-110:40pm GMT, on 9 October, 1963.

In the south-eastern part of the Italian Alps, about 100km north of Venice.

Two pairs of blue eyes glowed brightly against the pitch black darkness. The light flickered and dimmed looking very unnatural and out of place in the remote backwoods mountains.

Metal and armor hissed as muddy water splattered against scorching hot metal.

It was worse than uncomfortable and the two warriors were forced to rest at the site of their landing.

They had come in to fast. This planet had a strong magnetic field, it had screwed them up, causing them to crash several hundred miles off course.

They were damaged, com-links slagged, their bodies a mass of dents and scratches.

For once Sunstreaker didn't complain.

Two pairs of eyes…surveyed the damage.

Damage they had accidentally caused from their landing.

They didn't know it yet, but tomorrows papers would tell them the horrible truth. Over 2500 dead, countless missing…an entire town wiped off the map.

Sideswipe was sitting on the dam. A large white structure, large even by Autobot standards. It was beautiful, a white arch carved into a valley and surrounded by mountains.

He felt sick to his fuel tank. This was definitely not a good start on a new planet.

He looked down admiring the white smooth curves of the arch. He looked up and away at the harsh terrain of the mountains. He looked further up toward the moon and farther still to the red planet where they had rested a few joors before. He looked anywhere but at the result of their landing. It wasn't hard for the pair to guess what had happened. The impact of their landing had caused a massive land slide into the man made lake, which in turn had caused an ocean of water to literally splash over the top of the dam.

Sunstreaker sat down beside his twin, his optics easily cutting through the distance and dark to see the town they had destroyed.

He was a fighter. Destroying things was his job…but not this. Poor little clueless organics recharging in peace, everything they were, their belongings their town, their lives, swept away in a wall of water. It probably wasn't the only town wiped out either…

He looked down at his arms, and tried in vain to wipe the mud off of himself.


Sideswipe spoke, the squeals and blips of the Cybertronian language sounding strange as it echoed off the mountain.


"Prime never hears of this. This…this didn't happen. We weren't here"

Sunstreaker nodded, then leaned up against his brother. Something he hadn't done since they were sparklings and since he started to care about his paint. He tried not to think of what they had done. It was best if he just didn't think about it.

Just like Sideswipe said. It didn't happen…there was no proof they did it. So they didn't do it. Forget and let it be. Maybe not the healthiest way of coping, but it was all Sunstreaker and Sideswipe could do.

"Worst Landing ever."


AN: This is true. On October 9th 1963. Over 2600 people died when a landslide caused a massive tidal wave of over 300 million cubic meters of water to splash over the Vaiont dam in Italy. The villages of Casso, Longarone, Pirago, Villanova, Rivalta, were all destroyed in what was later called the Vaiont Dam disaster.

You know you'd think this would be something taught in school history class. I'd never heard of this disaster until I started researching Italy for this story.