Jack jumped off the table and knelt next to the fallen form of his lover as Owen rushed forward, and started checking Ianto's vitals "He's alright Jack, it was just the shock that overwhelmed him."

Jack moved to pick Ianto up into his arms, but Owen placed a restraining hand on his shoulder, shaking his head no, "You're pregnant... No more heavy lifting, Captain."

Jack nodded and moved back out of the way to let Owen, Gwen, and Tosh lift the younger man up onto the exam table.

"Oi! Teaboy is heavier than he looks!" The medic grumbled as he struggled to place the taller man on the table.

Moving back to Ianto's side, Jack captured his limp hand in his own. "Why isn't he waking up?"

"Give me a moment," Owen replied while rummaging in a cabinet. "AH HA! Knew I had some!" He declared jubilantly pulling out some smelling salts. He began waving the strong smell under the supine man's nose.

"Come on Yan... Open those gorgeous blue eyes for me." Jack whispered in his lover's ear.

As if on cue Ianto's eyes began to flutter "Jack...?" He groaned weakly, "I've had the strangest dream..."

Jack chuckled softly, "No dream... definitely reality."

Ianto sat straight up a pale hand flying to his stomach. "I'm... pre...preg..." He stuttered not able to get that final word put together.

"PREGNANT!" Shouted Owen in glee, "You've got knocked up by the boss mate, " he began to laugh hysterically, but kept on talking between gasps, "and... you've gone... gone and got... Jack... up the duff too!" Tears of mirth were running down the cockney's face. "Well done Teaboy, didn't know you had it in you!"

"Shut up Owen!" Gwen finally snapped at the doctor, while Tosh glared at him silently.

Jack sat down softly next to Ianto on the table, keeping the Welshman's hand clasped tightly between his own.

"How far along are we then?" Jack asked.

Owen finally calmed down enough to look back at the two clipboards still clasped in his hands reading over the findings of the tests. "The results say you're both at about 9 weeks. It looks like you both got knocked up within a couple days of each other. I would guess from the scans probably within 48 hours of each other." Owen looked up at the two men and gave a huge shit eating grin as he questioned, "Sooooo... What were the two of you doing about 9 weeks ago...? Hmmmmm?"

Jack gulped nervously, looking sideways at Ianto whose eyes widened in sudden remembrance.

Ianto turned a death glare of blue ice on Jack before slapping him across the chest. "You bloody fucking lying cheat!" He stated in a furious voice.

(Flash Back)

"Jack, I don't know about this!" Ianto exclaimed warily as the lift slowly descended into the hub.

"Come on Ianto, it'll be fun." Jack stated with a breath stealing grin.

"For who?" Ianto asked raising a skeptical eyebrow at his immortal lover.

"Both of us!" Jack exclaimed, "We've never played hide and seek like this before!"

"But naked?"

"Well... it's really more like strip hide and seek. Please Ianto..." Jack begged a pout forming across his lips.

"Alright Sir, but no cheating! I want a proper count from you!" Ianto declared.

"Absolutely!" Jack agreed with a devilish smile.

Ianto sighed in defeat, even as he slowly pulled off his ebony tie. Jack's grin got even bigger if possible as he watched the younger man unwind the black silk from around his neck.

"Turn around Jack." Ianto said, putting the tie around Jack's eyes and tying it tight at the back of his head. "Now remember, you have to count to one hundred."


Ianto wrapped his arms around Jack, and placed a soft kiss on the back of his neck before whispering into his ear, "Go."

Jack started to count slowly, "1... 2... 3... 4..."

Ianto shot off into the hub like a bullet, in search of the perfect hiding place. He threw his suit jacket over Tosh's computer terminal as he ran by.

"9... 10... 11..." Jack continued to count in order.

Ianto tossed his dark blood red dress shirt over the autopsy rails as he sped past. His belt went flying and ended up hanging from the sub sonic resonator. His white undershirt landed on the stairs to Jack's office. As he entered the cells he paused a moment to shed his shoes and socks leaving them in an untidy heap in the middle of the hall, before heading for the archives. Ianto knew that Jack would never find him in the myriad of tunnels under the hub that made up his beloved archives.

Jack continued to count properly for awhile, but growing bored he decided to speed it up a bit. "40... 45... 50... 55... 65... 75... 90... 100! Ready or not here I come!" Jack smirked as he pulled the makeshift blindfold from his eyes "Or I will be as soon as I find you." He sang as he took off in a sprint after his lover.

Ianto left his pants pooled at the entrance to the archives, before entering and rushing down dimly lit halls. He went down two levels into the older archives and raced down a corridor only stopping to push open a slightly rusted door that squeaked horribly. "I'll need to fix that tomorrow, " he thought even as he pushed the door closed while stripping his boxers off and hanging them on the outside door knob.

Looking around the storeroom he recalled that it was holding unknown alien artifacts from the 70's. Seeing an empty storage locker in the back corner that was taller than him, "That'll work," he thought as he made his way over to it. Ianto got into it and pulled the door half way closed, so he wouldn't get stuck just in case Jack didn't find him.

Jack, in the mean while, was standing in the center of the hub, turning in circles, trying to figure out where his erstwhile lover could be hiding! A pile of Ianto's clothing was lying at his feet which he had found during his frantic search around the hub. He had already looked in the kitchen, the tourist office, the autopsy bay, Myfanwy's nest, his office, his bedroom, the cells but still no Ianto.

