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Nessie's POV

The past few months of my existence had been very much packed with a lot of commotion and drama. But I knew that it was all to protect our family.

This all started when my mother had gotten pregnant with me, the first ever human to have had intercourse with a vampire, creating me.

I wish I wasn't the one who caused this all to erupt, but I could see how it was an amazing thing.

But as I grew, and began to talk and understand what was going on around me, I had been determined to help my mother and the rest of my family to stop the Volturi from attacking us.

I was so happy that I didn't have to leave my mother, I embraced her tightly everyday, showing her how much it meant to me that we were okay as a family.

And there was also Jacob.

Ever since I had seen him through my new eyes, I had a certain connection with him. It was like, my heart held a special place for him. I knew I had very strong feelings for him, and they would never die. He was so sincere….so calm and understanding.

Very cautious of his actions, too. He was always gentle around me, treating me just like a porcelain doll, careful not to drop me, or I would break.

I was also very much happy with the way that I was treated by Auntie Rose, who cared for me along with Jacob, when my mother, Bella, wasn't around.

It was nice to have many people around that were deeply in love with me, family wise, but the only person that I always would want is my mother.

While I was still in her stomach, I wish I had some form or communication with her. I mean, yes - I kicked, and she could feel it, but I wanted some sort of way to tell her my feelings…my thoughts.

Coincidentally, my father, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, was a mind reader, and was able to listen to my thoughts. I just wanted them both to know, that even though I had never seen them or talked to them, that I loved them both so much.

I felt safe, and protected. I could have not asked for anything more than what I deserve. I have much more than I could have thought of.

Without the entire Cullen family, my life would be boring. Uncle Emmett would joke around with me all day long, and even with his strong abilities, he was still very gentle with me. Auntie Rose would always play with me, and along with Auntie Alice, they would dress me up in all these absurd costumes and take pictures of me for hours.

I think I have inherited the hatred for so much unnecessary clothing from my mom - I didn't need this all! And plus, even though I liked all the clothes, I could wear them over and over again. Auntie Alice always bought more, meaning that an outfit should never be worn twice.

Uncle Jasper was very serene though. He was caring, and I was glad that I could emphasize with him. Since he could feel people's emotions, we had a good vibe with each other. It was easy to connect.

Now that the Volturi were gone, life had become much less complicated. I spent most of my time either at my house, the cottage that was bought for my mother for her 19th birthday party (in human years), or at the Cullen's house.

Regardless of spending each day with vampires, I always had time to spend with Jacob.

My feelings for him had grown immensely, and I don't think I would be able to let him go.

The look in his eyes that filled up whenever he looked at me, made my heart sting in pleasure, they were composed with desire, love, passion.

There was a small problem though - he was a werewolf.

Well, a shape shifter.

We were known to be enemies, but now, after everything that's happened, vampires and werewolves have become MUCH closer.

But I'm not sure about what my mother thinks of Jacob imprinting on me. I have overheard Auntie Rose and Auntie Alice talked about it, and how it was surprising.

From all that I knew, I wasn't sure what to think about it, since I didn't understand the whole thing about the werewolves, and just their stories and legends.

I was going to ask Jacob about it sometime.

Now, I was in the living room in Granma Esme and Granpa Carlisle's house, and just woke up from taking a small nap.

I heard footsteps coming from the porch outside, the doorknob softly being opened, and someone walking in, the sound of the heavy footsteps vibrating the floor.

My eyes flittered to the door frame, and there stood Jacob, looking down at me lovingly.

I smiled at him, my mouth stretching over my face.

My entire day was always lightened up whenever I saw Jacob. I liked him a lot.

"Hey Jacob!" I yelled, my voice sounding just like a one-year-olds.

"There's my girl," He said, walking over to me and picking me up, twirling me around.

I was giggling very loudly, my legs flailing around my body as Jacob held onto me tightly.

Stopping slowly, he settled me down, plopping himself on the couch, and pulling me to his chest.

