Soon-to-be dad: hello

Soon-to-be dad: hello!

#2: hey

knockedupbymyboo: Edward, I have to ask. WHY IS YOUR NAME #2?!

#2: number two mind reader.

knockedupbymyboo: oh.

#2: yours is…interesting

Soon-to-be dad: she wouldn't listen to me.

knockedupbymyboo: fine.

knockedupbymyboo has changed her name to surroundedbymorons

Soon-to-be dad: aw, now that's just rude.

#2: I'm gonna go cry now.

surroundedbymorons: that would imply you have feelings and you actually could cry.

#2: you aren't nice.

Soon-to-be dad: tell me about it.

surroundedbymorons: well, I'm not in a nice mood. God, this hurts.

Soon-to-be dad: shit. Cramps.

#2: I feel sorry for you.

surroundedbymorons: no. she's kicking

#2: she?
soon-to-be dad: Max had a vision where she has a baby girl.

#2: oh.

Redhairedwonder has signed on.

"Ugh!" I groaned.

Redhairedwonder: Max?
surroundedbymorons: yeah?

Redhairedwonder: Who's the soon-to-be dad?

Soon-to-be dad: me.

Redhairedwonder: who is me?

Soon-to-be dad: Fang

Redhairedwonder: YOU'RE PREGNANT?!

Soon-to-be dad: uh…no. I can't get pregnant. I'm a guy

Redhairedwonder: I meant Max.

surroundedbymorons: uh…why do you need to know?
Redhairedwonder: God. You really are a tramp.

surroundedbymorons: WTF?!

#2: Here we go again.

Soon-to-be dad: MAX IS NOT A TRAMP!!

surroundedbymorons: Fang, relax. Breathe.

#2: Good job Max.

Soon-to-be dad: now I'm calm.

surroundedbymorons: good

Nudge'scuddlebunny has signed on.

Nudge'scuddlebunny: whoa. Wrong time to…WTF?!
#2: why is Iggy spazing out?
surroundedbymorons: slams head on the wall

Soon-to-be dad: Max, stop. Seriously.

surroundedbymorons: I haven't told the flock or anyone else yet.

Nudge'scuddlebunny: MAX IS NOT A TRAMP!!

#2: more spazing out.

Soon-to-be dad: I'm hungry

surroundedbymorons: me too. Boo, I have a question.

Soon-to-be dad:…I'm scared to say what.

surroundedbymorons: it's just a little craving I'm having.

#2: oh. Sucks for you.

Redhairedwonder has signed out.

Nudge'scuddlebunny: good.

Pyro has signed on.

Pyro: what are we talking about? scrolls up to check

surroundedbymorons: Gazzy, no!

#3 has logged on.


#3: WHAT?!
#2: hey Angel.

#3: hi Edward. WHAT?!

surroundedbymorons: why me?

Soon-to-be dad: well, you had to tell them sometime.

surroundedbymorons: not necessarily.

Soon-to-be dad: yes. They're gonna notice the weight change.

surroundedbymorons:…ugh. You had to remind me.

Soon-to-be dad: yep.

surroundedbymorons has changed her name to inlovewithanasshole

soon-to-be dad:…

inlovewithanasshole: I want some sour gummy worms.

#3: I wonder how long we could talk before they noticed.

#2: me too. Let's see

#3: okay.

I3mycuddlebunny has signed on.

Nudge'scuddlebunny: Hey Nudge

I3mycuddlebunny: hey Iggy

#2: this is getting fun

#3: yes. Yes it is

Soon-to-be dad: Max…no gummy worms.

inlovewithanasshole: why?

Soon-to-be dad: because last time, you went crazy

inlovewithanasshole: so? Please?

Soon-to-be dad: no

I frowned. I wanted my dang gummy worms.

I walked into mine and Fang's room, and I sat in his lap. He just stared at me.

"No gummy worms," he said firmly. I kissed him.

