Disclaimer: I own only the plot. Anything else recognizable from the Twilight Saga is Stephenie Meyer's. The song is Jason Robert Brown's from 13 the Musical.

Summary: Bella Swan, former class geek, goes to her high school reunion and blows everyone away, especially Edward Masen, former class player. The journey they embark on that night is one that neither them or their friends will ever forget.

You've got only one shot

Better get it right

I'm getting ready

Gotta look real hot, it's Friday night

-Getting Ready, from 13 the Musical


Edward Masen

I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for Emmett Brandon, my roommate to hurry up and get ready. I knew that if I yelled at him again then I would just get the same answer I had gotten the other eight times- "I'm not ready yet."

I asked anyway.

"I have a rep to keep up with, Eddie," he called. I grimaced. I hated when he called me that, and he knew it. "Go get yourself ready for the hordes of women throwing themselves at you," he joked. Then, more seriously, "Go relax. I'll be ready in ten minutes, happy? Eddie, Eddie. When will you see that life isn't just running around all the time?"

All of the other times I had pestered him, I had just sighed and walked away. This time though, it had gotten annoying.

"Will you hurry the hell up?!" I roared at him.

"Alright, alright," he stuck his head out of the bathroom. "I'm coming. Though it is nice to know you care so much." Flashing his trademark smirk, he slammed the door in my face, leaving me blinking as stars danced before my eyes.

Once I could see clearly again, I gritted my teeth and resolved that I would not throw anything at him. We were going to our tenth high school reunion, and I knew that if Emmett had a black eye that he would kill me. Or rather, Rosalie Hale, his girlfriend, would kill him, and in the process, also kill me for giving him the black eye.

Jasper, the third member of our trio and Rosalie's brother, would meet us there. We had all grown up neighbors and were still in touch. We had known each other basically for forever.

"Well, let's get going," said Emmett, essentially shoving me out the door in the most painful manner possible. "The ladies are waiting." He smirked again as we got into my silver Volvo.

He was referring to Rosalie and Alice Brandon. He wouldn't want to get into Rose's bad books- it wasn't a very nice place to be. I knew that even though Rosalie may look and act like a fairy princess, that she has a tongue as sharp as a knife, and good aim as well. Alice was his own sister, and Jasper's girlfriend. They hadn't been going out as long as Rose and Emmett, who had been dating steadily since high school. To my gratitude, they didn't flaunt their relationship as much as Rose and Emmett either.

"Where are we going again?" I asked him, glancing over to the passengers' seat as he studied a map and a crumpled set of directions.

"Umm…" he glanced back and forth between the map and instructions. "Some place called Bella Italia or something. It's in Port Angeles."

I though back to my years in high school and struggled to remember. I was pretty sure that I had been there at least a couple of times. Once with Jessica Stanley, once with Lauren Mallory, and three times with… what was her name… I pressed a hand to my head in concentration, keeping my eyes on the road all the while.