Chapter 15- Decision

Yugi winced and bit his sleeve as Atemu yanked his shoe off his foot. Blood had completely seeped through it and had been leaking through his soles. Atemu had instructed him to sit still while he inspected the wound. The agent was silent as he examined the injury without actually touching it. "Tell me, doc? Am I going to make it?" Yugi asked, trying to lighten the mood.

Atemu gave him a harsh look. "This isn't funny." He snapped, and then looked back down at Yugi's wound. "What the hell where you thinking?" He inquired, shaking his head.

The younger blinked, taken aback. "I was thinking that I was finding an easier solution."

"Why didn't you shoot me?" Atemu practically yelled. He ripped a piece of his shirt with such force that it left a straight line. He wrapped it tightly above his wound. The tore another piece to dress the injury. "They weren't going to let us go."

"I know." Yugi said quietly.

"So what were you thinking?"

Yugi looked at the ground. How could Atemu make him feel ashamed of what he had done? "I just..." He trailed off, "I just wanted to protect you."

Atemu's gaze softened. He cupped Yugi's cheek and forced him to look at him. "My job is to protect you. Not the other way around." He practically whispered. They starred into each other's eyes for a moment before Atemu moved behind Yugi and placed the teen in his lap. "You just...scared me is all."

Yugi laughed for a second. "You get scared?"

Atemu paused, thinking for a moment. Then, "I didn't use to. That was until I met you." He said, resting his head on Yugi's shoulder. "I know it has only been two months but it is hard to picture what my life used to be like without you in it." He stated, his voice making him sound deep in thought. "I don't know what I would do without you."

Yugi spun slightly and sat sideways in the agent's lap. "Same."

Atemu brushed his finger's through Yugi's blond locks and then brought the younger into a hug. Afterwards, his gaze fell to the bandaged foot. "You should be okay. If I can find some way to get us out of here."

Yugi smiled and looked at the ground. "I don't think you'll have to worry about that."

Atemu looked at Yugi confused. "What did you do?"

Yugi hugged Atemu, in case the criminals were watching, and whispered, "I got a hold of your cell."

When Yugi pulled away, Atemu's face was unreadable. It was blank as always, but the look in his crimson eyes told Yugi that he understood. Yugi shivered slightly and Atemu brought him into an embrace. He rubbed his hands on Yugi's arms, trying to warm the younger. "You're very brave."

Yugi blushed, snuggling into that warm body. "Nah." He said, modestly. "I just learned from the best."

Sudden gunshots rang through the air. Yugi and Atemu both jumped. The young agent stood, picking Yugi up with him. He placed the teen on one foot and pushed him behind him. "Stay back." He instructed. Yugi clung to the back of the agent's shirt. What was going on out there? Atemu turned to Yugi slightly, "No matter what happens, find a way out. Don't come back for me. If I'm alive, I'll find you." He said.

"Don't say stuff like that." Yugi whispered, wanting to hit the agent himself.

Silence. Then loud yelling. Yugi blinked. He knew those voices. Suddenly, two figures appeared by the door. Atemu didn't seem surprised in the least, but Yugi was dumbfounded. "Jou? Seto?" He questioned. The door was unlocked and the two came rushing in.

Jou looked at Yugi's foot and helped to hold him up. "Hey man. Thought ya could use da back up." He stated.

Atemu smiled as he looked at the three figures in the room. Yugi looked at everyone. "I don't understand." He said, looking at Jou and Seto. "You guys aren't agents, are you?"

Seto shook his head sternly. "I did a background check on you. Found out about everything after Friday. I noticed something strange about you. Friday evening I gave Atemu a call and asked him to come over. He explained everything. I tried calling you both after you somehow disappeared yesterday. No answer. I got worried. So pup and I decided to go to Ryou and Bakura." He explained, arms crossed.

Yugi looked over at Atemu. "That was where you went? I thought you had to clear your head?" Yugi asked.

Atemu shrugged. "I didn't want to worry you. You had enough on your mind."

Jou smiled and placed his arm on Yugi's shoulder. "Yugi huh? Game?" He remarked, a smirk licking his lips. "I have to admit it is one hell of a lot better than Angel. But game?" He paused and thought a moment. "Yug. Yup. Dat's what I'm gonna call ya from now on." He decided, smiling.

Yugi laughed. It was a relief that they knew everything. That he no longer had to live a lie. "Wait." Yugi said. "How did you guys get here? What about Marik and Malik?" He questioned quickly.

Seto and Atemu started to move out of the cell. Yugi and Jou wobbled behind. They could hear yelling. From the sound of it, it was pretty intense. Yugi made it into the room to see Seto and Atemu frozen where they were. Yugi looked and his stomach fell. Marik had Ryou in a head lock, a gun smashed to his temple. Ryou looked terrified. Bakura was only feet away, gun pointed at Marik. He was pissed.

"Let him go, damn you!" He yelled.

"Ryou." Yugi called out.

Atemu looked back at Yugi and loved quickly to him. "I have to get you somewhere safe."

Yugi shook his head. "No! Ryou's in trouble."

"Put the gun on the floor and no one will get hurt." Marik said cooly. Ryou gasped for air in the death grip he was being held in. Bakura looked from his lover back to Marik. That was when Yugi saw it for the first time. Bakura's lusty chase after Ryou wasn't for nothing. The desperate look in his eyes showed he really did love the teen. He slowly placed the gun on the floor and put his hands out in front of him.

