Ianto Jones rolled over in his bed, reaching a hand out blindly looking for Jacks warm body, but finding nothing but empty cold sheets. Cracking his dark blue eyes open he scanned the room looking for his lover, not finding him within sight he called out in a gravelly sleep filled voice "Jack?"

That's when heard it, the sound of retching coming from the in suite bathroom. Jumping out of bed, Ianto raced across the room naked, bursting thru the door "Jack? Are you alright? What's wrong?" he asked in a near panic at seeing his Captain getting violently sick in the porcelain commode. Jack just shook his head no, unable to muster the strength to speak at the moment.

Ianto grabbed a cloth and soaked it in cold water from the sink, before pressing it against Jacks face. Jack groaned in appreciation of the cold relief against his overheated face. "What's wrong?" Ianto asked softly as he continued stroking Jacks face with the cloth. Jack whimpered as he clutched at his stomach "Not sure, I'm nauseous, my body aches, and so very tired." he finally managed to reply with another moan. Ianto raised an eyebrow in concern "Your never tired." he stated.

"I know!" Jack answered weakly as Ianto helped him stand up. Wrapping his arms around Jacks waist to support him "Lets get you back in bed, shall we?" Ianto said softly. "Yep" Jack agreed as they slowly made their way back to their king size bed.

Ianto helped Jack get comfy in bed saying "You've probably caught a cold from running after that Weevil the other night in the pouring down rain."

Jack nodded his head in agreement "Just put me out of my misery Yan... then I'll be as good as new again." he groaned as his stomach began to do somersaults again. "JACK HARKNESS!" Ianto stormed "I am not killing you just so you can get over a cold faster. You can just suffer through it like the rest of us mere mortals!" Jack closed his eyes and whispered "Sorry Ianto"

"I'll go get you some orange juice, and call the Hub and let the girls know we're taking the day off." Ianto stated as he ran his fingers thru Jacks soft crown hair. "You just rest Cariad." dropping a kiss on his lover's forehead, Ianto rose to leave the room. Jack grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. As Ianto pulled back, Jack whispered "Thank you Yan!"

"No problem, Sir." smirking a little Ianto ran a hand across his lips "But maybe you could save the Thank you kisses until after you brush your teeth. Sick isn't my favorite flavor on you!" Jack groaned in embarrassment as he buried his head under a pillow. Ianto laughed softly as left the room in search of orange juice.


Ianto woke once again to the sound of retching; it had been the same everyday for the last week. Thankfully the Rift had been quite, so the Tosh and Gwen had been able to handle the Hub on their own. Jack wasn't getting any better, luckily Owen was returning in two more days from a UNIT medical conference in London. Hearing the commode flush in the bathroom, Ianto rose to go check on his lover, when suddenly a wave of nausea hit him. Clutching his stomach and taking deep breaths to try and calm his rolling stomach, but to no avail as he feels the bile rise up his throat. He grabbed the waist basket beside the bed, before losing the contents of his stomach.

Jack finally lifted himself off the cold tile floor of the bathroom, washed his face and brushed his teeth before heading back into the bedroom, only to see Ianto clutching a waste basket to his heaving chest. "Ianto? He asked softly making his way toward the other man. Ianto moaned in pain as he place the basket on the floor before falling backwards on the bed. "Yan, you ok?" Jack asked worriedly as he gingerly crawled into bed beside his partner.

"Ugghhh...Jack you've given me your bloody virus, you bastard!" Ianto answered weakly, his soft Welsh voice gruff, his throat raw from being sick. Jack sighed as he moved to snuggle closer to Ianto "I'm sorry, baby. I knew you shouldn't have been taking care of me." Ianto smiled weakly, resting his head on Jacks shoulder and laying a possessive hand on his chest and replied "I'll always take care of you, for as long as you let me."

Jack smiled in contentment as he wrapped his arms around the younger man and pulled him tighter against himself "I'll call Owen, and tell him to come back now." Jack stated. Ianto sighed as he informed Jack "He'll be pissed."

"He'll get over it, your health is more important than some conference" Jack said firmly, not about to change his mind. Ianto kissed Jacks chest softly at that statement "Thank you, Cariad." Jack dropped a kiss on his forehead, and reached for his phone on the night stand even as he said "See you should've just shot me when I asked, would have saved us both from this stupid cold!" Ianto rolled his eyes even as he said warningly "Jack..."


