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Evening Star

"We will be arriving in the Tokyo station in approximately ten minutes." A voice said over the PA system. Anna and Mitsuki hardly noticed, engrossed in their conversation.

"I thought Rockapella stopped touring a few years ago." Mitsuki said "I only heard CDs that came out recently."

"The guy I asked said they were in town this weekend. I believe him because I got such a good deal." Anna replied beaming.

"Rockapella is certainly not touring anymore!" the man behind the ticket desk shouted at them. "I won't tell you that again, now go away!" he shut the curtain and left Anna to stand there with her eyes tearing up.

"Bu- but I paid thirty-seven hundred yen each for these tickets." She bawled, dropping to her knees. The man behind the curtain simply ignored her plight. Anna picked herself up and walked back to Mitsuki. She gave her a look like a sad puppy and hugged her. Mitsuki patted her head.

"There, there. Things we'll be okay. How about we go out for karaoke instead?" she said smiling. Anna brushed away the tears, sniffed, and nodded her head. Mitsuki took Anna's hand and they walked off together.

Izumi swept the floor in the foyer. How was this fair? Mitsuki and Anna go out on a date and she's stuck with all the work. "That jerk Yoshitaka mustn't have changed at all" she thought to herself, but there she felt no real anger towards him. "What are you Izumi, some kind of softie? Perverted men are horrible nasty people. Just like dad…"

Izumi stopped. "Is this why I hate him? Because of my father? Is it because he loved me as more than a daughter?" she thought. Somewhere in the world, Mr. Sawatari shed a tear. Izumi decided it was true, but there was still an empty feeling to the resolution.

She walked up the stairs to Yoshitaka's room and cracked the door ajar. She peaked inside the room, which was dimly lit. She could make him out at his desk scribbling something on a piece of paper, mumbling to himself. "Now what could he be up to?"

Mitsuki and Anna were standing in front of a large building. The words "Hotel" glowed red and cast it's light on Anna's face. Althought it hardly matered, as her face already had become bright red. "A hotel?" she thought, "But I don't know if I'm ready for this yet". She glanced over at her companion, who simply giggled and said "Won't this be fun? I've always wanted to do it here" and grinned. Anna smiled weakly, and passed out.

Izumi was once again sweeping in the foyer, although this time decidedly more nervous. Her motions were sharp and agitated. "That nasty pervert is designing more revealing outfits. He's a big jerk and a liar." She mused angrily to herself. "I'll go give him a piece of my mind! That jerk deserves years of torture to pay for this."

Izumi stormed back up the step and kicked in the young master's door. He whipped around and stared blankly as Izumi rushed him and hit him in the face. "That's what you get, you stupid pervert!" she shouted. Tears welled up in her eyes as Yoshitaka pulled himself up. He rubbed his face and turned to her.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he said angrily.

"You know damn well, you hentai! You're stupid perverted clothes!"

"What? You mean this design." He said grabbing the paper, shoving it in Izumi's face. She looked it over. As she did her eyes widened and the color left her face. "I- I'm sor-" she started, but the boy cut her off.

"Get out. Now."

Anna's eyes fluttered open. "Where… where am I?" she muttered. She looked around the room. Even though her eyes were not completely in focus, she realized she was inside the hotel. Her eyes passed over the figure of Mitsuki. "Oh Misuki. Hello." She said smiling, but that simile broke "Wait, how did I get in here?" she asked.

"Oh, you fainted in front of the building for some reason and I brought you in here. Don't make me worry like that!" she said, crossing her arms. "Well are you ready now?" she asked her partner.

Anna winced and yelled "No! I'm not ready for that yet! We should wait longer before we do some thing like this!"

"But I thought you liked karaoke?"

Izumi sat in the parlor with her head hung low. She couldn't believe it. "He made a normal design or once. It was perfect, and beautiful, and all I could do was mistrust him." She frowned. Why couldn't she ever see the good in people? Why couldn't she just believe for once?

Footsteps resounded in the hallway. "Hey, can I talk to you or are going deck me again?" Yoshitaka said sarcastically, leaning in the doorway. Izumi continued wallowing her shame. "Look", he said, "I'm not here to pile on more, but I do have one thing to say. You've got to stop being so hardhearted."

Izumi looked at him with a puzzled look. Yoshitaka sighed, "You don't understand. If you don't open up to more people, you're going to drive everyone away from you. Even if it's not to me, you won't be able to ever trust someone you 'love'. And then, that's not even love."

Izumi stood up quickly "Who are you to talk about love? Who are you to tell me to stop being hardhearted. Maybe I just don't want to be hurt. Not ever again." Izumi's voice trailed off on the last few words. She walked slowly out of the room as Yoshitaka watched her from the doorway.

As he stared, his cell phone rang. He reached into his pocket and flipped it open. "Yoshitaka here." He said casually.

"Hi Master!" the voice said on the other side. It was Mitsuki's. "Anna and I won't be returning tonight, so do whatever you want with Onee-chan. Make me an aunt!" she giggled and hung up.

Yoshitaka stood still for a moment, silent. "Wait, what?!"


Anna and Mitsuki have come to be closer. Is this a real love? Is Izumi regretting her personal vow? Is Yoshitaka really renouncing his perverted ways? What will happen this night? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Door into Summer!


Man, another short chapter. Oh well, at least I feel better about the content in it. I hope you've enjoyed reading it.