaiba Corporation, Seto Kaiba awoke with a sudden bolt. The sweat slid down his face, making his hair stick out in all directions. His blinked his eyes rapidly, trying to clear the crud and crust out of them.

Kaiba couldn't recall what it was that had awoken him, he only had a vague nagging that it might be significant, that coupled with his momentary confusion that one has after being roused forcibly from a deep sleep, was beginning to irritate him. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he found that he was lying in one of his spare bedrooms.

He cleared his throat to wake himself up, and exited the room to coffee up. Since Kaiba had no watch, he had no idea of the time, and the drapes were closed, cutting off all natural light. Kaiba pseudo-stumbled (for in Kaiba's mind he never truly stumbles) into the kitchen and flipped the light switch. His eyes blinked slowly as the fluorescent lights filled the kitchen.

The clock read 12:00 and Kaiba isn't sure whether it was morning or afternoon, and for a moment he panicked (but remember Kaiba never panics…), quickly thinking of how much time he lost by not working on his various projects. But that was promptly shunted out of his mind, considering what a workaholic he was. When pouring himself a cup of coffee, he tried to figure out when he fell asleep; this didn't necessarily surprise him, but when he tried to remember anything before that point, he couldn't. He swiftly walked into his office, and set himself to work.

As the hours passed, Kaiba paused in his work, surprised that he didn't hear Mokuba. The younger Kaiba had always tried to spend as much time as he could with his older brother and idol. Even though Kaiba had wished he could always spend more time with his little brother, he was the very reason that Kaiba was such a workaholic.

Kaiba stretched and decided to spend a little quality time with Mokuba. The building was fairly large, but Kaiba had a few ideas where Mokuba would be. Kaiba tried the spare bedrooms, the offices, the game room, and few other miscellaneous rooms. Kaiba now began to inspect in earnest; Mokuba couldn't have left the building…could he?

Somewhere…wherever he was, he didn't feel inclined to move; even though the surface he was lying was vaguely uncomfortable, he just wanted to simply lie there. But fate had other plans for him, as he felt him self being gently prodded awake….

Kaiba was now beginning to get an almost uncharacteristic worry, it was sharp and resonant. Knowing that he would never live with himself if he let Mokuba come in harm's way. A small, more rational portion of his mind was battling with his more emotional side, trying tell him he was overreacting and Mokuba was probably fine.

Probably. A word he didn't like; his rational side was losing. Kaiba quickly ran down a mental list of who might have kidnapped him.

Again. He thought; suppressing a grown. He certainly hoped that that wasn't the case, that happened way too much, that it almost became a reflex to think it true. Of course, in true Kaiba fashion, he had made certain to call all of Mokuba's friends. Of course, he wasn't with any of them.

After a few wasted (Kaiba felt them to be) hours, and much coaxing from Roland, he informed the police. He didn't particularly like the police, he didn't find them to be very useful; he just wished for once to be wrong. A small voice in the back of his mind asked him how much pride he would be willing to swallow in order to find Mokuba.

Somewhere in a place that all individuals eventually finds themselves, Mokuba woke up. His pale eyelids fluttered open, his blue-grey eyes taking in the view. Well it was a place completely unfamiliar. Fighting back a panic that people experience when taken out of their natural surroundings, Mokuba looked around; the room he was in looked bare, or at least appeared to be. It was dimly lit, and Mokuba almost cried out when he saw a person sitting in a corner of the room.

She couldn't have been much older than him, she seemed to be taller than him; Mokuba couldn't be sure because she was sitting down. Since the lighting was so dim, he couldn't be sure what her exact appearance was.

"What did you do?"

Mokuba started, he hadn't expected her to suddenly start talking.

"huh?" came his reply.

"I said what did you do? I got lost, then they locked me up. You?" her voice was thickly accented and had a strange quality.

" I'm not sure, the same thing I guess." Mokuba replied; the time-lapse in his memory alarmed him slightly. "Where are we?" he asked.

Now she looked surprised, and there was a glint of pity in her eyes

"Well it's called many things, but a lot of people would call it the other side."

Mokuba's eyes widened, feeling mind-boggled. Was she playing a trick or was she crazy?

"I-I can't be, seriously where are we?"

The pity in her eyes doubled. " I'm serious, you are dead-same as me."

"N-no! Please stop!" any anger would have been smothered by desperation

She sighed, not really quite sure how to convince him other wise.

"Wait, you can't be dead-that doesn't make sense. You're a bad joker, stop joking!"

Her eyes almost narrowed. "I ain't jokin' we're quite dead, I dunno really how to prove it, but you'll see." she softened up a bit after making the statement.

"How?" Mokuba's eyes contained tears that were threatening to spill over; she made a small motion, but was interrupted by a large crashing sound.

