The Cabin

This is another story I started before the finale aired. Hope you like it.

The Cabin

It had been five weeks since Sam had been admitted to the hospital. It had been touch and go for awhile but Sam had pulled through and was now out of danger. The weeks had taken their toll on Dean who looked tired and worried as he sat in the doctor's office signing the form that would release his younger brother from the hospital. He hoped it wasn't too soon. Sam had said little since he was brought in but the doctor said that after all he went through that was to be expected.

"I'm sure I don't need to tell you that your brother is very lucky." The doctor said to Dean. "We almost lost him a few times and it's a miracle he pulled through. But I need to warn you that he could have post traumatic stress disorder. I've seen cases like this before from soldiers who were imprisoned in war camps and tortured. It's no different with your brother. His injuries will heal but the mental abuse he suffered will take time to heal."

"What about his eyes doc?...Will he get his sight back?"

Five weeks earlier

The brothers had been investigating the case of a sadistic Nazi doctor whose spirit had possessed a man in Wyoming. The spirit had been kidnapping men and women and had performed medical experiments on them that usually left them dead or close to it. Dean and Sam had been investigating different leads at the time Sam had been taken. He had been missing for a week before Dean finally tracked him down in the basement of an old run down apartment building. He had found his brother huddled in the corner of the basement shivering from both pain and fear. The doctor had chemically blinded him then had tortured him day after day. Even Dean's touch had caused him to pull away in fear of more pain. When Dean found him all of his fingers on his right hand had been broken, he had three broken ribs, and had been sliced up with a knife. But it was the internal injuries that the doctors had been worried about. They had removed his damaged spleen to stop the bleeding and now there was nothing else they could do for him except release him and let him heal away from the hospital.

Present time

"His ribs and internal organs have been healing nicely and with time we think his eyes will heal." The doctor answered Dean's question. "But for now he needs to put drops in his eyes every two hours. I've taken the bandages off but he should wear sunglasses when he's outside and it wouldn't hurt for him to wear them inside either. We want the air to help in the healing but we don't want any dirt or dust to get in them. Everything will be blurry at first but with time your brother should get his full sight back. I want to see him back here in a week. We may have to laser off some of the scar tissue on his eyes but I'm pretty confident that his sight should return to normal in a week or two." The doctor looked at Dean. "Your brother has been through hell. The isolation, the torture, the helpless feeling once he had been blinded has taken a toll on him mentally. The best thing you can do for him is to take him some place he'd feel safe, some place quiet where he'll get a chance to heal both physically and mentally."

"I already have a place lined up doc."

Dean had talked to Bobby after Sam had been hurt and he had given him the location of a friend's cabin near a lake in Wyoming that they could stay at. The place was isolated and would be just the place for Sam to rest and heal up.

Sam's hospital room

Sam sat on his bed buttoning his shirt. He was scared. He couldn't see, he was still in pain, and now he was leaving the safety of the hospital. He blinked back the tears that threatened to run down his face. He didn't want his brother to see how really scared he was. But Dean had been standing at the door for the last few seconds and could see the fear and pain on his brother's face. He could also see the bruises on Sam's face and arms that hadn't quite gone away yet. He took a deep breath and walked into the room

"I'm finally breaking you out of here today." He said trying to sound cheerful but in truth he was anything but. Dean knew Sam was used to doing things for himself and for him to now have to depend totally on him was going to be hard on his brother. "Doc says you should get your eyesight back, it'll just take a little time."

"How long?"

"He wasn't sure. It could come back overnight or…"

"How long Dean?"

"He wasn't sure Sam."

"So what do we do now? How are you going to hunt having to drag along a cripple?"

"It's only temporary Sam. Bobby has a friend who has a cabin a couple of hours from here. I figure we can camp out there for a week it'll do you good and it'll be nice taking it easy for awhile."

Sam gave a little sarcastic laugh.

"You…take it easy? It would kill you to take it easy. I'm going to hold you back and you know that as much as I do. I don't want that. I want you to drop me off at the local shelter, and then I want you to leave and get on with your life. When I get better I'll catch up with you."

"I'm not dropping you off anywhere Sam. We're family, families stick together." Dean was surprised that Sam had said more then just a few words. This was the first time in five weeks he actually said more then just a sentence or two. He hoped it was a good sign and that Sam was mentally getting better and wasn't still all wrapped up reliving the torture he went through.

"I'm not going to be a burden to you Dean! I don't want that!" Sam suddenly blurted out.

You're my brother Sam….you'd never be a burden to me. Dean thought to himself as his eyes filled with tears. He wanted to reach over and hug his brother and hold him tight and show him how much he meant to him and how glad he was that he was still with him, but he knew he could never do that. The thought of showing Sam how he really felt mortified him. So instead he said. "I don't want to hear any crap from you Sam. You're coming with me and that's that." He grabbed the bag he had packed for Sam earlier then waited for the nurse who helped Sam to a wheelchair then followed them out the door and toward the exit.