Edward let his eyes wander to where Jasper was gloomily lurking at the back of the room and desperately trying to think nice and supportive thoughts, while the rest of the family happily engaged in the wedding rehearsal Alice had been so keen on.

Don't ruin it. It's gonna be their special day. Don't. Ruin it. They're happy.

Edward did his best to ignore Jasper's voice in his head but even with all the practice he had at blocking his family members out, the blond's thoughts just kept coming.

They're... soulmates.

The bitterness that one word carried almost made Edward grimace.

How can you know? She's not even a vampire. She's breakable. She's human. She... Happy. They're happy. You're happy.

"Alice, would you mind if we took a short break?" She didn't look too happy but grudgingly agreed at last.

Edward made his way over to Jasper who pushed himself off the wall the moment he saw the other vampire approach. However, Edward was just quick enough to block the blond vampire's way with his arm.

"Is there anything you want to talk about?"

"No." Jasper was quick to answer and careful to avoid the other vampire's eyes.

Edward just cocked an eyebrow at him. "You wanted me to hear..."

Jasper sighed and eventually let his eyes meet their golden counterparts.

"How do you know she's your soulmate? How do you know it's not..." Me. "... someone else?"


"Answer me. Please."

"Do you think you can find it better than you had it?"

Jasper's lips curved into a bitter smile at the non-answer and deep inside himself, Edward could feel the twinge of nagging doubt he had tried so hard to ignore. Nothing was set in stone, he didn't have to marry her if he didn't want to, but still he held onto her even if it meant hurting someone so near and dear to him. Someone who could spend forever with him without further bloodshed.

The blond held his gaze for a moment that felt like eternity before bringing his soft lips up to Edward's ear, long fingers grasping his wrist tightly. "I want you. You're all I need." The husky whisper wrapped itself all around Edward, his mind, his body, his everything, as Jasper let go of him and brushed past him, fingers ghosting up his arm and over his shoulder before they were gone far too soon, leaving him in a thick haze that became more impenetrable with every second passing.