Ello fanfiction mutants of all ages

Ello fanfiction mutants of all ages! If you be reading this then you must be warned of the chapter coming up. This story was created by me, the owner of this fanfiction account, and a friend of mine. We both don't own Naruto thought we both wish we did! There is a third creator of this story and that would be my laptop…

LT- Yes, yes I am the thing that was used to put this (censored) on the Internet. Bow down to my wonder and stupendous…

As you have seen he is a sadistic (censored) and likes to brag a lot!! You people should also know that this story is really random and when I, my name is Lenella in this fic, or my friend, Otoharetsu or Oto as I call her, I can guaranty it will be random as (censored).

After you have read this if you find yourself thinking rockets go meow or iguanas go moo then that is because your mind has been messed up from the extreme randomness of this fic. Me and my friend act like this on a regular basis, we have both tried to get help but the docs tell us we are hopeless cases. Also, if we go to a nut house, they just send us back in a week's time saying we are too insane. Oh well, the search for help will continue.

Here are all the new names for the character, in A-Z order

Naruto – Na-retard

Sasuke – Sauced-gay

Sakura – Sock-a-rot

Hinata – Piñata

Kiba – Kibbles

Akamaru - & bits

Shino – Ya-no

TenTen – One-Two

Rock Lee - Rocky

Neji - Weji

Ino – I-no

Shikamaru – Shit-tomorrow

Choji - Choki

Gaara - Gary

Tamari - Tarry

K-man (Gaara's brother…Do you know his name?) – Cave man

Konohamaru – Mr. Itchy (someone please tell me the name of this kids teammates!!)

Kakashi - Dweebmister

Gai - Gone

Anko - Ankle

Karin (Hinata's sensei…Spelling please?) – Kanteen

Iruka – I-reek

Ibiki - Sunshine

Orochimaru – Kiss-tomorrow

Tsunade - Tsunami

Jiraiya – Ja-pay-ya

Packo (Kakashi's summons) - Tacko

Kuuybi - same

Akaski leader – Lead eater

Itachi - Atari

Kisame – Kiss-me

Deidara – Die-Dora

Tobi – Tub Sock

Yodamine (Minato) – You-dummy (Minty)

Sasori - Soapy

Konoha - Aloha

Sand - Band

Haku - Achoo

Demon of the mist (Name anyone?) – he has no name except…..the nun