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A pink haired woman smiled warmly as she stared at the picture on the wall, her fingers tracing the outlines of the couple on the image. Her smile grew bigger as she started remembering that wonderful day. One of those days we'd all call the best of our lives...

His dark eyes stared back softly at her, serenely and contently digging deep into her soul, making her feel warm inside. She smiled at him softly, her fingers subtly reaching for his, which he grabbed just as subtly, intertwining their fingers.

"Do you, Haruno Sakura, take this man to be your wedded husband, to support him and to love him faithfully, until death tears you apart?"

She smiled. "I do."

'I love you' she mouthed.

A small smile grazed his lips.

"And do you, Uchiha Sasuke, take this woman to be your wedded wife, to support her and to love faithfully, until death tears you apart?"

"I do."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest smiled. "You may now kiss the bride."

Without hesitation, Sasuke leaned down and captured her lips in a soft kiss, his mind shutting out the cheering crowd as he pulled away very slightly, putting his mouth beside her ear. "I love you too." He murmured.

Sakura smiled, her arms gripping his neck and hugging him tightly, her eyes shut tight in overwhelming emotions, and pulled back as he took her hand, the smallest smile of all visible on his lips as he walked down the aisle with her, his eyes serene and proud as he looked at her. Sakura smiled, her eyes sparkling with pure joy and contentment, her emotions almost too much to handle seeing as they were so overwhelming.

As she met her friends at the after party, she couldn't help but to let those joyful tears roll down her cheeks, hugging them tightly and all too joyfully chit-chatting with them about how good it felt and about her future with him.

Her eyes traveled to Sasuke's casual figure, standing in front of Naruto serenely, a drink in hand. She smiled softly at how good he looked when he was happy, and her eyes softened as he caught her staring at him. His soft coal eyes stared back at her, and she smiled, feeling her heart nearly pounding out of her chest.

She had never felt any happier in her life then right then and there.

Sakura smiled, her eyes directed to their kissing figures.

He was holding her tightly against him, his hand was on her waist, his onyx eyes hidden behind closed eyelids, his lips softly pressed onto hers oh and we can't forget that smirk plastered on his lips as he kissed her. Sakura had her arms wrapped around his neck, her eyes closed as well, a smile that exposed her happiness as she had her own lips pressed against his.

It was Naruto who gladly took that picture, constantly reminding them it would be a good souvenir.

And for once... he was right.

Every time she passed by the picture, she couldn't help but smile.

Lips grazed her neck, and she felt hands gently grab her hips. His arms slowly wrapped around her waist in an affectionate embrace and she smiled warmly as she felt his head resting on her shoulder.

"Sasuke-kun." She greeted softly.

He looked at her softly, his hand affectionately caressing her swollen belly. "Sakura." He murmured just as softly, kissing her cheek tenderly.

Sakura smiled, her eyes softening as she felt him continuously caressing her swollen stomach in the softest way and she knew it was because he already loved the baby so much.

His breath fanned her neck and he closed his eyes as she brought her hand back to caress his cheek kindly. His hand rested on her swollen stomach and he kissed her neck delicately, nuzzling her neck. "How is the baby?" He asked almost too softly.

She smiled and giggled. "He's strong and healthy Sasuke-kun, don't you worry."

She heard him sigh almost in relief and laughed, taking him off guard.

"What?" He asked in this annoyed tone of his.

She turned around in his arms, softly pecking his nose. "Oh I just find it so cute the fact you're so worried about the baby when he's perfectly healthy, that's all." She murmured gently, a warm smile on her lips.

She detected the smallest tinge of pink on his cheek and laughed again, only to be cut off by his lips pressing onto hers, and she smiled into the kiss. One of her hands came to grab the base of his neck as she kissed him back while the other rested on his chest, and his were wrapped gently around her waist. He pulled her closer, deepening the kiss slightly at which she happily responded to.

"Ewwwww! Daddy is kissing mommy!" A little male voice exclaimed.

Both parents broke their lips apart, their heads simultaneously turning to look at the intruder.

Sakura smiled, breaking away from her husband's embrace, and laughed as the little boy ran to Sakura and hugged her tightly.

"Aiko, be careful with your mother's stomach." Sasuke warned.

Aiko grinned sheepishly, blowing away a raven lock that had fallen into his face. "Sorry daddy." He said, pouting slightly.

Sasuke shook his head at the child's behaviour, which oddly reminded him of Sakura's.

"Oh don't you listen to him Aiko. Daddy's just a little too overprotective about the baby." She softly said, running a hand through her son's raven locks.

Aiko's green orbs sparkled with joy and amusement. "When is little brother coming?" He gleefully asked, tugging on his mother's shirt.

She smiled. "He's coming soon." She reassured.

"Soon like a month?" he asked, a small pout on his lips while he softly touched her mother's stomach.

She laughed. "Oh soon like a week or so, don't you worry little one."

