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Nessie's POV

I opened my eyes slowly, my body still rejecting the movements in my muscles. Before Nathaniel had taken me, along with Aro, Caius, and Marcus, the look on Jacob's face was still left in my mind. I couldn't take the pain it caused my heart. I wish I had had the ability to kick out of the grasp he had around me, but I was too late. As the white light blinded me, I felt an out-of-body experience flow through me; I didn't know what was happening, which caused me to faint.

I reached my hands out to my sides - I was on a bed. My head turned left, and I saw a huge wall-length mirror, my reflection looking back at me. I gasped slightly, as I watched a pair of golden eyes stare at me back.

"Tanya?" I asked, as I shifted my body so I could look at the blonde-haired vampire.

There sitting on the other side of the room was no other than Tanya Denali, along with her sister Kate and her new mate Garrett. They all were sitting in corner, whispering to each other silently.

"Nessie, you're awake." She said in a monotone. She stared me up and down, then glanced over at Kate.

"What's happening? Why am I here? Why are you here?" I asked a series of questions.

"We don't know anything, Nessie." Kate said this time, "We were hunting in Alaska yesterday, I believe, and this Nathaniel character came and just took us here. He was very persuasive; we didn't know his intentions or anything. We want our answers, but we are now stuck in his filthy room."

"Have you been able to get in contact with anyone? Carmen? Eleazar?" I asked once again.

"No, they weren't with us when we were hunting. I don't think they would have known of what happened, unless they were informed. But you can never be too certain. I hope that we will be able to get out of this place soon." Tanya looked down at her nails, then back at me.

"We need to do something to get ourselves heard! I mean, we can't be their prisoners; we're better than that. The Volturi might be the most powerful vampires in the world, but we don't need to exceed to this level just to fall underneath them."

"Wow, Renesmee, aren't you the smart one?" I heard a voice coming from the outside of the door. The room was silent, yet the tension was high. Everyone kept a straight face - we all just kept our eyes on the large maroon colored door, that had a thick shiny wooden framing that curved at the edges. The hinges creaked ever so softly, as the door slowly opened, revealing the face of the white-haired Aro, who had a smirk plastered on his face.

He glided into the room, as if he was almost floating, or being carried by an invisible patch of clouds underneath him. He stopped in the middle of the room, that way he had a good distance from everyone. Nathaniel followed in behind him. I really didn't like him - yet I kept getting this strange feeling that I was misjudging him; maybe he really wasn't the person he was putting himself out as.

"Aro, why did you take me, along with most of the Denali Coven? We were doing fine all these years without you. And even if you wanted to learn about my life, what have they got to do about any of this?" I bombarded him.

He just blinked once, very slowly, and opened his mouth to speak as if he was fighting the fact that he was going to waste an unnecessary release of breath. "Darling Renesmee, so many questions you have. Did I not tell you our plan from our meeting in Forks? I will not repeat myself, and you remember well what I had told you. Our discussion was well put into your head, and I've made sure of it. The Denali Coven are here for another reason, which is still extremely confidential, and none must know. Now, really, what is all this fuss I keep hearing?"

No one said a word, we tried to get him to leave, so we could all devise a plan to get out of here. Nathaniel was staring off into the window, his eyes still looking mysterious and dark. I was amazed by him, mesmerized - what did he honestly want?

"Aro, we need you." Marcus called him from the hallway, as I heard the pleas of a woman, probably around the age of twenty-five.

"No! Please, help me! It's burning, Ah!" The voice called out, but no one moved. We all just stood there, listening to the victim scream and yell out her cries of pain. Slowly, her cries began to descend down to mere whimpers, until we heard nothing at all. Aro came back into the room, his face covered in blood, along with the front of his robe.

"You need to stop doing this, Aro. Why do you torture, and kill all these innocent human beings? It's not right!" I growled at him, my face burning up from the anger that boiled up inside me.