"Let him go." He demanded.

Marik smirked. He looked back over at Yugi and Atemu. He glared at Yugi but then nodded. "You're smart kid. But brains will only get you so far." He commented.

Malik came rushing from behind. "We have to go. Now." He stated.

Marik nodded and turned back to the couples. "Well, it was a nice little reunion but I think it is time I made my leave."

"Oh no you don't." Atemu said, starting towards Marik.

Marik pointed the gun at Ryou's throat. Ryou stood still, petrified. Bakura lashed out, grabbing Atemu by the arm. He shook his head, not letting his eyes off Ryou. Marik smiled. "Well, Little Yugi. You made it out of here alive. Don't expect it next time. No matter where you go, I'll find you. Think about that next time you walk down the street or buy food at any store. I'll find you. Then I'll kill you. The chase never stops, not until you're dead." He stated.

Slowly, the criminal made his way to the door. A loud roar from outside told the gang that the criminals were about to make their escape. Atemu made his way back to Yugi and stood in front of him defensively. Marik's words concerned him as much as they did Yugi. As Marik reached the door he pushed Ryou roughly away and bolted. No one moved but Bakura, rushing to his lovers aid. The sound of a helicopter flying off was heard by all.

Yugi leaned against Atemu somewhat. Atemu noticed this and examined Yugi carefully. "You've lost a lot of blood." He said. "We have to get you out of here."


Yugi flinched as the wound was cleaned and wrapped. Seto's personal doctor had told him that he had to keep it wrapped and not wear any shoe on that foot. It would heal in a few weeks. Yugi sighed and leaned against the body that was supporting him from behind. He was so tired. Atemu stroked Yugi's cheek lovingly.

Ryou and Bakura walked in. Ryou rushed to Yugi's side and gave him a rib cracking hug. Yugi laughed as Bakura shook his head. He walked over to Yugi and placed his hand on his shoulder. "You did good, kid." He said. "Atemu told me what you did for him. Anzu and I are proud of you. I suppose it is okay if you two are together."

Yugi looked to see Anzu outside. She smiled and nodded at him, then walked off. Yugi looked at Atemu. "Where is she going?"

"To another case. As I will soon." Atemu commented, his eyes downcasted.

Yugi sat up abruptly. "What do you mean? Another case? You mean my new one right?"

Atemu shook his head. "I'm being reassigned. Another set of agents will be taking care of you." He said, his voice hard and unsteady.

"But..." Yugi trailed off. This couldn't be happening. "But I want you. I don't want another set of agents. You did a fine job protecting me. If you leave, I'll never see you again. You can't go!" Yugi cried, tears already spilling down his cheeks. Atemu stroked them away with his finger. "It isn't fair. I want to stay with you!" Yugi exclaimed, clinging tightly to his agent.

Atemu looked down at Yugi, then up at Bakura and Ryou. Bakura gave him an exhausted look. "You have to be kidding me."

Yugi let go of Agent Atemu and looked up. The agent had a look in his eyes. One of those I'm-a-free-spirit-therefore-I-don't-have-to-follow-the-rules look in his eye. Yugi looked over at Ryou and Bakura who were holding tightly to each other. "What?" He asked, wiping his eyes.

Bakura looked down at Atemu. Jou and Seto walked in. "You do realize if you do this, that's it. You'll loose your job. Your money. Your life." Bakura explained. "You'll have to start fresh."

Yugi was confused, however everyone else seemed to know what Bakura meant. "What's going on?" He asked. "What does he mean? Do what?"

Atemu looked down at Yugi again and kissed his forehead. "He's worth it."

Yugi looked over at Ryou, who was beaming at him. Then it hit him. Ryou had run away with Bakura, but that wasn't the rest of the story. Their relationship was forbidden. They both ran off together. And now Atemu... Yugi looked up in the agent's eyes. Tears again leaking from his eyes. Atemu wanted to give everything up for him. Everything. "But...you can't. It's your life." Yugi said.

"You're my life." Atemu corrected, bringing the younger in a tight embrace. "I can start new."

Yugi said nothing. He hadn't loved Atemu so much before. He clung to the agent and smiled. They were running away together. But they didn't have to hide their hearts anymore. Jou and Seto glanced at each other. Seto clear his throat. "Pup and I want you two to stay in contact. If you need money, you got it. Need a place to stay? We'll find you one. Just don't do anything stupid." He smirked and left the room.

"Bye Yug." Jou said, ruffling Yugi's hair. "Write or somethin'."

Yugi waved goodbye and watched the two go. Ryou and Bakura looked at them. "Well, we have no business staying here."

Ryou smiled. "We'll go with you!" He exclaimed, hugging Yugi again.

Bakura yanked him off and dragged him out of the room. "See you two in a bit."

Atemu and Yugi were left alone, still holding onto each other. "You know what Marik said was true don't you?" He asked after a while. "He'll never stop looking for you."

Yugi nodded. "I know. But I have you."

Atemu frowned. "What about your grandfather? Will you miss him?"

"Of course!" Yugi said. "But I would miss you too. He'll understand." Yugi said, remembering how his grandpa told him all good people have a happy ending. He hugged Atemu tighter. "You'll protect me, won't you?"

Atemu tilted Yugi's chin up to look down at him. He gave him a passionate kiss. Then, "With my very heart and soul."


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