Title: Something Unexpected
Ship: Ron/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: It never did that, before… helmetfest2008
Word Count: 200
Warning: Rimming, PWP
A/N: I don't know why this came to me, I'm not crazy over rimming… I read and enjoy it, but it's not really one of my kinks. However, with so little time to write recently, I was worried that I was going to be late with this one… so as soon as this little PWP idea came to me I had to write it down. It's not great, but it'll do so that I can stop stressing over it! Now I officially don't have any deadlines to write to!

Harry yelped as he felt something unexpected, something soft and hot and wet – definitely not a finger – make its way slowly upwards from his balls to his arse. Harry whimpered as Ron held his cheeks apart, and stroked his tongue across the hole a few times, wiggling the tip inside for a second.

"Is this… okay?" Ron whispered, his voice husky and shaking as he smoothed a hand across the back of Harry's thigh. Harry shivered as he felt warm breath ghost over the now-wet opening.

Is it okay? Harry thought.

He was very fond of Ron's tongue.

He liked it in his mouth, running along his own, sharing the taste of his own come after Ron had just given him a blowjob.

He liked it on his nipples, the gentle licks coaxing them to rock hard peaks.

He liked it on his cock, running around the head, pressing into the slit at the tip.

It was just, well… it had never done that, before.

But really, it was Ron's tongue, and it had been everywhere else… why should this be any different?

"Yeah," he said, turning to look at an anxious looking Ron over his shoulder. "Yeah, it's good."