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Chapter 10: Home Again

Mokuba and Kaiba shared the couch, both of them already home. Ishizu had quickly led them home after the Kaiba brothers after they got back from their trip. Ishizu simply dropped them off, taking Kaiba's meaningful glance as thanks. She gave some explanations as to why the event happened, but Kaiba didn't pay to close attention. He didn't care about the why; all that he cared about was curled up in his arms.

Mokuba had fallen fast asleep, happily curled up in the crooks of his brother's arms. Kaiba was close to falling asleep himself, and he snuggled himself closer and kissed the top of his little brother's head. Kaiba's thoughts came through at a unhurried pace, his mind feeling much clearer and calmer now that the recent stress had lifted.

He brushed back a few stray raven locks back, and etched Mokuba's peaceful expression into memory. Kaiba further reflected that he didn't save his brother, but rather, his brother saved him. Kaiba softened further at the sight of his little brother's dimpled smile. Yes, his little brother was the one who was saving the whole time.

He wouldn't have it any other way.


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