Unreachable Desire

I've always wanted to smell a flower
to know its sickening sweetness.
If but one time, I could sample its power
I'd surely sample happiness.

What is wrong with me?
I'm poisonious to the touch.
Toxins from Arsenic to Mercury
cloud up my wings too much.

I spread too many diseases
seemingly wherever I go.
The poison half of me always releases
the sickness on the wind's flow.

I'm two types which people hate
how horrible is the way I'm treated.
Humans love to use me as bait.
Pokemon love to see me defeated.

Life is not fair, so why should mine be?
Like the dark side of a goth.
Like the wilted petals of a daisy.
Such is the life of a Venomoth.

Author's note: Venomoth honestly does not get enough love. It's really a shame, because it's one of my most favourite pokemon.

I got the idea for this when I saw Absol Master's challenge. Most of the rhymes came naturally, but I had to focus harder on others. It was hard to think of a flower name that rhymed with "be". I even went as far to look up some names. No success. I just decided that "daisy" and "be" sounded similar.

Well anyway, I hope you did enjoy my tibit of poetry. Thanks for the challenge, Absol Master.