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"Come child, I sense a new duckling in our family..." A silky snake-like voice came from the shadows of a dimly lit room. He spoke to a demented looking red head female with dark sadistic eyes. The two stood and disappeared from their hideout. "Time to pay a visit to my first child."

"Father, why must I come with you?" Asked the female, her voice chiming eerily as the two ran toward a town, their target being the two story house on the other side.

"To meet your brother, and whoever it is he's tainted." The man chuckled darkly, shaking his head, long black hair blurring his vision just briefly before the wind whipped it back behind him. His intricately designed old fashioned white nobility clothes rippled as the strong breeze gusted by the two.

They were nearing their destination. The two story house stood strong and proud, still baring the Uchiha symbol from generations before the fall of the richest family that once lived. The man's thin lips curled up in a proud grin.

"Be ready child, they won't take nicely to visitors." He looked at the prodigy he had created only three years before, the one he had decided not to leave alone. She had turned out wonderfully. A true killing machine when irritated. It was time to see the result of the one he left behind: the one who had turned another human out of kindness, the one who had hesitated to do so. He grinned, seeing an open window, lights on, and hearing voices. He put a finger to his lips to tell the female to keep silent.

Listening intently, the two down below heard a male and a female voice at the end of a conversation.


He chuckled at the swings statement and then became serious. "That last night I couldn't bear to see you in anymore pain... I wanted to end it..."

"And I made a promise..." I said, remembering that part. "Forever."

In an instant, the man from below was in the room, as silently as a snake. "Forever may end sooner than you think little one," he murmured, his voice silky and eerie.

I jumped and spun around. If it weren't for my new state, I would have been knocked off balance. I glared and crouched, sensing something wrong with this man. "Who are you?" I hissed, shocking myself with the animosity.

Sasuke looked confused and then glared, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Hinata, behind me..." He whispered. He made it to where I couldn't help but listen.

The man held his arms wide as if saying, 'Come, give me a hug. There's nothing to fear.' His grin said otherwise. "Come Sasuke, my child, don't be so defensive." He looked behind him as the fiery red haired female jumped in and landed behind him. "Ah, child, you finally decide to join us?"

The female glared and then smirked. "Hello ugly duckling," she grinned, her attention focused on Sasuke. "Nobody in their right mind would love you so you had to taint an innocent dying girl?"

"It was my choice." Hinata muttered, defending herself and Sasuke. "He made an offer, and I accepted the consequences."

Sasuke growled. "You." He glared at the man. "You made me this... This creature! And left me alone!"

"It was a simple experiment. Karin here was the other half of it. My children. My son. My daughter." The chuckled in amusement at his own statement. The snake-like vampire grinned. "Now, I want that one." He pointed to Hinata and laughed maniacally.


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