"Please?" I pleaded. He shook his head. "I'll just get them myself."
"Max, no!" he exclaimed. I snapped and there was a big bowlful of gummy worms.

"I won't go crazy," I promised before walking back into my study room. It wasn't really a study. It was more of a place where I could go to relax. And people knew if the door was shut not to come in.

I shut the door, and I sat on the couch. I stretched my legs out.

I3mycuddlebunny: MAX!!

inlovewithanasshole: what?

I3mycuddlebunny: YOU'RE PREGNANT?!

inlovewithanasshole has changed her name to pregnantanddepressed

Newbie has signed on.

pregnantanddepressed: there. Yes. I am.

Newbie:…Max. You're dead.

Soon-to-be dad: aw. Why are you sad?

pregnantanddepressed: Idk.

#3: this is sad.

#2: tell me about it. So, what are you up to?
#3: nothing much…when did Max get pregnant?
pregnantanddepressed: a month ago

Pyro, #3, I3mycuddlebunny, Newbie, and Nudge'scuddlebunny all say: WHAT?!

Soon-to-be dad: told you to tell them.

pregnantanddepressed has changed her name to GUMMYWORMS!!

Soon-to-be dad: oh man. I knew it.

GUMMYWORMS!!: what, what?

Soon-to-be dad: Max, put the gummy worms down.

GUMMYWORMS!!: I ate them all.

Soon-to-be dad: ALL OF THEM?!
GUMMYWORMS!!: yeah. Well, I'm gonna go. Family meeting time. EVERYONE

I signed off, and I walked down to the living room. Everyone in the Flock walked down, and Fang was frowning. Everyone else was staring at me.

"I have an announcement!" I shouted.

All the parents walked in. Not just mine and Fang's, but everyone's.

I started twiddling my thumbs, and Fang slapped his hand on his forehead. "Never again."
"But—" I was trying to protest.

"What's the announcement?" Mom asked.

"You're going to love me no matter what, right?" I tested.

"Uh…yeah. Oh God. You're married," she accused.

"No," I said honestly. "Engaged. Not married. But that's not what we're discussing here!"

"What?" Ella shrieked.

"You're just keeping all kinds of secrets from us, aren't you?" Gazzy asked angrily.

I smiled angelically. "Maybe."
Fang looked over at me. "Are you going to say it or not?"
"You could," I reminded him.

"You're making the announcement," he pointed out.

"But it's not just my—"

"Just say it!" Nudge interrupted.

"This is what happens when you give Max a bowl full of gummy worms," Iggy said.

"I know!" Fang exclaimed. "She wouldn't listen to me."
"Max," Annie said nervously. "Please don't tell me it's what I think it is."
Are you pregnant?

I looked at her. "Do you want the truth?"

"The truth would be nice," she said softly.

"I can't give you both," I said, looking down. I didn't know a person's eyes could open as wide as hers did.

"What?" Nudge's mom, Tiffany, asked.

"I'm gonna be an aunt!" Angel squealed.

"Gazzy got someone pregnant?" Mom exclaimed, obviously shocked.

"What?" he shouted. "I didn't even know I slept with someone!"

"Yeah," I said while nodding. "Ella."
"What?" Mom, Gazzy, and Ella all exclaimed in unison.

"Relax guys," Fang said. "She's kidding."
"It's not Ella," I started.

"It's her," Fang finished.

Well, that went over well. Not really. Mom was shocked, the Flock knew, and everyone elsem speechless.

That Afternoon

I was laying on the couch with none other than Fang himself. His arms were around my waist, and he was behind me. We were watching the news.

"Latest news," the reporter said. "Lissa Smithson and Sam White were killed yesterday in the DC area."

I looked up at Fang, and he slightly shrugged. "That was their last names," he said with a slight grin.

I grinned back and looked back at the TV. "A bizarre explosion case by unknown reasons killed them. They were walking in a back alley, and then BOOM!"

"A bizarre explosion," I said softly.

"Should we check it out?" he asked eagerly.

I nodded. "Let's."