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She hears the question as her hand is turning the doorknob.

"Can we just leave Faith out of this one?"



Always playing cool, the snot-nosed brat.

"Fine by me."


She was funnier when she babbled like an idiot.

"Sure thing, Buff."


His Buffy-whipped quality is entirely unappealing.


Queen C.

She's just a rich bitch with class.

"Are you positive we can do this without her?"


A bloodsucking vampire with a Jesus complex.

A couple more words she takes no heed of.

A few sentences here and there to make up lies to make up a reason.

Or two.

Then a few murmurs of agreement.


"Good. It's settled. Break!"


Always the Golden Girl; always the superior.

Faith's hand releases the knob and she steps back softly.

Turning, her shoulders slump and she shoves her hands into her pockets after lighting the cigarette in her mouth.

She walks.

The door opens and they all freeze at the sight of her figure heading away.

She keeps walking.

Nobody says a word.

She flips them a finger without looking back, and disappears into the darkness.

Who the fuck cares...

It's not Faith they want, anyway.