Tak: King of the Jungle?

Chapter 1: Greeting the Friendly Natives

It was quite an average day for George, King of the Jungle on his usual route on patrol to find any animal in need. As George swing one vine, to the next, he immediately headed for a tree branch to rest. George's friend, Ape was also right behind him and he was curious to know why George had stopped.

"George, why did we stop going on patrol?" asked Ape.

"Look Ape" replied George as he pointed to a village, "George has never seen any village like this up in close and personal."

"George, I would like to advise you, that the village in question is known as the Pupununu village" replied Ape.

"And what's so bad about that for George?" asked George.

"Well, one thing is we animals of the jungle tend to avoid the village because it attracts bad luck" replied Ape.

"Bad luck, a village can't be bad luck to George, silly Ape" replied George, "George will go down there and introduce himself as King of the Jungle, after all, I'm suppose to know everyone here in the jungle."

"Oh, I got a bad feeling where this could be heading" sighed Ape as he shook his head while George took a vine and swung right down.

Meanwhile, back in the Pupununu village, the Chief was preparing his annual feast where members of the tribe were gathering various. Poor Tak was given the choir, i.e. all of Lok's choirs to do most of the work. Such as gathering wood for the fire for the feast, along with also carrying the corpus of the animal itself which was quite a heavy deceased warthog.

"That's right Tak, put some muscle into it" said Lok as he was "helping" poor Tak out.

"Shouldn't you be doing this?" asked Tak as he was carrying the deceased warthog on a large plate heading toward a lit fire.

"I would, but the Lok can not get so close to something like that" replied Lok.

"So let me guess, you're afraid of things that are not living?" asked Tak as he struggled with the heavy load.

"Precisely, that's why the Lok has you do it" replied Lok.

"Tak, what's taking you so long to load up the pig corpse onto the fire?" asked the Chief.

"This wasn't part of any of mine choirs!" cried Tak to which the weight of the deceased warthog was taking its toll on poor Tak.

"George will help you, make that roast!" cried an unfamiliar voice.

Suddenly, a man holding a vine came right into the scene. He grabbed the deceased warthog and placed it right on the fire pit. The Chief was quite impressed with his entrance, along with other members of the tribe whom were curious about this stranger.

"Stranger, please tell me what is your name?" asked the Chief.

"I'm known as George, King of the Jungle around these parts" replied George as he landed right onto the ground.

"Wait a second, you mean you're king of the entire jungle that surrounds this village?" asked the Chief who never heard of any title of king being attached to someone like George.

"Yes, it's George's responsibility to get to know everyone here in the jungle" replied George.

"Now there's somebody you can learn from, in not being a wimp" laughed Lok at poor Tak.

"Please, King George" said the Chief as he pulled George to his side, "please stay with us for a feast, we would be most welcome that you will be our honored guess."

"Oh, can George invite a few friends over?" asked George to the Chief.

"I don't see why not, any friend of the King of the Jungle, is a friend to the Pupununu tribe" replied the Chief.

"Okay then, just let George call in Shep and he'll bring in all of George's friends" said George.

Before the Chief could send George into his hut, George let out a loud yell throughout the jungle. This also got the attention of Ape who was worried on where George could have gone to.

"Oh no, I know that yell anywhere, either George is in trouble or he's calling for his pet elephant Shep!" cried Ape.

As the primate turned around, he noticed far off from where they came, birds began to leave, and other animals began to scatter. He could hear Ursula, her father, Magnolia and her father being taken by Shep to head where George was located. The elephant then got closer, right where poor Ape was, and the elephant simply grabbed Ape from his position and placed him on his back.

"Ape, where's Shep taking us?" asked Ursula.

"George met a tribe known as the Pupununu" replied Ape, "I warned that these Pupununu people always attract bad luck, and we're heading straight for them!"

"Tookie, Tookie!" cried Tookie Tookie Bird, whom flew right in following Shep.

"Well, let's hope these new friends of George don't happen to be cannibals" said Dr. Scott, "after all, you don't want to end up in a situation like last week."

"I told you, they'll have left us alone if you didn't disrupt their ceremony!" cried the Witch Doctor.

"How should I have known that they would sacrifice anyone who 'violates' their sacred ceremony to their so-called god?" asked Dr. Scott.

"Would you two please two arguing, we're almost there!" cried Magnolia.

Suddenly Shep came right out of a clearing, and nearly tripped over a log. The elephant halted just in the nick of time, yet he sent Ursula, Magnolia, Dr. Scott, Ape and the Witch Doctor all flying off his back and right into some mud. As Dr. Scott woke up from his ordeal, members of the Pupununu tribe began to gather around the four strangers to their village.

"Ah, don't eat me!" cried Dr. Scott as he woke up and noticed the Pupununu villager in the mask.

"Sorry, you have to excuse my friend over here, he really has a negative stereotype of you folks" replied the Witch Doctor who got up and dusted himself off.

"I do not have any bias whatsoever" replied Dr. Scott as he turned around in a huff.

"Ah, so you must be George's friends" said the Chief who came into the scene with George, "welcome to our humble Pupununu village, you four can stay as long as you like."

"See" said George to Dr. Scott, "George says they're friendly, they won't eat us."

"But of course not" added the Chief, "the only thing we have a taste for is for animals, not people."

All Dr. Scott's response was a simple fainting right back in the mud he got himself out. Yet as George and his friends were preparing to join the Pupununu people for a feast, Ape had an unsettling reason why he and his fellow animals of the jungle would not dare set foot in this village, ever.