He smiled his beautiful smile, in which Sakura recognized as Sasuke's, and hugged her again. "I can't wait!"

Soon, he seemed to realise something and he eagerly pulled away, running over to Sasuke. "Daddy, daddy! Iruka-sensei said I was the best in his weaponry class!"

Sasuke's lips curved up in a proud smile and he crouched down, shuffling his son's head whom was grinning proudly. "That's my son." He said softly.

The raven haired boy turned his head towards his mother. "Mommy can I go play with Yuudai today?"

Sakura smiled. "If you don't have any homework you can."

He grinned joyfully, his dark green orbs sparkling with happiness. "Nope I don't!" He eagerly replied, running over towards the door.

Sasuke walked over to the door, watching his child run towards the Uzumaki's house, shaking his head lightly. "Come back before it's dark Aiko!" Sasuke called out.

He sighed as he saw his son waving back in reassurance, calling back: "I will!"

The man turned as he heard his wife giggle, and he looked at her with eyebrows raised. "...What?"

She smiled. "You're too much of a good father for your children."

His eyes softened and he walked over to her, his arm snaking around her waist, his mouth aiming for her neck where he kissed her lightly, kissing her temple next, then her jaw, then coming to the corner of her lips, and finally after meeting her eyes softly he brushed his lips against hers gently, only to once again be interrupted.

"Dad, that is so uncool." He heard a female voice say wearyingly.

He sighed, turning his head to meet his twins that had inherited of his attitude.

"Kana. Akihiko." He greeted.

The 9 year old boy sighed. "Get over it Kana." He said annoyingly.

"Arrogant jerk."

"Kana!" Sakura exclaimed, her eyes warningly pressing onto hers.

Kana sighed. "Sorry mom..."

Akihiko smirked.

"Oh wipe off that smirk off your face Akihiko." His mother warned. "You guys should both stop that bickering, it's too childish for your age. You remind me of your uncle Naruto and your father when they were younger." Sakura paused, then grinned. "Oh but of course they never really grew out of their bickering habit."

Kana and Akihiko laughed as their father's face dropped in a blank face.

"Kenji and Keiji invited us over, so can we go tonight after we're done the homework?" Kana asked her mother.

Sakura nodded. "Sure, I don't really see a problem with it. Just don't get into any trouble okay?"

Akihiko and Kana grinned at each other. "Yeah, okay we can do that."

Sasuke slapped his forehead. "Sure you can." He flatly said.

Kana and Akihiko flinched, grinning nervously at their father.

"We'll try at least...?" Akihiko said as honestly as he could.

"Hn." Sasuke shook his head, "Let's see how that turns out."

Both twins grinned, running to their room so they could quickly finish their homework.

Sasuke walked over to the kitchen passed Sakura and as he passed, he murmured something which made her laugh. "You are so getting it tonight for that comment earlier." He whispered in her ear, a slight smirk at the corner of his lips.

She followed him as he took out a glass and filled it with water, smirking as she advanced towards him. "Hmmm... are you sure you want to do that with the baby?" She pointed to her swollen belly, grinning cheekily. He drank a sip of his water and smirked. "Oh we both know it's okay to have sex when you're pregnant." He said, his smirk growing wider.

Sakura smiled innocently. "Oh I know... But I mean, you know... since the baby is coming anytime soon..."

His face went blank and he sighed, taking another sip of his water. "I guess we shouldn't tonight..." He said almost too mournfully, gulping down the rest of his water and deposing it in the sink beside him.

Sakura laughed, and took his wrist as he was about to walk away, pulling him close to her. "Relax Sasuke-kun... The baby is not coming before another week or so..." She whispered, her mouth almost onto his.

He frowned. "But what if he comes early?"

"Hmmm... Well then we'll have to tell him not to, won't we?" She whispered, stealing a quick kiss from him.

He sighed. "Saku-" He was interrupted by another kiss. "-ra, I'm seri-" Another kiss, "-ous. What if-" A very deep kiss this time, "Screw it" He murmured on her lips, pressing her back against the counter and kissing her back. Sakura giggled as his eager hands traveled under shirt, caressing her skin and reaching her chest, but she slapped his hand away, contouring him skilfully. "Sasuke-kun... the kids are here... you don't want them to hear do you...?"

Sasuke smirked and she quirked a brow as she saw him walking towards the room both the twins shared.

"Guys, forget homework for today. You can go to the Hyuuga's house now."

Sakura's face went blank and she slapped her forehead as she saw her two kids screaming thanks to their dad and running out of the door as fast as lightening.

"Sasu-" She was cut off by lips crashing hard onto hers, hands already removing her shirt, and she couldn't help but to laugh at his eagerness.

"Do you know how long it's been we have been alone?" He whispered on her lips, his hands roaming around her bare skin.

Sakura moaned in his mouth, making a sound of negation that sounded like: "Hmno..."