"You shall learn in time, Renesmee. You have much to learn, and shall learn each day from now on. This will be your new home." He said, as he just floated back out of the room, but before he closed the door, he gave us one last remark. "Oh, and Nathaniel will be staying in this room with you all, just so no silly business happens. Goodbye."

The door slammed shut. Tanya, Kate, Garrett, and I all looked at Nathaniel, who was staring at each of us individually, and slowly. The fireplace in the left side of the room spread its' warmth throughout the air, as the flames reflected off of his maroon eyes. Suddenly, in a few moments later, he lost his stiff posture, and spread a smirk onto his face.

Jacob's POV

I was still devastated that I just let them take Nessie away from me like that. I should have changed, maybe my strength as a werewolf - or shape shifter - could have counter-attacked the shield that that Nathaniel was creating. It was ridiculous, I needed to save her.

Edward, Bella, along with the rest of the Cullen's and I were all piled into one of the big airplanes you found at the airport that were designed to take you overseas. This was going to be one long plane ride. I looked around the area, to see that Bella was talking to Alice, and Edward was sitting all by himself. I gathered up my courage and went to sit with him, hoping that he wasn't too angry at me.

"Hey, Edward." I greeted softly, as I sat down in the seat next to him.

"Hello, Jacob." He replied, his eyes never leaving the open window, the sun already set, the clouds now a mixed blue-ish black color.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save Nessie. I really am. I mean, I care so much about her; she is my entire life. And I promised you all that I would take good care of her, and now look what happened. I'm so ashamed of myself, I -"

Edward cut me off. He didn't look angrily at me, but more sincerely. "Jacob, please. I understand what happened, and you have no blame for this. I know that you tried your best to fight that force field, and I can't thank you enough for that."

I was surprised, I wasn't expecting all this, kindness from Edward towards me. I wasn't going to question it though. Now thinking about it, I was wrong - I should have never hated Edward. I think it was because of the jealousy that I held because he had Bella's full heart, as she had his. I wanted that so bad, but now, looking back, it was all a bit silly.

"Yes, I think it's silly as well." Edward told me. I looked at him confused, but all he did was smile slightly and put his long, white finger up to this temple.

"Oh, yes, I forgot that you could read my mind. Which you need to stop doing!" We both chuckled to ourselves, looking away in opposite directions. I saw Bella smiling over at us, walking over and sitting on Edward's lap.

"You two have been quite the pair."

"No, I mean, we still have that 'hey, I'm-dating-your-daughter-when-I-used-to-want-your-wife' thing going." I said jokingly. Edward couldn't help but let out his laughter.

"Oh, Jacob…what are we going to do with you." He nuzzled my hair.

"Whoa. No one touches my hair."

The next few hours, all of us really got to know each other a lot better. Nessie was still the main focus in my mind, but we really couldn't do anything, could we at the moment? I hadn't even realized that we were in first class - the Cullen's really knew the luxuries of life. Time was ticking by much faster now, the anticipation to save Nessie was once again boiling inside me.

"What's happening, Alice?" Esme asked, as we all turned to see Alice in a very focused state of mind. A huge smile burst onto her face a few moments later, as she threw her arms around Jasper's neck.

"Everyone, good news, we are going to be able to save Nessie! And…Tanya, and Kate, and Garrett."

"What are they doing there?" Everyone looked over at Alice once again.

"I'm not sure, but that isn't what's important right now. We need to wait until we get close enough, for Edward to make mind contact with Renesmee, so we will know where she is, and how we can save her. That sounds good, right?"

I nodded, looking over at Edward, who was now looking at the watch that was strapped onto this left wrist. "We have about an hour left until we land."

Descending into Italy, I wish that I had had more time to really get to look around, to see the culture and all the beautiful historical aspects of the country. None of that was important right now, though. We all flew right through the exit tunnel of the plane, with our bags in our hands (well, the girls mainly had one small bag to carry around), as we went to the car rental center and rented three fast racing cars that would get us to Volterra at super fast speed.

"Edward, you know what to do when you're close enough." Alice told him. He just nodded back.

