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Chapter One

Ishizu Ishtar was driving her expensive car down the road when all of a sudden, it stopped running and smoke was coming for under the hood.

She got out her cell phone, she dialed home, Odeon answered the phone, and she said, "Something's wrong with this damn car, it won't start and smoke is coming from under the hood."

Odeon said, "What do you want me to do about it?"

Ishizu wanted to get her hands around his damn neck and squeeze it until his eyes popped out of his head. She shouted, "CALL SOMEONE TO COME AND FIX THIS DARN CAR, THAT'S WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO!"

Odeon held the phone away from his ear so because her voice was too loud. "Alright where are you, and I'll call the garage and have someone come and see what's wrong."

Ishizu said, "I'm out of town near the old fish factory, please hurry it's getting dark."

Odeon hung up the phone, he looked in the phone book and found a garage, and he dialed the number. Joey Wheeler the owner answered the phone. "Wheeler Garage, can I help you?"

"My name is Odeon Ishtar and my sister's car is broke down on the road near the old fish factory, can you please send someone to see what's wrong with it?"

Joey was about to tell him that he was the only one there, and that he could not leave, but he knew who Odeon was so he said, "I'll send someone out there right away."

Odeon thanked him and hung up the phone. He then call Ishizu and told her, "Someone is on their way to see what's wrong with your car."

When Joey got there, Ishizu was terrified because she had never been out this way before by herself. She saw a truck coming up behind her car and she reached into her purse for the pepper spray and brought it out.

Joey got out of his truck and walked up to the car and when he knocked on the window, Ishizu rolled it down and shot the pepper spray in his face.

Joey went down cussing and swearing as tears flowed down his face. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU GOD DAMNED IDIOT?"

Ishizu had never heard such language before and she reached her arm out to spray him again, but he grabbed her arm and twisted it until she dropped the canister.

Joey got up off the ground wiping his eyes and he shouted, "LADY YOU'RE A DAMN MENACE TO SOCIETY!"

Ishizu tried to get her hand free, but he was just to strong. She then started screaming and Joey yelled, "SHUT THE HELL UP! Your brother called me to come see about your car."

Ishizu stopped screaming and she yelled at him, "You could have said who you were and I wouldn't have sprayed you."

Joey was able to see again and he said, "Hell, you never gave me a chance to say a damn word before you sprayed that damn shit in my face."

Ishizu apologized for what she did, and she said, "Could you please see what's wrong with my car."

Joey told her, "Pop the hood, and I'll see what's wrong."

Ishizu looked at him as if he had grown two heads and she said, "Pop what?"

Joey wanted to smash his fist through the windshield, but he calmly said, "Get out and let me get the hood opened."

She got out of the car and Joey pulled the release and the hood popped open, then he lifted it and he nearly started laughing.

"When was the last time you checked the radiator or put water in it?" Joey asked her.

Ishizu shrugged her shoulder and she said, "Odeon usually does that for me."

Joey then said, "Well come on, get into the truck I will take you home and have one of the men bring the tow truck back and get your car."

Ishizu crossed her arms and said, "I'm not getting into that thing you call a truck, fix my car so I can go home."

Joey started walking back to his truck, he got in and started it up, and Ishizu shouted, "What about me, you can't leave me out here alone."

Joey shut the truck off and he said, "Then get in, I can't work on your precious car out here. I need to get it back to the garage."

Ishizu stomped back to her car, got her purse and phone, went to the passenger side of the truck, and stood there.

Joey said, "Get in and let's go."

Ishizu opened the door and when she was inside she said, "You are a very rude man Joseph Wheeler."

Joey chuckled to himself as he drove her home. She got out and slammed the door shut and stomped into the house without even thanking him.

Joey drove back to the garage, and when he got there he went up to one of the mechanics he had working for him and said, "Take the tow truck out on the old road near the fish factory and bring back the car."

He handed Jack the keys and went inside to make up the repair bill. As he sat at the desk, Joey started laughing when he thought of the expression on her face when he would not get out and open the door for her.

When Ishizu got home, she stormed into the house and when Odeon heard the door slam shut, he wanted to be anywhere but here.

"Joseph Wheeler is a very rude man." She said."

Odeon smiled as he heard her and he asked her, "Why do you say that?"

"He actually demanded that I leave me car out there and get into that piece of junk he calls a truck and then he doesn't even get out and open the door for me." She said.

Odeon had to stifle his laughter because he knew that she was angry and if she heard him laughing, she would make his life hell.

"Did he say when the car would be ready?" Odeon asked her.

"No he didn't and I'm going to call him right now and demand to know when I can have my car back." She said.

Odeon knew when she was in this mood anything that she said would be the wrong thing to say, so he told her, "Let me call and you go take a bath and go lay down, you've been through enough today."

Ishizu thanked him and went to her room. Odeon called the garage and when Joey answered it, Odeon said, "Boy you really ruffled her feathers didn't you."

Joey started laughing and Odeon joined him. "She wants to know when her car will be ready." Odeon said.

Joey told him, "The mechanic just came back with her car; she told me that you usually check the radiator, and well guess what you didn't. It overheated and the radiator hose broke. When I get it fixed I'll call and let you know."

Odeon thanked Joey and hung up the phone and then he walked to Ishizu's room to tell her the news. He prayed that she would not take his head off when he told her.

When Joey hung up the phone he sat there and then, he thought to himself, "That woman is the most infuriating person he'd ever met and that included Seto Kaiba."

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