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Spinellie was sitting in her World History class, wondering what T.J was doing that was so important, he had to miss lunch. This was one of her favorite classes, not because she loved to learn about everything from the past, but this class was one of the ones that made her feel smart. She was exceptionally good at History, so she was put in a Junior class for History. The down side to this, was that Lawson was in her class.

Ever since elementary school, Lawson had always been the gangs hated rival. Through out middle school, Lawson had developed a pretty big crush on Spinellie, he would go out of his way to see her, and to maybe try and prank Detwiler and the others. He would always give Spinellie a hard time, just to see her get mad. He always thought she was prettier when she was mad.

Against Spinellie's wishes, Lawson turned out to be sitting next to her. The whole class had to have one partner, she got stuck with Lawson, because he had to open his big mouth and say that they knew each other before high school. The teacher thought it would be a good idea for them to partner up because Spinellie was in another grade, they assumed that she didn't know anyone. When really, a couple of other kids that she knew were in her class. Hustler kid, who now only went by H.K and The Swinger Girl.

"What are you staring at?" Lawson asked, following Spinellie's gaze to a kid named Patrick. Lawson felt a pang of jealousy in the bottom of his stomach. The way she was looking at him, he could swear that she liked him.

"Huh?" She asked, breaking her day dream.

"What were you staring at? You like Patrick or something?" Lawson asked.

"Ew. God no. I was day dreaming, not staring." Her eyes shot to the clock. 5 more minute until she got out of school.

"Dreaming about me?" Lawson said. He had grown up in appearance a lot, personality... not so much. He still had a little bit of freckles on him, he was about 5'11 now. He dyed his hair brown, to get rid of his red hair, and he no longer wore a hat. He was currently wearing a 'Danger Radio' shirt and a pair of baggy shorts.

"No. I'm not another girl that obsesses over you." Oh, and did I mention that Lawson was voted the hottest guy in Junior year? Oh... well, yes he was voted that. That gave him a mega -ego boost. Not like he would have had it any other way.

"I know your not, that's why I actually kinda enjoy talking to you."

"Well, that makes one of us. Leave me alone Lawson." Spinellie spat.

"Did I mention that I like 'em feisty." Lawson said with a wink. Spinellie swore that she threw up a little in her mouth. In her opinion, the bell couldn't have rang fast enough. She rushed out of the room, dead set on getting to her locker and leaving, she wanted to know what T.J was up to.

Unfortunetly, she didn't realise what day it was. Every Monday afternoon, her bus driver HAD to watch her favorite soap opera, 'Do The Good Die Young?' so she was always the first bus here, and the first bus to leave. Most kids would have skipped a trip to their locker, just to make it on time. When Spinellie was done with her locker, she took her time getting to the bus loop.

When she was finally there, she saw Vince and Mikey in the back of a bus that was pulling out, and quickly going down the street. Spinellie hit her head in frustration.

"Miss your bus?" Lawson asked walking up behind her as the students all started to dissapear from the school grounds.

"Nope, I'm walking today." She said as she started down the steps. Lawson quickly followed her, with a smirk plastered on his face.

"Want some company?" He asked.

"Your house is in the oppisite direction, better start walking your way." Spinellie said, already annoyed with him trying to follow her. When she got out of the class, she was calming down from her annoyance, he just decided to bring it back in full force.

"I've got plenty of time to get home, after I escort you. After all, that's what a true gentelman would do in a situation like this."

"Pfft. You, of all people, a Gentelman? Wow, that's wrong. Super wrong." Spinellie said as she finally got off the school grounds. Lawson insested to follow her.

"I'm a gentelman. I'm a perfect gentelman." Lawson defended.

"No. Your still the dumb little kid from 4th grade. Your still annoying in all your fake glory."

"I'm barely doing anything that could possibley annoy you!"

"You just being here, is annoying me. Why don't you go play in traffic or something?" She spat. That one stung.

"I'm only doing this because..."


"Because... I kinda like you, okay?" Lawson admited. Spinellie stopped walking. Lawson noticed, and turned around to face her. He dug his hands into his pockets and looked down at the ground, which suddenly became very interesting.

"What?... You can't like me."

"What do you mean I can't. I can and I do."

"No, you hate me."

"No actually. It's exactly the oppisite."

"I don't believe you." Spinellie said as she started to walk away. She didn't like this, as soon as he said thoes nasty, nasty words, she actually concidered how cute Lawson really was. Spinellie had gone through all of her years, with out a boyfriend. She always feared that if she said yes to one of the offers, T.J wouldn't like her anymore. She wanted to be available as soon as he came to his senses.

"Why don't you believe me?"

"Because your... your... you. You always treat me like shit." She said shaking her head. She couldn't like Lawson. After he told her, she started to picture herself with him. 'No no no, you love T.J. No! You like T.J.' She argued with herself.

"I only did that to hide my feelings. It was the only thing I could think of to do." Lawson said, shy as can be.

Spinellie stopped. She turned around and saw how close he was, he didn't notice her stop, and if it wasn't for her hands being out to stop him, he would have crashed into her.

"Look, Lawson," she started."I guess I can believe that you do like me, but... I honestly don't know what to say."

"I know. It's a lot to take in, it feels amazing to have this off my chest already." Lawson said with a sigh and a small smile.

Spinellie started to walk away.

"Spin, I'm not expecting anything in return, just... think about if maybe you'd want to go see a movie, or get some ice cream at Kelso's one day. I'm gonna leave you to think now. Bye Spinellie." Lawson said, his voice started to get distant as he retreted.

