It lives!

So, against all the odds, this is my most popular piece. It's been sitting and collecting dust for years and years and, turning my eyes back to this old account, I've rather an interest in continuing it. However, my writing has changed by leaps and bounds since this was begun, and it's quite humbling to go back and read my old work. Humbling, and a tad embarrassing. So! This old dear shall be getting a new gloss of paint, a.k.a. I will be rewriting Shadow Magic with a few new twists and changes and, hopefully, a bit more skill than was last seen.

I've deleted all the old chapters for personal reasons (my ego? My sanity?) and I'm sorry if this has anyone frowning, but alas. I've already mapped out quite a bit of the plot for this fanfiction and hope this will help me in sticking to writing it, as well as sticking to having a notable plot. However, I must warn that I am not a god. I am a college student with quite a few other things on my mind, so don't expect a world in seven days. Please keep your expectations realistic! I have never been a speedy updater and never will be.

When the time comes to post the new first chapter, I will be deleting the entire fanfic of Shadow Magic and submitting it as a new fanfiction. This is for tidiness, and also because they will be very fundamentally different, I should think—though perhaps that is only evident to me, given that I know far more about the plots of either version.

Thank you everyone who has reviewed and been supportive through the years. You truly helped a sad girl with low self-esteem and no self-worth. I hope I can give you something worth reading and reviewing.