Growing impatient Jack went to Toshiko's desk and pulled up the internal CCTV cameras. Watching closely he followed Ianto's figure running thru the hub, stripping as he went. A devilish smile appeared on Jacks face as he watched Ianto enter the archives leaving his pants at the entrance. "Gotcha now!" Jack growled as he made a beeline to the archives.

Within moments Jack was stuffing Ianto's boxers in his pocket while pulling open the heavy door to the storeroom; peering into the darkness he tried to locate Ianto. Not seeing him, he moved slowly into the room taking stock of his surroundings as he began searching for his lover.

Ianto held his breath as he heard the door squeak open, leaning forward slightly he could look through the crack he had left with the door.

He saw Jack slowly making his way carefully into the room. "Damn!" Ianto thought. "He'll find me in seconds."

Upon seeing the storage locker in the corner, Jack smiled evilly in anticipation. He knew Ianto had to be hiding in there; it was the only thing in the room big enough for him hide in. Jack was almost to it when he tripped over a small box on the floor; he went tumbling into the locker and heard the click as the door slammed shut.

Ianto jumped in panic as he felt Jack crash into his hiding space, and heard the ominous click of the door sealing shut, trapping him inside.

"Jack!" he yelled and banged loudly on the door "Jack open the door!" he started to bang on the door again when whatever his hand hit gave under the pressure and started beeping at him. Flashing lights in yellow and blue started sweeping up and down the walls in an ever increasing speed and pattern.

Jack stepped back in alarm as the locker in front of him started humming and shaking.

"IANTO!!" He screamed in panic trying to rip the metal doors off its hinges with his bare hands. "IANTO!!"

A scream erupted from inside the box, causing Jack to lose control and start kicking at the door with his feet, trying to break it down in his panic. Within moments from when it had started, everything became still and deathly quiet; with a slight hiss the door unlocked and popped open slightly. Jack stood back in fear of what he might find inside.

"Ianto?" He called softly.

Ianto stumbled out the open door a hand pressed against his eyes in pain "Jack…?" He said softly. "I don't feel so good…. Something's wrong"

Ianto lifted his head to look at the other man; saw Jack's eyes widen and his mouth gape open like a fish. "Jack? What's wrong?"

Jack snapped his jaw shut and pointed at Ianto in surprise. "Ianto!"


"Yo…you… you… are..."Jack stammered.

"What?" Ianto said as he finally looked down at himself, he blinked repeatedly for a moment before his brain finally comprehended what it was seeing, and then a blood curdling scream erupted from his mouth. Cutting off his horrified scream moments after it had begun, Ianto's horrified blue eyes locked with Jack's even more stunned eyes. "I've got breast's!!"

"Yep…" Jack grin lecherously at them, "And very nice ones at that!"


"What? It's true, you're gorgeous Yan!" Jack replied as he ran an appraising look over the other man now turned woman.

Long thick ebony hair flowed down over delicate rounded shoulders before ending in soft curls around perk bountiful breasts, a narrow waist, with a scrumptious ass, and long, long legs. Jacks eyes drifted slowly back up to Ianto's beautiful elfin face; the only thing that remained the same was those blue eyes that Jack adored so much. "Gorgeous," he repeated softly.

Ianto blushed at the appraisal and the compliment, "But Jack.... I'm a woman!"

"Hang on...." Jack moved toward the metal box that Ianto had emerged from, looking it over to try and find out what it was and where it came from. Coming to the back of the box Jack sighed in relief as he found instructions to the machine.

"What is it?" Ianto asked looking at Jack from the other side.

"Sex toy, Yan." Jack replied with a grin. "A very, very good one too."

"What?" The blushing woman/man asked in dismay.

"It's a G.A.S. machine."

"A gas machine?!" Ianto exclaimed in a panic.

Jack chuckled at his lovers face. "Not gas, G-A-S it stands for Genetic Altering System. It's mainly used by couples who want to see how their significant other reacts and feels when they make love to each other. It was highly popular in the 49th century; I think their slogan was something like 'for bringing the fun back into monogamous relationships' had a jingle and everything."

"I'm a bloody woman, Jack!" Ianto whined.

Jack stalked forward and wrapped an arm around the small waist, pulling Ianto in tight against his body; he raised his other hand up to softly cup the small pale face.

"Maybe for now, but your still my Ianto." Jack whispered as he captured Ianto's soft, red lips in a heart melting kiss full of passion.

Ianto moaned in pleasure at the new feelings running rampant through his body, setting nerve endings on fire. Breaking the kiss Ianto looked up into Jack's passion blown eyes. "Will I turn back?" He asked in a near pant.

"Yep." Jack replied as he peppered kisses over Ianto's face, "Should turn back within 24hours."

"Any….any side effects?" Ianto gasped out between kisses.


"You sure?" Ianto asked, as Jack began to suck gently on his neck.

"Yan, it should have no lasting effects on your body after you reset."

Ianto nodded even as he wrapped his arms tighter around Jack's neck and stood on his toes to whisper in his ear, "Want to try out my new body?" Before pulling the lobe into his mouth and gently sucking on it.

"Yes Please!" Jack groaned in pleasure, before sweeping Ianto's new feminine form up into his arms and carrying him off to his bed.

(End Flash Back)

"No lasting affects, you said." Ianto looked accusingly at Jack. "Don't worry Yan, it's just a sex toy you said!."

Jack looked sheepishly over at his lover "Ummmm….. I made a mistake.... sorry."

"Mistake? Sorry?" Ianto repeated in disbelief. "I'm fucking pregnant Jack!"

Leaning forward to steal a kiss from the younger man, Jack grinned and replied smugly "Me too!"

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