Fandom : Naruto

Rating : T+ish

Title : The Cell

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Shipping : ItaNaru

Pairings : Implied SasoDei, SasuSaku

Warnings : Yaoi, Mpreg, Remember Death, Child Abuse

Summary : Its been 6 years since the battle with Konoha. 5 and Half since he gave birth to his and Itachi's son. Now Sasuke has his son, and Itachi's voice is whispering in his ears. Naruto knows he has to get his son back. ItaNaru

Dedication : Uh...whoever reviewed on 'The Mask' thank you!

Date : 7-27-08

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Chapter Four : Haunting

Naruto and Ketsu settled in quickly with the Akatsuki, Deidara and Sasori helping Naruto take care of Ketsu, as well as himself.

They believed him when he told them he sometimes heard Itachi speak to him.

"We believe you Naruto-kun, yeah, un!"

"True. It is possible that the Uchiha is haunting you."

And that night, for the first time in almost 6 years, with his son asleep smiling beside him, Naruto smiled happily, the thought of Itachi haunting him, keeping watch over him making him feel protected and loved.

"I love you Itachi." He whispered, before falling asleep, wrapped around his and Itachi's child.

In the corner of his room, a flickering image smiled, looking at his love.

"I love you too, my Naruto-angel."

The flickering image of Itachi Uchiha dissappeared.

Okay...thats all. This is just a short story, a small sequel to The Mask. Hope you liked.