He smirked, his mouth aiming for her neck as he grabbed her hips and walked backwards down the hallway, his hands already working on her pants.

"A month Sakura... A god damn month..." He whispered huskily in her ear, giving her no chance to response as he connected their lips in a passionate kiss once again.

She smiled as he pushed her down on the bed gently, closing the door behind him with that sexy smirk situated on his lips.

"...Sakura, Sakura..." He murmured, joining her on the bed, his lips crashing down on hers in a bruising kiss. "I'm not holding back tonight..."

Sakura moaned, feeling him suck on her neck hard. "...I'm glad." She murmured as she roughly grabbed his head and crashed their lips together.

"...Mom? Dad? Are you guys home?" They heard the last of their children call from the hallway.

Sasuke froze in his work, then broke away from the kiss, groaning in displeasure while Sakura simply sighed. "We'll continue tonight Sasuke-kun." She reassured her husband.

She sat up on the bed to respond to her daughter. "Yes Michiko, we're here. Daddy and I are just getting some rest."

Sasuke's head shot up as he heard an unknown male voice speak up ("Getting some rest my ass...") and he frowned. "Is there somebody with you Michiko?" Sasuke asked, the frown still apparent on his face.

"Hum.. Yeah... My boyfriend..." His daughter stammered.

Sakura laughed at her husband's priceless shocked expression and laughed harder as he jumped up from the bed quickly and slammed the door of their bedroom open, met by the first child he ever had with Sakura: His beautiful pink haired 15 year old daughter. There was also an older looking boy next to her.

Sasuke stared at the teenage boy, his dark eyes scanning his figure.

Shaggy black hair, breathtaking ice blue eyes and a pretty well built body

As Sasuke was about to speak, Sakura came from behind Sasuke and smiled at the couple.

"Hi! I'm Sakura, Michiko's mother. And this is my husband Sasuke." She said gently, smiling welcomingly.

The boy smiled back. "Hello, Mr. and Ms. Uchiha."

Sakura laughed. "Please, call me Sakura and-"

"I like being called Mr. Uchiha." Sasuke smirked.

Sakura hit Sasuke hard on the shoulder, making him hiss in pain. "The hell was that for?" He barked at her.

Sakura ignored Sasuke and smiled at the couple once again. "Please don't listen to him. He's an arrogant jerk."

Glare from Sasuke. Laughs from the couple.

"So, Michiko who's this handsome young man?" Sakura asked gently.

The blue eyed girl smiled merrily. "This is my boyfriend, Keitaro." She said, the smile never leaving her face.

"Nice to meet you Keitaro. And my oh my are you handsome..."

Nobody noticed the glare coming from Sasuke.

"Mom!" Michiko embarrassingly exclaimed.

She laughed. "I'm sorry, I'm just complimenting him."

"...So can he stay for dinner?" She timidly asked.

Sakura smiled. "Honey, I'd love him to stay over but that one is for your dad to decide."

Michiko looked at her father pleadingly. "Please dad...?"

Sasuke sighed, his dark eyes inspecting the boy once more.

"...How old is he?"

Michiko shifted slightly. "...Seventeen..."

"You're fifteen and you're dating a seventeen year old guy?" Sasuke growled.

Sakura sighed. "Sasuke-kun... it's only two years..."

"The kid is practically an adult." He argued.

Sakura smacked him. "He seems like a nice guy, plus it's not like he's gonna do anything since we're here!"

Sasuke growled and Michiko sighed. "Mom, dad we're still here, Keitaro can hear everything you're saying."

Both parents stop their bickering and Sakura glared at Sasuke.

"I assure you I have no bad intentions with your daughter, Mr. Uchiha."

He stared silently and warningly for a few seconds, and then sighed. "Alright."

His pink haired daughter squealed in happiness and hugged him tightly. "Thank you so much daddy! I love you! You're the best!"

He sighed again, patting her hair before she skipped off to her room, hand in hand with her boyfriend.

Sasuke frowned and he stared as the door of her room shut. "I'm keeping an eye over them, we never knew what they might do in that room." Sasuke said darkly, his brows furrowed. "Especially since the boy is 17." He added in a sinister way.

Sakura laughed, hugging her husband from behind and kissing his neck tenderly. "Oh Sasuke-kun you've been a teenager before... We all know the farthest she could go at that age would be making out..."

"...Making out?" He repeated.

She laughed. "Yes."

"They're not supposed to make out at their age, I am going to-"

And as he was walking towards his daughter's room, Sakura sweat dropped and pulled him by the collar of his shirt, pulling her back to him. "Oh no you won't. Sasuke-kun..." She murmured. She kissed his cheek tenderly, then caressed it lovingly. "Just leave them be."

He sighed, kissing his wife's cheek and pulling her in an embrace. "...Fine."

She smiled. 'Oh the power a wife can have over her husband...'

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