I sat in the silver sleek Ferrari with Bella and Edward, as we drove through the vast highways in this beautiful region. The trees looked like shots of light that were flying past us, at the speed of light. Bella's cell phone rang, playing "Love Me Dead," by Ludo.

"Hey Alice." She immediately replied into the phone.

There was a moment of silence, probably the part where Alice was talking back.

"Oh, okay…I'll let him know, okay…bye." She hung up, then turned to face Edward.

"What did she say?" He asked her.

"Alice told me that you should try connecting to Nessie now, because you will have the best change to get her now. No one is blocking her."

"What do you mean no one is blocking her?"

Nessie's POV

"Why are you smirking?" Tanya asked, her eyes becoming darker, her fingers curling up, digging into her palm.

"No need to be hostile." Nathaniel said, as he smiled at us, "Listen, though everything they said about me is true, they don't really understand my real motives."

My mind wandered my thoughts as I tried to figure out what he meant by that. He certainly looked like the type of vampire you would want to run with the Volturi, yet from the way he really acts and speaks with individuals makes me really wonder what he really wants.

"What are you talking about?" I asked slowly.

"Okay, the whole story that Marcus had told you is true. I came to Volterra as a tourist, since I had just graduated from school and I was proud of myself, but then I got lured into this magnificent castle. Next thing I know, there is a fire burning inside me, and in three days, I've been turned into this powerful vampire. Aro had explained everything to me, but as each minute passed, the more I hated him, and wanted to get away. I told him that I would help him out with getting you here, Renesmee, but honestly, the first minute that I would be able to get away from that monster, I knew that I would try to get away. Now, I think is the perfect time."

"You do realize that Aro can hear what you are saying, no?" Garrett said, "This castle…you can hear many things throughout it."

"Oh, Garrett…do you not remember my powers? I am blocking him as we speak, so regardless if he is one of the most, or the most, powerful vampire in the world, he won't be able to hear me."

"That would make you the most powerful then." Tanya said, getting a bit closer to Nathaniel. It seemed like they had made a personal connection, since they both seemed a bit flirty with their movements - but that's not important now.

"I guess? But that's not the point. I say that we all team up and find a way to get out of here and out of the clutches of the Volturi." He told us.

Renesmee…Nessie, darling, are you there? I heard my father's voice through my head. Yes! I would be able to get in contact with my father through my mind.

"Hold on, I'm talking to my dad." I explained to Nathaniel, "He can read minds." He just nodded in response.

Yes dad, I'm here. Where are you? Please come and help us!

We are on our way, where are you? Do you know?

"Where are we, Nathaniel? Like, what part of the castle?"

He ran his hand through his jet black hair, and shrugged his shoulders. "We are in the left wing, maybe the Maroon Room. And yes, they name the room's here." I giggled.

We are in the left wing, in the Maroon Room? I know that doesn't make sense, but we are there.

Okay, thank you Nessie, everyone's here, and we're on our way. Jacob tells me to tell you…that he loves you very much.

I squealed; everyone looked at me funnily. Jacob's with you?!

Yes, now don't get too excited, we need to help you get out of there.

Come save me soon, daddy!

"Sorry for that squeal…my boyfriend is here with my entire family." I slightly blushed.

"Oh, yes, I heard about you and that…dog getting together." Kate said.

"His name is Jacob, and yes - he is the love of my life. The Cullen's are all on their way here, and I told them where we are, so they should be here soon."

"Good, this is all going as planned. Now, we need a way to run out of the castle, so we don't get caught, or have to fight off any of the Volturi." Nathaniel pondered.

"Can't you just use you're force field around all of us, Nathaniel?" Tanya asked him.

"I can, but I must find them first. I know Marcus made it sound like I'm some, all mighty being that can do anything - but most of it wasn't true. I need to get a good mental grasp on someone to get them under my force field -"

I interrupted. "Wait! Nathaniel, you can teleport us!" I smiled, happy that we found a good way to get out.

