Gos wrapped her side carefully before pulling her top on. Her head was still spinning from what had happened the night before. Nega Launchpad had helped her, saved her from who knows what could have happened. She looked at her watch checking how long till she had till her party and sighed.

She had no desire at this point to be around people. Everything hurt and her ears were ringing still. But her father and Kat had put a lot into this and she didn't want to be the cause of another fight between them. Looking out the window she saw Kat putting Emily into her car to go get a costume no doubt.

She dreaded telling her that Negaduck had returned, ruining the life she had made. Drake would go insane trying to catch his old enemy again. Going downstairs quickly she grabbed her jacket, running for Kat's car. She smiled sheepishly at Kats surprised face when she stopped the car and climbed in the back next to Emily.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

The party store was surprising quiet this time of day. Kat watched Emily run off to find what she wanted and glanced at Goslyan who looked like the living dead.

"What's on your mind Gos." The younger woman looked at her and again smiled sheepishly.

"Just wanted time away from home. I feel so closed in sometimes I just wana scream." Kat nodded and ran her finger through her hair. It was one of the few things Goslyan envied about her mother to be. Her hair always looked so silky and it was a good length. She loved her own red color but it never had that shiny look no matter what she did and she had to keep it a certain length. Kat smiled slightly.

"I know the feeling, trust me. " She looked away to see Emily walked over with a costume bag in hand. The photo showed a fairy with long wings. "You sure this is the one you want. Not like last year where you changed your mind five times."

"I'm sure I swear. It's exactly what I want to be. And it matches Goslyan's costumes colors too." She hugged Goslyan around the waist, happy she was the one taking her trick or treating and not her mother. Kat had a tendency to want to go home early every year. At least she knew Gos would stay out later. Together they walked to the register, Emily making a candy route in her head.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Back home Drake finished putting the last of the decorations up while Launchpad was busy cooking. The house smelled wonderful as he wondered in trying a few things. "Where did you learn how to cook anyway."

"My mom made sure all of us knew how to cook when we were kids. I remember spending hours watching her and my brothers make things." He smiled, seeming more like his old self. Drake put the last streamer up when he heard his tower signal going off. He chewed his bottom lip looking from the revolving chairs to LP who sighed and gave a shrug.

"I'll tell her you'll be late." Drake smiled and jumped into the chair hitting the statues head before disappearing from sight. "She's gona be upset thou." He took the cake out of the oven and set it aside to cool, hearing Kat's car pulling in next door.

Kat watched Emily run inside and followed hearing her bound upstairs to her room. Gos followed her into the kitchen, seeing a few bags of candy for the next day.

" Working tomorrow?" She grabbed a few mini candy bars sitting at the table.

"A few hours, nothing to long. She's excited your taking her this year." They continued to talk till they heard soft crying. Kat went up to her daughters' room quickly, seeing Emily sitting in front of her mirror crying.

"He's gone. He didn't come like he always does." She wiped her eyes and looked up at Kat as she knelt next to her, hugging her tightly.

"He might have just gone to get milk or something." Kat smoothed out Emily's hair and kissed her forehead only to be pushed away.

"Stop treating me like I'm dumb! He's not my imaginary friend he's real. You made him go away didn't you!" Emily ran out of the room down the stairs and out the door. Kat came down after her.

"Emily!" Kat ran outside looking around, looking in her normal hiding spots. After a few hours of looking she began to panic. Goslyan chewed her lower lip and went home quickly to change and look for Emily.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

Duchess waved her hand, the mirror changing images and watched the child in question a few blocks from her home heading into the park , the grass overgrown and brown. So this was the child of Negaduck, what he was breaking walls between worlds for. Standing she shivered feeling more power returning, a few more of the loosened wires falling away from her. The chemicals on the ground had begun to pool under her throne, soaking the wooden floor giving it a darker color in the gloom.

"So close." She stretched, magic gathering in her hands before turning and blasting the throne, severing the last of the wire and tubes connecting her to it. She waited for the dust to settle, letting her magic out, feeling the broken chair and began to laugh. "I'm free. Finally!"

She felt the band over her eyes, still biting into her skin and felt along to the back feeling the complex lock on the back and growled. It was foolish to try and blast off where it was now. She stopped hearing the room door open and close gently feeling the girl enter.

"What have you done?" It was the first words she had spoken in so long, her voice was soft almost a whisper. She moved forward slowly seeing the smoldering throne and looked at Duchess. "He'll be so mad." She blinked when Duchess began to laugh again.

"Dear child, me destroying his prison for me will be the least of his worries." She held out her hand, a glowing orb forming. It lit the room, showing the dried husks of the Friendly Four hanging from the walls with chains, various objects casting shadows that seemed to come alive and began moving on their own.

Nega Goslyan began to tremble in fear as the shadows finally began taking shape before they flew out of the room using cracks in the walls as ways to escape. She looked at Duchess, seeing the chair repairing itself as she sat.

"It's alright Goslyan. Come here." She held out her arms and pulled the girl into a hug, stroking her hair. "They would never hurt you. I wouldn't let them." Mega Goslyan nodded, closing her eyes. She was safe here, in her arms. Nothing could hurt her while she was here, she knew it.