"Oi, you two look awful!" Owen announced as he walked into the autopsy room. Jack was sitting on the operating table, with Ianto standing beside him "Thanks" Jack said sourly at the Torchwood medic. "Alright mates what seems to be problem that I had to rush back from London for?" Owen asked as he started to examine Jack. Ianto answered for the both of them "Jack woke up a little over a week ago very nauseated, tired and sore. He hasn't been able to eat anything and keep it down except crackers. Then yesterday morning I awoke to the same symptoms except I started to feel a little better by late afternoon, but this morning it was the same sickness again. Jack seems to stay sick the whole day" Ianto explained.

Owen nodded his head in understanding as he began to exam Ianto "Have either of you done anything different in the last couple of weeks?" he asked. Jack shook his head no "Not really, but a few days before I got sick I spent close to three hours in the pouring rain chasing a Weevil."

Owen shook his head in amusement "You brought me all the way back for a common cold?"

"No, I brought you back because you are the team medic and two team members are ill." Jack replied in annoyance. "Just run the tests Owen and make sure we don't have some alien virus, please" Ianto interrupted Jacks tirade.

"Yeah sure, let me get some blood samples from the both of you and I'll run every test I can think of on it." Owen declared pulling out a large needle and moving toward Ianto.


A few hours later a horrified scream was heard from the autopsy area. Gwen and Tosh jumped up and rushed toward the room with guns drawn. Seeing only a stunned Owen sitting on his chair, the girls lowered their weapons. "Owen what's wrong?" Tosh asked softly. Owen blinked at them a moment before finding his voice "Get Jack and Ianto down here now!" Gwen glanced at Tosh in question before taking off to locate their illustrious leader and the quite administrator.

Moments later Jack and Ianto descended into the autopsy bay, leaving a worried Gwen and Tosh on the landing above. "What's going on Owen?" Jack demanded. Owen stood up slowly and waved a piece of paper at the other two men "I've got the lab results back on your blood." he stated. Jack nodded in understanding and asked "So just a common cold right?"

Owen shook his head no. Jack looked at Ianto in confusion for a moment before asking "An alien virus?"

Owen shook his head no again at the two men; this caused Ianto to ask nervously "What is it then?"

Owen gulped and answered skeptically "A parasite!"

Ianto looked at Jack in fear, before asking "Is it serious, Owen?"

This seemed to break Owen out of his shock because he began to yell "Serious? Serious? You've got to be fucking kidding me! Its fucking impossible is what it is!"

Jack grabbed Iantos hand in panic, he might be able to survive anything, but Ianto didn't have that security of immortality "Just spit it out Owen! What kind of parasite are we dealing with?" Jack demanded in a near bellow.

"Parasite? Oh it's human in origin, that's for sure" the medic replied with a smirk before announcing "You're pregnant!"

"What?!" shouted both Ianto and Jack at the same time.

"Pregnant!" Owen said again.

Ianto looked at Jack who had collapsed unto the table behind him "You said you couldn't get pregnant again!"

Jack layed a hand across his stomach "I shouldn't have been able to, I wasn't trying to." he answered softly.

Ianto reached over and layed his hand on top of Jacks and said softly "We're having a baby."

"Mates..." Owen tried to interrupt them.

A slow grin spread across Jacks face, as he looked up at Ianto "I'm having your baby! We're going to be parents!" Ianto grinned leaning down and kissing Jack gently.

"Oi, mates..." Owen tried to interrupt again.

"There's so much we have to do..." Ianto said to Jack as the two started to make plans for their soon to be child. Tosh and Gwen came rushing down the stairs giving both men giant hugs in congratulations.

"LISTEN TO ME!!" Owen finally yelled, causing everyone else to go quite "You didn't understand me fully"

"What's wrong with my baby" Jack asked.

Owen sighed "Nothing is wrong... with either baby..."

The silence was overwhelming until Ianto broke into chuckles "Jack we're having twins!" he said delightedly.

Owen shook his head no as an evil grin spread across his face "No mate, not twins. It means you're pregnant to!"

Jacks baby blue eyes grew extremely wide as he asked in shock "What?"

"You are both pregnant!" Owen replied with a chuckle, before a crash wiped the grin from his face.

Jack jumped in surprise at the sound of the falling body crashing into a small table, and looked down into the fallen face of his pregnant lover, passed out in shock across the Hub floor.

A/N: So what do you think? I've read so many stories of either Jack or Ianto getting pregnant; I thought what would happen if they got each other knocked up at the same time. Hmmmm?? So let me know what you think, Should I continue? Feed back is appreciated!