"Ah, but here is the utterly ridiculous part about that. You see, I can teleport into the castle, but I cannot teleport out."

"That's ridiculous! Is it something that Aro did?" Kate asked.

"I don't remember correctly, but there is a certain power that is shielding the castle that won't let certain powers be used towards the outside world. It's very old and cannot be destroyed. Of course, I would have suggested that idea before, but since I cannot use it, that is why we need to think."

Suddenly, someone began to bang on the door. Something rammed into it, and it came off its old hinges and flew down. There, standing in front, was the big, lovable grizzly bear himself, Emmett. The look on his face was triumphant, as he stood there for a few moments, before coming into the room.

"Emmett! Oh, thank god! You're here!" I hugged him quickly, as he picked me up and spun me around.

"Nessie!" I heard another voice coming from outside. In walks in the love of my life, Jacob Black.

"Jacob! You're here! How did you sneak in??" I jumped into his arms, my legs wrapping around his waist and my arms around his neck, as I hold onto him tightly. I pressed my lips onto his, letting a sweet lingering kiss take over.

"Nessie…I'm so happy we found you. You're mom and dad are waiting outside in the hallway, everyone else is outside so we can help everyone get out and fast. What is he doing here?" He pointed to Nathaniel.

That's when my dad walked in. He walked straight to Nathaniel, taking his shirt in his hands, and pulling him up. Nathaniel wasn't scared or frightened; he kept on a straight face , staring down my dad.

"Why are you here? Why did you take my daughter? How dare you even think to show your face in this room." He attacked Nathaniel with his words.

"Calm down, Edward. First of all, I am not the bad guy…anymore, if you view me as one still. I am here to help you out. I am on your side now - I just needed my time to get ready for the right moment to get out of here."

My dad was still cautious, but let go of Nathaniel, who went back to Tanya's side. Yes, they were definitely becoming an item. He took an unnecessary intake of breath, and walked over to me.

"How are you, Nessie?" He asked me.

"I'm fine dad, where's mom?" At that exact moment, my mother came rushing inside, trying to make sure no one saw her until she made her way into the room.

"Renesmee!" She squealed as she hugged me tightly, "Oh, my baby. I'm so glad we found you."

"Everyone, listen up!" Nathaniel interrupted, "I know this is a happy moment, but we can do this all, once were out of the castle. Sound good?"

"Sounds good, everyone get with a partner and let's get going." Garrett said.

Jacob walked over to me and grabbed onto me tight. He leaned down and whispered into my ear. "Nessie, I will do everything I can to protect you, you got that? I'm not a vampire like anyone in here, but I will give my life for you. That's how much you mean to me, even more. I love you so much, and we will get through this together." He used his thumb to wipe the tear that was sliding down my cheek.

"Renesmee, Jacob, come you two next," Nathaniel pointed out the door, "Edward and Bella just left. You two should follow them."

"Okay." Jacob said, taking my hand and guiding me out.

"Thanks Nathaniel, visit us soon? Bring Tanya too," I winked before Jacob pulled me out of the room.

The hallways were darkened, the only light source coming from the candles that were bolted onto the walls of the hallway, the pristine beige paint untouched and still looking like it was put on just yesterday. The marble tiles on the floor clicked every time you step foot on them. We were careful not to place our feet on the floor hard, but just to gently relax the heel and then the balls of our feet, so no one could hear us moving.


"Shh," Jacob told me, as he pointed to a small light that was moving in the hallway perpendicular to us. We didn't know where my mom or dad went, it was too dark to notice. We weren't lost though…well, I hope not.

Jacob put his hand on my mouth, just to make sure that my breathing would not echo in the hallway, since everything else was silent - you could hear a pin drop if it fell onto the ground. There was no one behind us, no one in front of us.

Or so I thought. I felt a hand grasp onto my shoulder. I jumped up into the arm, and into Jacob's arms. I looked back, to see that it was only Nathaniel.


"Shh," He shushed me too, "My field is down, I'm not blocking Aro at the moment. Quick, we need to get out now, or else."

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