The Cabin

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The Cabin

Chapter sixteen

"Sammy!" Dean screamed as he ran to his brother. He gently picked him up and cradled him in his arms as the blood on his brother sank into his clothes. "Oh God Sam!" Dean knew with the amount of blood on Sam there would be no way to save him.

"Dean?" Sam slowly opened his eyes, but with his eyesight still blurry he couldn't see the worry and pain in his brother's eyes. "What…what happened?"

"You're going to be okay Sam…you're going to be fine." Dean said trying to comfort his brother. He gave him a gentle hug then carefully lowered him back to the porch. He knew there was nothing he could do for Sam and as much as he wanted to stay with him and comfort him he knew he had to deal with the three men inside. He had to make them pay for hurting his brother. Hate and rage filled him …. he wanted to kill them with his bare hands.

Dean threw open the door and went inside.

A few minutes earlier

Sam was pushed into the cabin and up against a wall.

"Now I'm going to cut you boy…I'm going to cut you real good." Joshua pressed the blade of a knife against Sam's throat. It was the last thing he did.

Sam totally flipped out. He thought he saw the Nazi's spirit standing in front of him smiling and he knew he couldn't go through that torture again. He grabbed the knife by the blade putting a deep gash in his hand as he twisted it out of Joshua's hand then plunged it into his chest. Joshua cried out in pain as Sam pushed the knife upward shoving it deep into his heart. He was dead before he even hit the ground. Going on sound alone Sam found the other two men. … They didn't stand a chance. He swung the knife in an arc cutting them both across their throats in a single sweep. Blood squirted everywhere. The men stumbled around the room clutching their throats as they gagged on the blood. Sam stood in the middle of the room breathing heavy as he listened to the gurgling sounds of the men as they died. Then there was silence and Sam suddenly awoke as if from a dream. He had no idea where he was or what had happened. His first and only thought was to find his brother. He stumbled out onto the porch and went down hard. The next thing he knew Dean was holding him in his arms.

The cabin

Dean stood near the door looking in horror at the blood covered room. He didn't have to check, it was obvious that all the men were dead. Something inside his brother had snapped and Sam had killed them all. He walked over to Joshua and removed the wallet he had taken from him from his pocket. He wiped the blood off on his pants then walked back out onto the porch and looked down at his baby brother who seemed uninjured except for a deep cut on the palm of his hand. Most of the blood on him belonged to the men.

"Dean? Dean what's going on?" Sam asked trying to remember what had happened and how he had ended up lying on the porch.

It was obvious he didn't remember the carnage a few feet away.

"It's okay Sam….Let me take a look at that hand and I'll explain everything." Dean reassured his brother.


Dean bandaged Sam's hand then made him change his clothes telling him they were bloody from his cut hand, he changed his as well. He then told Sam that they had been drinking earlier and Sam must have fallen and cut his hand before passing out. Sam had no reason to doubt Dean, and then later when Sam fell into an exhausted sleep Dean went to work. First he drug the three men down to the lake and buried them along with his and Sam's bloody clothing. He had done a good job. Just looking at the area you would never know three bodies lay buried beneath the ground. Now all he could do was hope Sam never remembered what had happened. He then took the slit tires off of the Impala and put the men's car's tires on, they were worn and not a perfect fit but at least they'd get them out of there. Soon after Dean had finished with his chores Sam woke up and now sat on the porch oblivious to what had happened. Dean walked over to his brother who looked up at him with a confused look on his face.

"What's going on Dean?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you in such a rush to get out of here?"

Sam remembered Dean telling him before he fell asleep that he wanted to leave as soon as he woke up.

"Because I'm bored."

"Bored? We just got here, how can you be bored already?"

"There's nothing to do."

"I thought you said you wanted to relax and enjoy the quiet." Sam looked up at Dean whose face still remained behind a blurry haze. "Oh I get it; there aren't any girls here, that's why you want to go."

"Well it is kind of lonely….and I can only look at your face for so long." Dean gave a little laugh.

Sam held up the hand that Dean had bandaged.

"It's funny; I can't believe I don't remember cutting my hand."

"That'll teach you to drink too much." Dean was glad Sam appeared to have no memory of the events that had taken place. "I already packed our stuff, you ready?"

"What about the car? We can't leave with the tires slit."

"When you were getting your beauty sleep I tried the phone again, this time I got a signal. I had a garage send someone out with new tires."

"I slept through all that?"

"Yep, like a baby."

"Well then yeah… I guess I'm ready…if you're sure you really want to go."

"I'm sure." Dean couldn't wait to put the area and what it held beneath it behind him.

Dean helped Sam to the car then drove partway up the road and stopped. He made an excuse that he had forgotten something and went back to the cabin. Once there he poured the gas he had siphoned earlier from the men's car around the cabin. He lit a match then hesitated for a second. He felt bad having to burn down Bobby's friend's cabin but he had no choice, the cabin was covered in blood and there was no way he could clean it or rid it of their fingerprints. The cabin was probably insured and he'd apologize to Bobby later, he'd understand. He dropped the match then ran back to the car and jumped in. He drove as quickly as he could up the rutted road, glad that Sam's eyes hadn't healed yet and that he couldn't see the flames behind him and question him about it.

One week later

Dean had taken Sam to a small town near the hospital and spent the rest of the week in a motel room resting and waiting for Sam's eyes to heal. Each day his eyesight grew clearer and at the end of the week Dean took him back to the hospital. The doctor was pleased with the way he was progressing and only had to use the laser to remove a small bit of scar tissue that remained. Sam's sight was almost completely restored and he was released with a promise that his sight would soon be one hundred percent back to the normal within the week. With his eyesight back Sam seemed to have put the Nazi's torture behind him and appeared to be his old self and they were once more off looking for their next hunt. Sam never questioned his brother about their hasty departure from the cabin or asked if he had found out who had slit the tires, and Dean swore he'd never tell him what had happened there. Right now the only thing that mattered to Dean was that his brother appeared to be back to normal and was safe, and really to him that was all that ever mattered.

The End