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Chapter 1- Crime

Yugi Motou hummed to himself as he strolled down the darkened street. It was a bad part of town to be in. Humming made the damp and dark place seem less frightening. The tri color haired teen quickened his pace as a homeless man starred at him as he passes by. A slight feeling of pity passed over him as he glanced at the cardboard box he guessed was the man's "home".

Rounding the corner, his phone on his leather belt began to vibrate. Startling the young teen, Yugi dropped the bag of groceries he had been carrying. He quickly scooped up the loaf of bread that had fallen out and stood up straight. The last thing he wanted to do was attract attention. This part of the small city of Touma was known to have many gangs that strewed about looking for trouble.

Yugi grabbed the vibrating phone on his belt and looked at the front screen. HONDA flashed brightly on the cover. Yugi sighed with relief. Talking to a good friend while he made his way through this part of the city would make his journey less stressful. Yugi flipped open the phone. "Hey." Yugi said in a hushed voice, trying to keep quiet and to himself.

"Where are you, man?" Came the reply of an impatient teen on the other line. "I've been waiting by your house for an hour."

Yugi couldn't help but smile. "Sorry, Honda." Yugi answered as he continued walking at a rather rapid rate down the dark street. "Grandpa wanted me to pick up a few things at the store. His legs aren't what they use to be." Yugi explained, taking a good luck up and down the street. No one was around. It was an eerie feeling. Was there no one because it was nine at night or was there no one because they were all hiding and waiting to pounce on him?

Honda gave out a sigh. "I talked to your grandfather. He said he sent you out over an hour and a half ago. What is taking so long?"

Yugi gulped. "I had to take the long way home."

There was silence on the other line. Yugi continued walking and looked at his phone. He had two bars, the call hadn't been dropped. Yugi put the phone back to his ear fast enough to hear Honda say, "Through Madison Pike?"

Yugi took a deep breath and didn't answer. He didn't have to. Honda already knew the answer. Yugi braced himself for an argument with his friend.

"Yugi, man! Are you insane?" Honda practically screeched on the other line, forcing Yugi to pull the phone away from his ear slightly. "That part of the city is like the gate to hell. If anyone sees you there they'll think you're a crime waiting to be committed! Murderers live in those slums, dude! What were you thinking? What made you take that way home?"

Yugi turned down Old Frank's street and saw a near by road he could take. It was busy and out of danger. Yugi started to take large strides towards it. "I saw Tuhsio." Yugi said in a small voice.

He could hear Honda sigh on the other line. "Yugi, you should have called me. I would have come to walk you home." Tuhsio was the biggest bully in the entire West Touma High School. Yugi was his favorite target. Honda knew that Yugi would do anything to avoid confrontation with the older teen. "You have got to stop being so afraid of people like that. Show some back bone."

Yugi winced at the words. He hated fighting. Fighting never resolved anything. It only placed hate and revenge in the hearts of others. "I'm not afraid. I just don't want to deal with it. Fighting isn't the answer to everything, Honda."

"Yugi, I'm your closest friend. Believe me when I say that fighting will only get rid of your bullying problems. The only way to get people to leave you alone is when you show you won't take it."

Yugi was close to the street now. He turned and saw two figures in the dark alley. They were close together and looked as if they were up to no good. Yugi stopped walking and starred. "Honda, I have to go. Go home and I'll call you tomorrow." Yugi whispered into the phone. He didn't listen to Honda's protests before hanging up the phone and pocketing it once more.

He flattened himself up against the wall and tried to listen to the low voices of the two figures in the alley. The deep voices told Yugi that it was two men. One had a strong arabic accent and the other sounded like he belonged in this part of the city. Yugi leaned forward and peered into the alley.

A tall, dirty blond teen stood leaning against the wall. His tan arms showed great muscle. His lavender eyes starred daggers into the man that was opposing him. Red hair was all Yugi could see from him. Yugi kept still and quiet. He should have ran, but curiosity got the better of him and he listened to the dark conversation.

"The FEDS are onto you. You should be more careful." The lavender eyed man said with a thick arabic accent. "I can't risk you getting caught and spilling your guts to FBI. Do you have my stuff?"