Mokuba and the girl both jumped; her eyes had widened slightly, as if she knew the implications behind the noise. She made Mokuba face her (for his head swiveled in the direction of the noise).

"What say you an' me get outta here? We can help each other out ya?" her strange accent pestered; her eyes seemed to shined boldly.

Mokuba nodded, he'd be foolish to refuse help in such a strange place he thought to himself. She sprang up to her feet, extended her hand out to him; Mokuba was slightly surprised at the hand's spryness. The girl was indeed taller than him ( a detail he could actually make out), after a moments search, the two found their way out to be surprisingly unhindered; the door unlocked. Maybe their captor simply didn't think them capable of escaping. Either way, both boy and girl rushed happily out of, what turned out to be a closet.

"This way!" the girl whispered, nodding her head to the left.

Mokuba dashed after her; neither of them tried to leave quietly, even though it would have been better to. Which seemed to prove to be true; a burly man approached. If not for Mokuba's quick thinking, the pair of them would have wound up being pushed back into the closet. He quickly yanked the girl and himself behind a stack of crates; the burly man walked past without noticing them.

The girl looked at Mokuba with something close to appraisal and nodded her thanks.

Kaiba paced agitatedly in his office, gritting his teeth to prevent himself from letting profanities he normally wouldn't indulge himself in, leak out. The police had arrived; Kaiba had already given them all the necessary information (they were speaking with Roland at the moment), and it grated on his nerves more than he cared to admit. It made the situation more real, in fact, all of the times that Mokuba had been kidnapped before it was by someone Kaiba knew (so this time it brought a whole new anxiousness in Kaiba). So Kaiba never mentioned it to the police, he just went to the captors and took back what was his.

To require a assistance from someone when Kaiba felt himself perfectly capable of doing himself, hurt his pride more than he would have liked. Just thinking of his own hurt pride was actually giving his insides a guilty squirm. To think that he would be focusing on such matters when he should be focusing on finding Mokuba. To Kaiba, worry wasn't an emotion that would rattle him easily, so feeling it so strongly was surprising.

It shouldn't be he thought to himself, Mokuba was gone and he could be….no; he quickly bottled the fear welling up inside him, now was not the time to panic. Instead, he pulled out his deck and found his most prized creature staring back at him. Kaiba couldn't quite say why, but it's presence was somehow comforting; Kaiba still felt a tad iffy on the whole subject of magic (but ever since a certain zealous organization had been defeated, his perspectives were wavering), so he couldn't say for sure why his agitation had subsided into a minor respite.

Hope Mokuba is okay…be safe...please he thought as his thumb stroked the card. With grim determination, he stuffed the deck back into his pocket and walked downstairs. What he didn't notice was the soft glow of his prized card, shining dimly in his pocket.

The duo had found themselves in a much larger portion of the building; the room seemed to be a warehouse of some sort, it had a high ceiling, wooden beams, and crates stacked high in each direction. The storehouse was much better lit, the pair could see each other clearly. Mokuba took the brief time of tranquility to take in his new companion's features.

She was indeed taller than him, but only by a head. She was blonde, but by the looks of it, her hair probably hadn't been washed in a while. Dirt lightly rested on otherwise cream-colored skin. Her figure was slim, with the fleeting feeling of adolescent androgyny; she couldn't be much older than Mokuba. Her eye were a mischievous dark brown, as well as being rather wide.

She seemed to be making her own observations of Mokuba's appearance, because she was staring at him as well. Their eyes met, both apologetic for their rudeness. Both continued on towards the exit (which was obvious to spot).

"Say what's your name?" She spoke up


She looked slightly surprised at it's foreign ring. "Mokuba?"

He smiled "Yup, you?"

"Oh right, mines Cordelia." she smiled back

"Nice name."

"Yours too."

The two continued onward, in a not-so awkward silence filling in between and the large space. One of the boxes suddenly caught his eye-it had a picture of a Blue Eyes White Dragon! Mokuba almost dashed to the box, relieved at the familiarity. Cordelia just stared; it seemed that she didn't recognized the dragon that most duelists held in awe.

"Oi! What you lookin' at?" She asked, more curious than anything.

" A Blue Eyes White Dragon! There the best duel monster out there!"

Cordelia mostly looked confused, and Mokuba was surprised that he had to elaborate when she had asked what he was talking about. He had to cut his explanation short, as they heard people's voices. Mokuba took one last look at the box, but something, maybe his gut, told him that he needed what was in that box. So he quickly took the medium sized box from it's spot and hurried back to Cordelia.

Cordelia looked a little impressed at watching Mokuba make off with something so randomly.

"Let's get outta here." Mokuba whispered half excitedly and half fearful.

Cordelia's mischievous eyes sparked again as the two made a made a mad dash for the exit, getting off scott free; Mokuba's little theft tucked securely under his arm as they ran out into the open wild.