One day, a bored god of death dropped an L…

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One day, a bored god of death dropped an L…

Light Yagami, all-star athlete and top of his class, was extremely bored. He hated school. It was just too easy. As a high school senior, he was enrolled in the most difficult classes, but he still had plenty of time to do homework and go to tennis matches. Yes, school was definitely too easy for a genius like Light. He never paid attention in class, and yet aced all the tests. What was the point of coming to class?

One bright day in early May, Light had chosen a desk near the window so he could look down at the school courtyard from his second floor classroom. Light rested his chin on one hand and gazed out the window and watched people go by. Security guards making their rounds, teachers on the way to the copier, students heading to the bathroom. It was boring, but a lot less boring than hearing his science teacher drone on. At least he could try to guess when the kids would be back from the rest room.

Suddenly, Light's boring day was changed. A small object whizzed past the window towards the ground. Light blinked in surprise and then craned his neck to see where it had landed. There it was, lying in a bush near the walkway. It was a little black box.

Light glanced around the classroom. The teacher was still droning on. None of the other students seemed to have seen the falling box. Well, it had fallen past his window. Light thought for a moment. It could have been thrown from a third story window or the roof. Light had no idea what was in the box, or if had been accidentally dropped or purposely thrown. Either way, if no one claimed it by the end of the day, Light was going to go take a look at it.

Light spent the rest of his science class doodling and occasionally looking out the window at the little box. The teacher, to make sure Light was paying attention, asked him to finish writing a formula on the board. Of course, he hadn't been paying attention, but Light knew the formula by heart. He went back to his seat and continued watching the box.

Lunchtime passed, and several teens ran by the small bush on the way to the cafeteria, some nearly stepping on it, yet no one seemed to have seen it.

Finally, the day ended and most of the Keiko High students were on the way to the bus or a car for the ride home. Light didn't live far from school so he walked home. That meant no one would be waiting on him, so there was time to check out the little box before heading home.

Light carefully nudged the box with a stick to free it from the bush. It flipped over, revealing a clear plastic front. It had been an action figure box, lying facedown in the bushes. It was brand new, completely unopened. Perhaps it had been given as a gift and the recipient had thrown it out the window. It just didn't make sense to bring a toy, still in its wrapping, to school.

Light had no idea who would still be playing with action figures at a high school age. There was no way he could set about returning it to the owner. He should probably just leave it there.

Light paused and studied the little figure more closely. It was a little six-inch doll with spiky black plastic hair, dark eyes, and cotton clothes. It looked almost like Relk, from his little sister Sayu's favorite show, Solo Silver, except for the weird clothes of course. Sayu had broken her little Relk doll and it would be nice to get her another one. Sayu still had the old Relk clothes. If he dressed the little guy up as Relk, it would save a lot of money. Relk dolls were collectors' items now. Light couldn't account for the poor taste of people who would want such a weird looking doll.

His mind decided, Light slipped the doll's box into his backpack and headed home.

Once home, Sayu greeted him joyfully and asked for help with her math. Light stowed his backpack in his own room and helped Sayu with her homework for an hour. After he helped Sayu, dinner was ready. It wasn't until after dinner, that he finally got to work on the doll. Light's family had planned on watching a movie after dinner. Light demurred, citing the need to study for an upcoming test. That gave him his chance to sneak into Sayu's room and retrieve Relk's costume.

Light removed the doll from the packaging and set it on his desk. It was really a bizarre doll. It had come with a doll-sized laptop and an instruction booklet. What did he need instructions for? The doll was already assembled. The box proclaimed "L the lifelike doll". Well, really. What was so lifelike about a pale doll with baggy clothes and a laptop? It didn't look like anybody Light knew. Light decided that he would be doing the doll a favor by getting it out of those wrinkly clothes and putting on Relk's red kimono.

Light pulled off the doll's baggy jeans and the white t-shirt. He hesitated briefly on the doll's boxer shorts because he didn't want to give his sister a doll without underwear. Well, samurai warriors didn't wear boxers. Those went off too. Light could always make the doll a loincloth. Light left the doll standing naked on his desk while he pulled a box out from under the bed in which to wrap Sayu's present.

"Of course, I had to be found by a pervert," a low voice murmured.

Light, still under the bed, jerked his head up in surprise, hitting in on the metal bed frame. "Ow."

Light lowered his head and carefully crawled out from under it, the pain momentarily overcoming the shock. He glanced around. Hmmn, no one was there. How odd. Oh, well. Time to dress up Relk. Light picked up Relk's silky kimono and…wait, where was the doll?!

Light breathed a sigh of relief as he spotted the doll on its back beside a pile of books. It must have fallen over. Light propped the doll back up…and realized that "L the lifelike doll" was anatomically correct. This would not do at all. Sayu didn't need to see these things at her age. But maybe he could remove the doll's genitals? Ugh, what a pain just for a doll for Sayu. He flicked the doll's groin irritably.


Light froze, a horrified look on his face. "W-what?! Did-did you-"

"Speak?' the doll asked, moving away from Light's fingers. "Yes, I spoke up. After all, how could I let you molest me without saying a word?"

Light turned bright red. 'Well, it wouldn't have happened if you would have said something earlier."

"I did. You just chose not to hear. You were single-minded in your quest to dress me as Relk. I admit that Relk is a noble and attractive character, but that is no excuse to ignore-"

"Relk is not attractive," Light hissed. "He's just as freaky as you are."

The doll shrugged. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." He looked at Relk's kimono critically. "You would really dress me in those garments without the proper underclothing? You really are a pervert."

"No I'm not!" Light growled. "I just don't have the loincloth Relk is supposed to have it. I think Sayu lost it. Wait, why am I even explaining myself to you? You're just a doll, right?"

"Correct,' the doll affirmed. "I'm L, a lifelike doll."

"Lifelike, my ass. You are alive! The fucking box lied to me. If I knew you were going to be this trouble, I would have never brought you home."

L glanced at him mildly. "This whole situation could have been avoided if you had read the manual."

Light scowled. "The "How to Use" crap that came with you in the box? Of course I didn't read it. You were already assembled. I didn't know that this would happen."

L sighed. "Do you still have it?"

"Yeah, but what good will it do? I'm already stuck with you."

"It will answer most of the questions regarding my condition. I suggest that you read it and learn about how to activate and deactivate my human attributes."

"So, I can turn you back into a doll? Great, the last thing I need is a talking toy."

L shrugged. "You may not feel that way once you learn about all my capabilities. But I'll let you find that out for yourself." He crouched down on a pile of Light's textbooks.

Light frowned. "Aren't you going to get dressed?"

"I would prefer it if you dressed me."

"Hell no," Light growled. "I already got accused once of molesting you. I won't do it again."

L tipped his head to one side. 'Very well. I will dress myself once you read the manual. So, please do, unless you would like to stare at my body."

Light grimaced. He didn't want to see the little naked doll a second longer. So he fished the book out of the box and began to read.