The red head spoke next. "Yeah." He said, standing comfortably in front of the foreign man. "I got your stuff. But I ain't goin' give it to ya. Not with ya threatin' me the way you have been. When do I get to see Marik?"

The tanner man growled, "You won't."

The red head laughed. "Then you ain't gettin' your stuff, Malik."

Malik. Yugi watched as the lavender eyed young man stepped forward and with lightning speed, grabbed the man's throat. "You listen to me. Marik has eyes all over this city. If you refuse to give me what I ask for, I'll be sure he takes you out."

The red head grabbed the hands of the other man and tried to pry them off his neck. With a wheezy voice, he gasped out. "Why? 'Cause you be his bitch?"

Those harsh lavender eyes burned fire and he grabbed something from his pants. Yugi felt his blood turn to ice. A gun. He pressed it firmly against the red head's skull. "You sure do have a set on you. Especially since I am the one that has the gun. I could kill you now and no one would know you were gone."

The red head let out another laugh. "You think you and Marik are da only ones that have eyes around da city? You can't kill me. Not if you want what you're lookin' for. Not if you don' want an all out war between your peoples and mine." the red head shot back.

Malik smiled. "We don't need you. I know where you keep all your drugs. I know exactly how to get them." He stated as he trailed the gun down the man's cheek bone and then back up again. "And as for the other reason. I enjoy wars. I always win them."

The red head grew rigid as Malik squeezed the trigger. A semi loud bang came from the alley. Yugi heard crimson blood sprayed the wall behind the man. Malik allowed the red head to fall to the ground. Yugi gasped and covered his mouth as he looked away and flattened himself against the wall. He breathed heavily as he took in the events that had just happened. Why didn't he run when he had the chance? Yugi tightened his hold on the bag he was carrying. He slowly looked back into the alleyway. The red head was dead on the ground, but the foreign man was not in sight. Had he left?

Yugi didn't wait to find out. He took cautious steps towards the street that was less than fifty yards away from where he was. He had to remain calm. He would go home, call the police, and tell them everything he knew. Yugi, against better judgement, looked back into the alleyway. His eyes traveled to the dead man and along the wall he hadn't been able to see from his position before. It was clear now. Blood sprayed it like art work, however, it wasn't the frightening thing.

Yugi gasped in horror as his innocent amethyst eyes connected with harsh lavender. Malik had the gun back in his jacket pocket, his arms crossed and was leaning against the wall. A smug sneer was written over his face as he starred menacingly at Yugi. Yugi wanted to scream but he was too afraid.

Instead, he dropped the groceries and bolted. Yugi heard foot steps behind him, following his own path. Yugi ran faster than he ever did in gym class. He ran faster than he ever did when a bully was trying to get his money. Yugi ran until he was in the middle of the busy street.

Unfortunately, he ran right in front of a car that slammed on its breaks. The white light from the head lights blinded Yugi as he made out a man in the car shaking an angry fist at him. That was the least of Yugi's worries. He speed across the street and ran inside a video store. With a pale face, Yugi stood behind a closed door and looked back out into the crowd. A few people were walking by. Some on dates. Some on business.

Yugi caught his breath as a man behind the counter of the video store said loudly, "Hey kid. We're closing. You'll have to leave." Yugi paid no attention. He starred out the window and finally spotted those lavender eyes. His breath caught in his throat. Malik stood on the other side of the street, starring smugly in Yugi's direction. He smiled madly and pointed to his eyes and then back to Yugi. He mouthed something and even in the dark of the night Yugi could still make it out. I'll be watching you.

The man behind the counter came walked beside the young teen and took a look at him. "Young man, did you hear me? I said we are closing." After further inspection, the man put his hands on the teen's shoulders. The teen yelped and turned towards the man. Concern and curiosity sprung in the man's eyes. "Are you alright, son?"

Yugi looked back on the street. Malik was gone. Yugi's amethyst eyes looked up and down the street but he was no where to be seen. Yugi swallowed hard and shook his head. "No. I'm not okay." He said in a shaky voice. "I just witnessed a murder."

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