I laid my head on his chest, feeling his shoulders move up and down from the deep breaths he was taking. His heart beat was consistent, I could feel his blood pumping through his veins.

Since I was part vampire, I could still get the smell of humans, a tiny fire rising in the back of my throat whenever I got a good whip of it.

Usually, I would go hunting every other day, but have a very tiny meal. Basically it was either rabbits, or foxes. Small animals like that.

"You hungry, Nessie?" Jacob looked at me.

I remember hearing my mother's reaction to the first time she heard him call me Nessie. She got angry and said that it sounded like the Loch Ness Monster, and tried attacking him, but Seth got in the way, hurting his shoulder in the process.

"Yeah, I am…" I muttered, holding onto him tightly.

"Well then let's go hunting!"

Jacob held me from my arms, lifting himself off the couch, and began running out the door into the deep part of the woods.

"Now, who is going to eat first?"

We usually hunted, just as if it was a competition.

"I'm gonna find an animal first!!" I giggled, getting a head start, "You're gonna have to phase and then catch up to me."

I ran as fast as I could, looking at the ground just to make sure I didn't trip over anything big. I wasn't as graceful as a vampire, but was much faster than anyone my age.

I didn't really have a normal age, per say. But I was still a few months old, stuck in a one year old's body.

I looked behind me to see if Jacob was around, and found that there was nothing in sight.

I smiled evilly, knowing that I had won. The scent of a small fox, along with its' family, had filled my lungs, my instincts taking over my body quickly.

But I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings, so I hadn't notice the big reddish-brown blur pass by me, and attack the biggest fox.

Jacob had beat me!

I wasn't defeated though, because I had reached one of the smaller foxes, and upon contact, let my teeth sink deeply into its neck, my tiny sharp teeth finding its vein, sucking on the blood.

While I was in my mothers belly, the only way I survived, and was kept somewhat healthy, was when my mother drank blood. It revived my body, making my health, body, mind and soul much more compatible.

I spent a few minutes on my meal, sucking the small fox dry.

I looked over at Jacob, who was already done with eating the fox. Jacob didn't eat the foxes blood, duh!

His eyes were filled with playfulness.

"I will beat you next time!" I laughed, pointing a finger at his face.

Jacob just stuck out his tongue, licking my cheek very fast.

"Ah!" my smile took over my face, as I ran back to the house.

He was behind me, and caught up quickly, picking me up from behind, and throwing me on his back.

The wind brushed by my face, the pressure sliding across my nerves. I felt as though I was flying.

I felt him stop underneath me, and I could see the Cullen's house already. Jacob had stopped in a small thicket, where his clothes were. I guess he wanted to make sure he was fully dressed before coming back in.

He looked at me sincerely one time, before motion is head towards the direction of the house, telling me to get back inside.

I wrapped my arms around him tightly, nuzzling my face in his thick fur.

"Aw, Jacob, I love you." I kissed the top of his head softly, running into the lawn in front of the house, and jumping up the stairs into the house.

"Our little granddaughter is back!" Esme said, running to me and picking me up.

"Where is mommy and daddy, Granma Esme?" I asked her, looking around the house.

"Hey went to the store, Nessie, but they will be right back!" Esme scrunched up her nose, giving me an Eskimo kiss.

"Hehe!" I giggled again, plopping myself down on the couch, just where Jacob had been sitting before.

The tv was turned on, some princess movie was showing. I think it was called Cinderella, if I wasn't mistaken. She looked beautiful in her glowing white dress. I took in all her features, her golden hair, her flawless white skin, her red lips - so beautiful.

I could feel my eyes drooping, my eyelids becoming heavy.

I laid down on the couch, waiting for Jacob to come back, while watching the movie.

But the last scene I actually watched, was when Cinderella and the Prince were in each others arms, dancing together, the only thing mattered to them were each other.

I wanted that some day, when I grew up.

And I had a feeling that it might happen. I hoped it did.

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