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Hello all. I'm guessing no one liked the last chapter of Darkness Seeping. SO without further delay, I give you the first story in the new series.

I do not own anything Except Nega Kat, Kat and Emily.


Kat brushed Emily's hair gently before tying a bow on the top of her head. The seven year old smiled before grabbing her backpack skipping out the door to meet Goslyan. Kat stood in the doorway and waved.

"Thanks for walking her to school today Gos and tell your dad I'll be there for dinner tonight."

"Sure thing Kat. I'll see ya later." Goslyan smiled at her neighbor and took the younger girls hand as they walked down the street.

"Bye mom. Don't touch Mr. Smiles' stuff." Kat nodded, humoring her daughter's request for her imaginary friends things. She sighed, her smile fading as they rounded the corner and went back inside.

The last five years had been hard. She mostly worked nights, now working in a new bar on the better side of St. Canard. But to make sure her Emily had everything she wanted was worth every lousy tip and drunken bar rat that she had to deal with. It was when she looked around on parent night for the first time and asked her where her father was that Kat felt like crawling under a rock.

How could you explain to a child that the father was an insane man from another dimension that tried to kill both of them the last time he saw them. 'Sounds like the Terminator.' Kat shook her head at the thought and sat, sipping her coffee. A time would come thou when she would have to tell the truth, but for now, simply changing the subject worked well.

A knock at the door brought her out of her thoughts as Drake walked in the back door, sporting a black eye.

"Rough night?"

"Always is." He poured himself a cup and sat across from her. "So, how does lasagna sound for dinner? I promise to keep the fire extinguisher handy." Kat chuckled and nodded.

"That sounds wonderful." She blushed as he took her hand and squeezed it then stood and came to her side before leaned down, kissing her gently. Kat hesitated for a moment before returning the kiss, slipping her hand out of his and put her arms around his neck as he deepened it. Drake moved his hands up her arms to hers, pulling them gently off and slipped a ring onto her ring finger, resting it in front of the only reminder left of the trauma seven years ago.

"Oh Drake." She looked at the ring, smiling softly as tears formed in her eyes and stood, throwing her arms around him tightly. Drake chocked, tugging her elbows a little.

"Is that a yes?"

"You bet your tail feathers it is." Drake smiled, kissing her neck and held her tightly.


Negaduck stood in a dark room, glaring at a mirror. It reflected what he wished to see. What he saw currently pissed him off to no end. His wife, HIS Queen was in the arms of another man, agreeing to marry him. He looked like a geek, wearing a sweater vest with a long sleeve shirt under it. He raised his fist to punch the mirror when a noise stopped him. He lowered his arm, looking into the darkness of the room.

"Don't worry Duchess, I wouldn't smash your mirror. Show me Emily." The mirror shimmered, the image changing and showed the child, smiling to someone out of sight. Negaduck relaxed. Seeing her. She looked like Kat, but had his eyes. He wondered faintly what else she had gotten from him. Turning, he looked into the gloom of the large room, crossing his arms. "How long till you can recreate the portal."

"It takes time and a lot of energy Lord Negaduck. We are connecting worlds and dimensions, not rooms and cities." The voice was soft and strained, as thou from long periods of not talking. Negaduck clenched his fists, anger showing on his face.

"I've waited six years for this. I want them back. Do you understand me or should I electrocute you again." The woman bowed her head in defeat before nodding. The sound of the room door opening and closing drew Negaduck's attention. Launchpad walked over, nodding to him. "What! I told you not to bother me while I'm in here!"

"That cake is waiting for you in the kitchen. They want to know where to put it." Negaduck growled, thinking.

"Have it brought here, this was our lovely witch can make it the portal back to Darkwings dimension." Negaduck chuckled, walking toward the door. Launchpad looked over at the woman sitting silently in the throne Negaduck had created for her. She soft voice broke the silence of the room, startling him

"Is there something you require Lord Launchpad?"

"Oh. No. I'm fine." He turned to go then stopped. "Can you show me Kat? Not his Kat, the other one that belongs here." The woman raised a hand to the floating mirror, but all that appeared was gray.

"I am sorry, but it appears she is gone. As powerful as I am, I can not bring her back from where she is." Launchpad nodded and walked to the door. He stepped aside once he was in the hall as a large cart was pushed past into the room, a large cake sat on it, looking like something out of a child's fantasy.


Drake put an arm around Kats waist as he looked at his over crowded dinning room table. The Muddlefoots took up most of the room. Launchpad and Goslyan sat in the middle with Emily and he and Kat rounded off the other end. It was rare that drake had this many people over, but then again, it was rare he had good news like this.

Binky was the first to notice that the two were standing and elbowed Herb as shoveled another forkful of lasagna into his mouth. Tank stopped pinching Honker on the shoulder when he heard everyone else stop talking and looked over.

"I'm glad your all here and enjoying the food. The reason I asked you here is because I have important news."

"Aw, Drake, you shouldn't have. My birthdays still a month away." Herb smiled as he said this while Binky gave him an annoyed look.

"Quiet Herb. Let the man finish."

"Um, right. Thanks Binky. Well, as I was saying, it's important. Me asked Kat to marry me and she said yes." The table was in stunned silence as they looked at the two. Binky and Herb were the first up, congratulating them. Herb grabbed the two in a bear hug and Binky began chitterling about wedding plans. Tank went back to his food, after a shrug as Goslyan and Launchpad looked at each other.

They were happy for the two of them, which much was certain. It was the thought that Drake aka Darkwing Duck had a thing for the same woman Negaduck did.

"Launchpad, should we be worried?" The eighteen year old asked quietly as she brushed the end of her ponytail off her shoulder.

"Maybe. But Drake knows what he's doing, I think. I'm sure he really loves her."

"I hope so." She looked down at Emily who was also sitting quietly. She seemed confused on the matter at hand, which was surprising since the child had skipped two grades.

The end of the meal couldn't come soon enough for the youngest at the table. She watched her mother kiss Mr. Mallard before they started for home. She understood what engaged meant and liked Mr. Mallard, but she wanted her own father back. she had never met him, her mother changing the subject every time it was brought up and that annoyed her.

Once inside, Emily raced upstairs and into her room. After locking the door silently she crossed to the mirror on her closet door and sat crossed legged in front of it. "Mr. Smiles? Are you there?" after a few moments of nothing, the mirror shimmered, and a face began to form. After a few minutes the face was clear."

"Yes sweetie?" The face smiled widely at the girl as his body became visible, his yellow suit faded slightly in the dimness of his own room. Emily smiled happily as her friend appeared, none the wiser of who it really was.


Sorry for its shortness, but I'm happy with it. Well, R&R!!