Spinellie couldn't believe the day she's had. Lawson likes her, and T.J was sticking up for an Ashley. What a day. Spinellie started to walk towards her house, when she noticed a car in front of T.J's house. She had to take a double take, it definetly wasn't one of T.J's parents cars, it was to fancy. It must have cost a lot of money, that T.J doesn't have.

She walked to the fence by his house to get a closer look until the door to the house opened. Spinellie watched in horror and jealousy as she saw who the car belonged to. Ashley A. and T.J walked down the side walk, while a guy got out of the car, and ran around to get the door for Ashley. He shot Spinellie a weird look. It must have been weird seeing Spinellie, half way hiding behind the wood fence, watching the 2 go to the car.

She tried her best to over hear their conversation, but Ashley A's loud and annoying laugh was to loud.

"I had a really great time, T.J. Who knew watching scary movies could be so fun." Ashley A, said with a giggle. T.J looked sort of annoyed.

"Yeah, It was fun."

"I'll see you tomorrow then?" Ashley asked as she got to the car.

"Yeah. Definetly." T.J said. He stuffed his hands in his jean pockets. Ashley A. was about to climb into the car, but she turned around and looked T.J in the eyes. Before he could ask what was wrong, Ashley A. leaned up and kissed him. T.J's eyes went wide, but slowly fluttered close as he kissed back.

Spinellie's heart sank. Her chest felt like Mikey had been sitting on it. Her eye's felt like they were pushing out from her sockets.

Ashley A. dropped back onto her feet and smiled at him. T.J's eyes were still closed when she started talking again, "Thank's for the day."

T.J finally snapped out of his daze when she turned to get into the car. T.J said a quick bye before the car drove off down the street. Unfortunetly for Spinellie, her house wasn't close enough. She had to pass T.J to get to her house.

It was either cry, right here where anyone, including T.J could see her, or pass T.J, who was still outside, and get to her house, so she wouldn't cry in public. She weighted her options, she thought if more people saw her it would end up getting way worse then crying in the privacy of her own home.

She started walking, blinking back the tears as much as she could. T.J didn't even notice Spinellie untill she was passing him on the end of the sidewalk.

"Hey Spin-... What happened?" T.J asked in instant concern for his best friend.

"You should know." She said with out thinking.

"What? How would I know? What did I do?" T.J asked, honestly confused. 'Oh shit, she couldn't have seen me. She rode the bus home, she wouldn't have seen me.' He thought in horror. What would she do if she saw? He couldn't risk losing her as a friend. Ashley A. didn't mean anything to him. That kiss was out of nothing he expected. He didn't have enough time to process what happened before it was over. Ashley A, didn't do anything for him in the romance department. It's only been a few people. Up-Side-Down Girl, Samantha, and most of all, Spinellie.

"Why don't you go ask Ashley A." Spinellie mumbled.

"Oh... you saw that huh?" T.J joked nervously.

"Yeah, who wouldn't have saw that? It was completely out in the open." Spinellie yelled at him.

"Spin, she doesn't mean anything to me."

"Really, so that dazed expression is what you get when you kiss someone you hate?" Spinellie asked turning around to face him. He stopped in his tracks. He saw her blood shot eyes, brimming with tears.

"Spinellie... She kissed me, I was shocked. It didn't mean anything. I swear on my first edition of Senior Fusion." T.J said, his voice going soft. Spinellie crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head, making the tears go back behind her eyes once again. T.J reached out to touch her.

"No..." Spinellie said taking a step back. She glared at him and shook her head.

"She doesn't mean anything to me." T.J told her.

"Sure. Go tell her that, and I'll believe that." Spinellie spat. She turned on her heal and ran to her door.

"Spin!" T.J called after her. He started to chase her but when he got to her door, it was being locked and slammed in his face. He banged on her door, yelling for her to open.

"Spinellie... I'm sorry.." T.J said, after 5 minutes of yelling and banging. He retreated to his own house, to look out of his window at her house, trying to catch a tiny glimps of her unlocking the door, or at least her parents coming home. They'd let him in. He felt like a stalker, or a hit man. It was so unlike T.J. Spinellie would never suspect it.

Spinellie, sunk to the floor against the door. Her sobs matched the pounding of T.J's fist on the door. She tried her hardest, but she just couldn't stop the tears that were pouring from her eyes. When the pounding stopped, she didn't even make a move to get up, just in case he was still out there. When she finally moved, it was to get the phone, to tell Vince everything that happened. T.J and Spinellie were best friends, but Vince and Spinellie have grown almost as close the last couple of years. She quickly explained everything to Vince.

"How is that possible, today he was talking about you on the way to class." Vince said over the line.

Spinellie looked confused, "What did he say?"

"He said, 'I can name two, right off the bat. Gretchen and Spinelli.' When we were talking about who didn't like him like as more then a friend, but he sounded really dissapointed at the mention of your name." Vince gossiped. He learned a lot from his girlfriend in the gosspi department. The head cheerleader really talked to much.

"Oh well, like it matteres."

"I think he likes you."

"Then why would he skip to be with Ashley?" Spinellie asked, cringing at the though of Ashley kissing T.J. HER T.J.

"I'm going to find that out. Tomorrow."

"Thanks Vince, I've got homework, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye dude." Spinellie said.

"Bye." As he said that, the line went dead.

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