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"Goodbye!" Miranda shouted down the phone at her husband -- ex-husband. She slammed the phone down and thought about what just happened.

"Oh my," Miranda felt her eyes fill up with tears and she began to cry, yet another divorce. She had been married and divorced three times already. 'I can't get myself worked up over this again' she thought to herself and sat down. She heard the door open so she quickly wiped her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

"Andrea, is that you?" Miranda needed to see her anyway, so why not now.

Andy walked in to find that Miranda's eyes were all red and puffy and she wasn't wearing make-up.

"Oh, there you are," Miranda said. She knew what Andrea was thinking. She had been crying which proves that she maybe isn't as icy as she thought. 'Oh, I don't care' Miranda reassured herself.

"We need to figure out the seating charts at the gala next week." Miranda looked at Andy waiting for her to give her the file with the charts she held out her hand for them, they didn't come. She set her hand down and Andy gave her the files.

"Thank you," She said with a slight sarcasm in her voice.

"Well we need to move D. Daddy to my table,"

"But your table is full." Andy said with confusion.

"Well Steven isn't coming." Miranda tried to say with confidence.

"Oh, so that means I don't need to pick him up from the airport?" Andy asked.

"Well if you talk to him and he rethinks the divorce… then you can go and get him."

"Miranda… I'm sorry."

Miranda was staring into space. "Another divorce, splashed across the front pages, work obsessed, snow queen gets divorced again."

"But you know what?" she said quietly, Andy had never seen a side of her like this before. "I don't care what anyone writes about me, it's just the girls, it's so unfair another divorce, another father…. figure." She laughed lightly.

Miranda thought about how she was going to tell the twins about how she was getting yet another divorce, and something else, how they were going to cope with a new brother or sister.

"You know Andrea; I just don't think I can cope with another child." Miranda had said that without thinking and she suddenly looked up to a rather confused looking Andy.

"You mean your having a baby?" Andy asked unsure of if she should have.

"Yes, I am, and to tell you the truth I don't think I can cope without anyone for a while."

"But anyway the point is… the point is that we have to find somewhere to place Donatella because she is barely speaking to anyone."

"You know Miranda; I can cancel your evening if you want."

"What? Of course not why would I let something like this stop me working?"

Andrea was about to go when Miranda spoke to her "Andrea, don't tell anyone about this, not the divorce I mean, because they will find that out eventually but the other thing, I don't want more press on my back and taking pity on me."

"Don't worry Miranda your secret is safe with me."

Andy went out of the suite and thought to herself, 'Were we like… bonding back there?'

'No, that wouldn't happen' Miranda answered not only hers but Andy's question too.