Author: I became a big GIJoe Sigma 6 fan & really liked Long Range, so when I wrote up fanfics, I decided to make "my" character his daughter because that's what I felt comfy with. I don't own Long Range, Zartan or Sigma 6.

Codename: Bullseye

Real Name: Selen Rosa Ajedrez

Age: Early twentys

Hair: Sandy brown

Eyes: Golden-brown

Specialty: Marksman, Firearms Expert

Origins: Madrid, Spain

Profile: Young, Bullseye still needs a bit of training to become as good of a marksman as her father Long Range. One of the strongest willed of the Sigma 6 team, she is more than ready to take control of a situtation if need be. But behind that strong will is a lust for revenge that leads her into harsh, but reckless battles with Zartan. A willing shoulder to lean on, this young woman gives a sense of support & stability to the team, while seeking her father's approval. A firearms expert as well as a marksman, she's always customiz-ing her weapons. Armed with a large arsenial, she is truely her father's daughter.

Background: Seperated from Long Range as a child, Bullseye was brought up by her mother Estrella Ajedrez. Adored by everyone who meet her, she had many friends as a child & there was always someone who was willing to babysit her. As a teen, she didn't change much, despite finding a new love in shooting drink bottles with a sling shot. Even though, there was always a small nagging feeling in the back of her mind that told her to go in search of her father. That search pulled her away from Spain & led her to America. There she became part of a special military group that brought together well trained individuals from all over the world, where she studied firearms while becoming a marksman. In that group she met her two partners in crime, so to speak, Grey Wolf & Iron Claw.