Disclaimer: I'm not muscling in on JK's turf - just gambolling on it, like a spring lamb, having fun working out the literary and psychological puzzles which she is having fun setting us.

(Drabble - 100 words exactly.)

He recognised the boy's handwriting from a hundred mediocre essays.

"They've gorn and done it again", complained the shorter man, scrubbing furiously at the wall with his wand. "Just let me catch them little buggers - and what're yeh doing about it, eh? Eh? That's what I want to know. Scourgify!"

"I assure you, Amycus, if I uncover the identity of this... graffiti artist, they will be severely punished."

Headmaster Snape watched Amycus shambling out of sight then, smirking, he aimed his own wand at the wall, produced a thin spray of paint and began to write:

Dumbledore's Army: Still Recruiting ...

Author's note:

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