End Of All Things Prt 3

Released and Re-Accepted

Author: I had originally heard that Storm Shadow had been brainwashed by Cobra. I don't know if that's true of not, but I went with it. KxJ (I list it cuz they are together now). Only own Bullseye, Grey, Iron Claw, Cobra's new toy & the chip on Storm Shadow's neck.

Jynx's eyes flickered open to look at the figure knealt beside her. It was a ninja in white, her master's brother. "Storm Shadow." she growled. He clamped his hand over her mouth, hazel eyes staring into her own dark eyes.

"Swiftly, before it takes control of me again." he hissed.

"What?" she asked. He turned around and pulled his mask down to reveal the back of his neck. A small chip was there, silver with the Cobra insigna.

"I've managed to take control of myself for a short time. Please Jynx." he begged.

"On one condition. You help me get the power stones and get out of here." she said. He nodded and relaxed as she set a careful hand on his shoulder. "This may or may not hurt." she told him. He cringed as she gently began to work the chip off the back of his neck. With a soft pop, it came free.

"Hi-Tech will love to see that I'm sure and I can apologize for everything I've done." he whispered. Jynx tucked the chip inside her suit, as he pulled her to her feet.

"I'm sorry, if you were hurt at my hand." he said.

She shook her head and said, "I'm worried for sensai."

Storm Shadow sighed, pulled his mask up and whispered, "We should leave."

"Yeah, someone's bound to notice. There's been guards." she told him.

Duke knealt beside Spirit, neither of them aware of where the Cobra members had disappeared to. "Try the Rhyno. I'm going to check on Bullseye." he said. Spirit opened his gauntlet in time to see Hi-Tech appear.

"Perfect timing." the blonde said. Duke was surprised at the sudden appearance of the computer wiz. Quickly Hi-Tech managed to get ahold of everyone but Jynx and Snake Eyes.

"Are you alright?" Grey asked Bullseye.

"I'll be okay." she whispered.

"Everyone okay?" Duke asked.

"Yeah, but all I'm getting from Jynx is static." Hi-Tech said. Komakura leaned beside Bullseye. She forced a smile, attempting to cheer him up a bit.

"What about Snake Eyes?" Long Range asked. Another voice, one very few had heard, cut in over the line.

"I'm hurt but still able to move." Komakura stared at his guantlet in shock.

"What about Jynx?" Scarlett asked.

"The Baroness and Storm Shadow took her. I'm guessing to Cobra's base in the city." he said.

"Can't we track her?" Heavy Duty asked.

"If she's still wearing her guantlet. I'll try to lock onto her signal." Hi-tech said.

"I can find the base." Snake Eyes said.

Bullseye moved her leg, winced and said, "If they took her anywhere it'd be there."

Snake Eyes stepped off his ninja bike as he saw flames leap into the air, almost twenty feet high. An explosion ripped through the air, sending with it shockwaves. He nearly fell to the ground as he noticed a pair of figures on a ninja bike in the air. "Sensai!" Jynx shouted. Storm Shadow landed the bike and she hopped off, clutching a small bag to her chest protectively.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine. Got these, before we set the place up to blow." she said, opening the bag. Inside were the power stones. Storm Shadow stood beside her, deadly quiet.

"Forgive me brother." he whispered.

"All is forgiven, but we need to get to the Rocc and pick up Komakura and Bullseye on the way." he said.

"Bullseye?" he asked. Snake Eyes smiled, but didn't answer and motioned for Jynx not to.

"I will see then." he guessed.

"Yes." they both said, smirking deviously.

Later they all sat in the Rocc. "Well, I'll admit one thing. I'm glad this team came back whole, a few of us are worse for wear. But no causilities were suffered. And we have a new member to welcome or rewelcome." Duke said. Storm Shadow walked in behind him. Everyone but Jynx, Komakura, Snake Eyes and Bullseye stared in shock. Hi-Tech looked at him carefully as he approached.

"Allow me to apologize for what I have done. You will find the ninja bike I stole from you sometime ago safe beside it's twin. Here are the power stones that Cobra had possession of and this." he said, pulling the power stones and the chip from his suit.

"Was this how they were controlling you?" he asked.

"Yes." he said.

"I've seen blue prints of it. But I didn't know they actually created them." he said.

"Overkill can be thanked for that." Storm Shadow told him. Hi-Tech glanced at Duke, who turned to the team.

"So?" he asked. It was unmistakable by the look on their faces that he was to stay. Bullseye pulled her leg up to look at the wound. Storm Shadow left the chip and the stones with Duke and Hi-Tech to go over to her.

"May I ask you something." he said.

"Shoot." she told him.

"Who are you? Snake Eyes and Jynx refused to tell me." he asked.

She glanced up and said, "My code name is Bullseye, I'm a firearms expert and a marksman. My real name is Selen Ajedrez and I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain."

Long Range came up and said, "She's my daughter."

Storm Shadow looked from him to her then said, "The resemblance is striking, both physically and in skill." Her father looked at her with pride shining in his eyes. She blushed dark red, a very hard thing to do with her tan.

Snake Eyes glanced over from where he sat being tended to by Hi-Tech. Jynx sat on his left and Komakura on his right. You're lucky you didn't break any bones." Hi-Tech told him.

"I have the Sigma Suit to thank for that." he told him.

"I did everything I could to make it as tough as possible. So now that we've all heard you talk, are you going to keep wearing the mask?" he asked.

"I don't know if I'll wear it like I have in the past, but perhaps like Komakura wears his." he muttered. Then he turned his attention to his apprentices. "I'm proud of both of you. You were seperated from each other and me. And you still pressed on, few ninjas have managed such a feat." he told them. Jynx blushed red, but it was hard to tell if Komakura did or not.

"Are you alright?" he asked him.

"Yes, I just need sleep." he whispered.

"What happened to the mecha?" Jynx asked.

Tunnel Rat stepped inside and said, "Turn it on H.T. Fir'works 'bout ta star'." Hi-Tech turned the screen onto the still form of the robot. Then it exploded into countless pieces.

"How many explosives did you put?" Bullseye asked.

"About all I coul' carry." he said.

"He blew up something right for once." Snake Eyes whispered as he fell asleep.

Duke held a pair of dogtags in the ninja's face and said, "Welcome back." Storm Shadow nodded and slid them around his neck. Jynx and Komakura smiled and nodded to him. Long Range, who had probably missed him most next to his brother, hugged him

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