Challenge from awin-chan. Yeah, okay, so it took me like, two weeks, but I finally wrote it. XD

Uh, Triple Shi Pair…you need to thank awin-chan for this, because she noted the fact of Shinji's 'Shi' and Shishido's 'Shishi'. XDDDDD. So, Triple the Shi!

"So, today, my teacher told me I was mixing the chemicals in the wrong order in Chemistry class. I mean, it's just mixing chemicals, why does it have to be in a certain order? It's not like the test tube was complaining or anything, and nothing went wrong after that anyway. The teacher's just too picky. Yesterday she told me I wasn't wearing my uniform properly and when I asked her why, she said that I didn't button up my shirt correctly. She's too picky. Picky people are hard to deal with, and they complain about everything too much-"

"Why am I here, again?" Shishido asked, interrupting Ibu who was currently in the middle of a long, long rant. Am I here just so you can rant at me?"

"No, of course not. And if you remember correctly, it was you who invited me to have tea with you in the first place. Which reminds me, why tea? We could've had ice cream instead; it's too hot out for tea, and the poor tables are suffering from too much heat from the cups. Well, perhaps having tea in the middle of the summer is a good thing too, but it's way too hot. Does your family prefer tea in the summer? I'd rather have my tea in the winter, personally. That way I don't get too uncomfortable with the heat. Oh, that reminds me, a girl in my class was complaining about the heat today in the classroom. I don't seem to know why she didn't complain before. Perhaps she had the misfortune of breaking up with her current boyfriend-"

"Uh, do people usually complain when they have relationship problems?" Shishido asked him.

"Well, people do seem to get irritable when their relationships go awry," Ibu said. "It's not uncommon. When people get irritable, the perhaps complain a lot-"

"By the way," Shishido interrupted again. "We're having tea because I just feel like it for some reason. And why are you so chatty today?"

"I'm always talking like this. Someone from another class started complaining about it the other day; saying how I was annoying and-"

"You're not annoying," Shishido put in, crossing his arms. "Okay, yeah, you rant a lot, and sometimes you don't make sense, but it's not annoying. And he can block out the sound from his ears anyway if he thinks it's annoying."

"Most people would think ranting would be annoying,'' Ibu noted.

"But ranting means that you're saying whatever it is that's on your mind," Shishido explained. "I kind of like that. It means you're not hiding anything, you know?"

And it was true. He really did like it. No matter what the situation, even though Shishido Ryo wasn't a patient guy, he'd still listen to Shinji's rants, regardless of how stupid they were.

Well. Most of the time.


"It's four in the fucking morning, why the hell are you calling me?!" Shishido grumbled into the phone, still drowsy.

"I felt like complaining about my lack of sleep tonight. Well, you can call it day too, it's already five in the morning…" Ibu droned on and on, not stopping until he heard a click!

Ibu frowned distastefully. "He hung up on me."

Even though Shishido wouldn't always listen to his rants, Ibu still appreciated the fact that the boy listened most of the time.

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