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Chapter one

"Get ya papes here! Corpses found in Central Park, two teenagers suspected!" Mush yelled his 'improved headlines. Flocks of people gathered around him to by a paper on their way to work.

One girl in particular caught Mush's eye. She like the other girls Mush usually saw, but he did recognize how she was dressed. She wore a purple skirt that fell just below her knees, with a darker purple sash that went around her waist and hung in almost a triangle on the one side. Her blouse was white with sleeves that were a little shorter than normal, and one sleeve fell off her shoulder, her shirt tied at the bottom in the front. She had long wavy hair that fell to the middle of her back and she wore a faded red scarf in the middle of her hair. She also wore gold hoop earrings and a thick gold bracelet. Mush's eyes traveled down to her feet and he couldn't help but laugh when he saw that she was bare foot.

A few hours later Mush had sold all of his papers and was on his way to Tibby's for lunch when he saw the same girl from earlier running from a guy. She ran into the street and was so busy focusing on getting away from the guy chasing her she didn't realize the runaway cart coming straight towards her. Mush however did see it and quickly ran into the street and pulled the girl out of the way of the cart.

They both went tumbling to the sidewalk, as the girl lost her balance and fell on top of Mush. The girl looked up to see who she had fallen on and found herself looking into big chocolate eyes that looked concerned and worried. She snapped back to reality and realized she was laying on a gajo in the middle of a sidewalk. Mush too realized that she hadn't made any attempts to get off of him and merely laughed. The girl however did not find it the least bit funny and quickly got up. "Gajo!" she spat the word at him like it was acid.

Then she quickly turned away and started running again, but Mush grabbed her arm, causing her to swing back around and slam into his chest. "Let go of me!" she yelled but Mush only tightened his grip on her arm.

"Not until you tell me who ya runnin' from." Mush replied.

The girl pointed behind him at a the guy mush had seen chasing her, but now Mush could see how big this guy really was. Mush ran down the closest alley, pulling the girl along with him.