Fandom : Naruto

Rating : T+ish

Title : The Cell

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Shipping : ItaNaru

Pairings : Implied SasoDei, SasuSaku

Warnings : Yaoi, Mpreg, Remember Death, Child Abuse

Summary : Its been 6 years since the battle with Konoha. 5 and Half since he gave birth to his and Itachi's son. Now Sasuke has his son, and Itachi's voice is whispering in his ears. Naruto knows he has to get his son back. ItaNaru

Dedication : Uh...whoever reviewed on 'The Mask' thank you!

Date : 7-27-08

Chapter One : Dark Deep Rough Love

Sometimes he swore he still heard his lovers voice.

While his mind knew Itachi was dead -he had watched Iruka cut the other down-, he was sure that occassionally he heard whispers of darkdeeprough love whispered in his ears.

Kyuubi had fused with him. Neither could be killed, so here he was, in this Chakra-canceling pure steel cell.

The Konoha Battle had been 6 years ago.

Half a year after, he gave birth.

He wasn't allowed to see his son. His beautiful Ketsu...

Who was living with Sasuke and Sakura.

He hated Sasuke. The dark haired Uchiha reminded him too much off his love. Too many painful memories...too mean pleasurable ones...

Naruto shook his head, trying to read the insanity driven thoughts, and regain some of his sense.

He had to stay somewhat sane. He had to be, for his plan to work.

When the Anbu brought him his food, he struck.

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