Chapter 6: One Big Problem

While Ape was trying to find a way on how to show Tak and Jeera, Mitch's true colors, when suddenly outside, the Earth began to shake as if there were some sort of an earthquake.

"What the heck is going on?!" cried Mitch who managed to get up.

"Hey, you said you were sick!" cried Jeera as she noticed what fraud Mitch was.

"Er, come on guys" replied Mitch, "I was er, just pulling your leg, that's all you can all take a joke, right?"

"I think we got bigger problems to deal with" said Ape as he guided Tak and Jeera outside Mitch's temple residence.

As the three raced outside, Tak was shocked to see quite a large Slob carrying poor Lok on her shoulder along with Chief Zogsnob who was trying to desperately find his way down.

"Tak, buddy, how have you been?" asked Lok.

"What the heck happen here?" asked Tak.

"Your friend George decided to have a little fun with that Juju staff, now please, get me down here, please!" begged Zogsnob, "I just want to get off his monster here!"

"Quickly" said Ape as he gave Tak a vine, "you must keep on swinging until you reach the shoulders of that giant."

"You mean Slob?" asked Tak.

"Yeah" replied Ape.

Tak then grabbed the vine, and then began to swing up toward Slob's shoulders where he carefully landed right on the shoulder which Zogsnob was on.

"Oh, thank you, thank you" said Zogsnob as he kneeled before Tak, "I'll do whatever you want, just anything."

"How about when I become the protector of Juju again" said Tak, "you promise not to embarrass my tribe?"

"Alright, fine" replied Zogsnob who was a bit disappointed.

Zogsnob then grabs the vine and then attempts to hold on the vine, heading straight toward the entrance of Mitch's temple.

"Hey, why are you guys not paying attention to me–" before Mitch could finish his sentence, Zogsnob came crashing right into the poor marmoset, sending both of them tumbling right into the temple crashing right into the wall, "are you happy now, now I have to clean up all of this stuff!"

Meanwhile, back outside, Slob continued on her path, not noticing that she was the cause of many animals below, on the jungle floor quite a panic. Animals scattered left and right, and poor Tak was still on Slob's shoulder trying to find a way off of it.

"Tak, it's no use buddy, it's a long way down" said Lok as he noticed how far, the fall would be from Slob's other shoulder.

"Well, we got to do something, hey how about the local Witch Doctor?" suggested Tak, "He might have something to help shrink Slob."

Tak immediately then began to climb toward into the ear of Slob. As he managed to climb right into it, in the effort to help guide her toward the Witch Doctor he noticed that Slob wasn't keeping it clean and stepped in some yucky gunk.

"Yuck, ear wax!" cried Tak.

"Did you say something Lok?" asked Slob as she stopped walking and grabbed Lok in her hand.

"Er, no, but my buddy Tak is going to help you solve the problem which George caused" replied Lok.

"Oh, so that's who I hear in my ear" said Slob, "don't worry, Slob is a good listener."

"Okay then" said Tak as he peaked his head out of Slob's ear, "Lok, I need you to help see where the Witch Doctor is."

"Hmm, let's see" said Lok as he began to look around and then noticed quite a grassy empty field with what seemed like a golf course of some sort, "hey Tak, that weird Juju judge is on that grassy field, maybe we can get his, or should I say her help."

"Well, maybe if she sees what a mess George had created, I can get my old job back then" said Tak, "Slob, just follow the lead of my voice."

Meanwhile, George was in a panic as he was racing through the jungle trying to find where Slob had been. It was quite clear path which Slob had created, as if a bulldozer had demolished the trees that once stood there.

"Did you find her George?" asked Jibolba.

"You better find her" added the Chief, "or I'll ensure there'll be a proper punishment for the likes of you."

"Don't you worry, George will make sure George will fix this problem" replied George.

"Dad, I'm glad you're here" said Jeera as she came into the scene.

"Jeera, where's Chief Zogsnob?" asked the Chief.

"Last time I saw him, he flew right into that temple" replied Jeera.

As the four peaked their heads inside the temple, they noticed a poor marmoset crying that he would now have to clean up the mess. Along with also finding an dizzy Chief Zogsnob trying to recovery from the crash.

"I'll handle things from here" said Jibolba, "you three go find where Slob went."

"Sure, you handle this" said the Chief.

The Chief, Jeera and George then began to continue to follow the path led by Slob. As they passed through all the demolished trees, the Chief began to notice of how all the animals were frighten. George himself, was quite upset that all of his old animal friends were let down.

"George, I'm glad you're back" said Magnolia as she came into the scene.

"Did Magnolia see some big large village lady come by?" asked George.

"I see a lot of stuff come by, but yeah" replied Magnolia.

"Do you know where she's heading then?" asked Georgie.

Tookie, Tookie Bird then suddenly flew into the scene.

"Tookie, tookie!" cried Tookie Tookie Bird.

"Look, Tookie, Tookie Bird knows where Slob went" said George.

The three then began to follow Tookie, Tookie Bird to the location of where Slob was heading to. Yet at the golf course, among the players of the golf course were not just only the Juju judge, but also the head Elderly Ape along with also the Witch Doctor which poor Dr. Scott was still with him under self-hypnosis still believing that he was the Witch Doctor's faithful servant.

"Hand me that golf club over there" laughed the Witch Doctor to poor Dr. Scott.

"Yes, my master" said Dr. Scott in a hypnotic trance.

"Can we please get through with this already?" asked the Juju judge, "I have several appointments to keep on my schedule."

"Relax, this will just take a second" replied the Witch Doctor as he was getting into his position.

But as the Witch Doctor attempted to position himself, the golf ball then somehow managed to get off its display. This frustrated the Witch Doctor who then had to put it back to its original place.

"That didn't count!" cried the Witch Doctor who placed the ball back in its place.

As he was trying to do it for a second time, the ball then was shacked off its foundation again.

"Not again!" cried the Witch Doctor.

Yet as he was about to pick up the ball, a strange, large shadow came over him along with the Juju judge and the head Elderly Ape.

"Er, looks like we got ourselves company" said the Juju judge.

"Let's see who the heck is at fault this time?" asked the head Elderly Ape.

"Hi guys, er, we got quite a large problem we would like for you folks to solve" replied Lok as he waved from above.

"Let me guess who is the one at fault here" said the Juju judge.

Suddenly George along with the Chief, and Jeera came running right into the scene.

"Didn't take too long to see that coming" said the Juju judge.

"Hmm, looks like it was too much of a responsibility for you George, to handle this sort of power" said the head Elderly Ape.

"But all George wanted to do was test out the Juju powers" replied George.

"Sorry George, but it seems like we're going to have to give Tak's old job back, along with yours, visa versa" added the Juju judge.

"Er, could you help shrink Slob then?" asked Tak.

"Sure thing, just leave that to me" replied the Witch Doctor.

The Witch Doctor, with one wave of his staff then turned Slob back to her normal size which Tak and Lok simply jumped right back off Slob's shoulders. A few hours later, everything was back to normal and Tak found himself back at the Pupununu tribe. While George, was happily back swinging through the vines, that is until he crashed right into a tree which the scene then fades to black.