Chapter 9- Undone

All because of you,
I haven't slept in so long.
When I do I dream
of drowning in the ocean;
longing for the shore
where I can lay my head down.
Inside these arms of yours.
All because of you I believe in angels.
Not the kind with wings, no, not the kind with halos;
the kind that bring you home

when home becomes a strange place.
I'll follow your voice; all you have to do is
shout it out!

Rise Against- The Good Left Undone

Seth's POV

Finally, my bandages were off and I was healed. Not only physically, but emotionally, too. Tomorrow would be the third day. The day Katelyn—the new Katelyn—would be revealed. Finally, my long wait would be over. I tried to move my aching body, but to no avail.

But I did get a glimpse of my room. It was empty, but a miler balloon was attached to the bed post that read in bright cheery letters: "Get well soon!" and on the string was a small greeting card. I don't know how I managed, but I stood up and plucked the card from the string and sat down again, instantly sore. Quick healing, my butt. But the card read:


Get better soon! We give you are warmest wishes and advise you to stay in bed until you are fully recovered. Katelyn is doing very well, and if you get enough rest you may be able to see her.


The Cullens

And then a crudely drawn line split the card and this read:


Good job getting your butt kicked by Leah! Anyway, hope you feel better because Katelyn is going to want to outrun and out- everything for that matter! And, we really don't care who you fall in love with. We just wanted you to know that. So on that note, feel better.


Your very-over-caring-too-much-time-on-our-hands family

I laughed at both of these notes and closed my eyes. Life was turning…better. Not great, but better. Life was, however, a twisting road that was unpredictable in every matter. Today was Monday. Even though it was Monday, the Quileute school was lenient on absences. But if I was also correct, this was Monday, the 15…of December.

That meant it was Collin's imprint's birthday today. So, he was going to flip out like the rest of the pack. Corrine—the name of the girl—would probably long for attention, so she would get it. Don't get me wrong, with her dark hair and tanned skin and great personality, she was an awesome person. But it was a time for grieving with Katelyn and all. I shook my head. I could already feel the happiness of Collin seeping through my bones.

Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. "Come in," I croaked. It was an understatement to say that I needed water. And to my surprise, it wasn't Carlisle to change my IV, or Alice to perk me up, or Jacob to give me a reassuring talk, but someone entirely different.


Alice's POV

I quietly guided Leah up the stairs and we walked in complete silence. Her face seemed to be pulled down into a permanent grimace. If only she would smile, then she might be beautiful…inside and out.

Once we got to Seth's room, I quickly descended the stairs, wanting nothing more but to leave that place. She didn't look back. She didn't say thank-you, or good-bye, or anything. She was stonily silent, and it bothered me.

As I ran down the staircase, I wondered what made her so entirely grim in the first place.

Seth's POV

"What do you want?" I muttered incoherently. I was still in desperate need for water. She hesitantly stepped forward and sat down on the bed warily.

"We need to talk," Leah sighed as she looked at me. Her piercing gaze saw through me—I could tell—as it should. We were members of the same pack. But we were also siblings. That bond was what made it so hard to look away.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. It was wrong of me to attack Renesmee, and you. You know I would never want to do that to you ever. I know that I'm going out on a limb, here, but if you could forgive me, it would mean the world to me. It may take days, or weeks, or months, but I'll wait. I just want you to know that I'll always be here for you and I'll always love you, so please, will you forgive me?" she pleaded in one breath.

I just looked at her, wondering what inspired her quick change of heart, so I asked her. Leah started to pace around the room and finally settled in a corner. She kept her head down and arms crossed. It was either reluctance or annoyance.

"Honestly?" she asked me. I nodded. She sighed once again and stared at the door for a long minute that felt like an hour. "It was Katelyn," she said with a dry laugh.

I immediately tensed up. What was she doing with her? "What?" I asked as I shook my head in disbelief.

"She called me here last night and…I don't know. The look on her face…I just knew she was suffering, but not about the bloodsuckers. Because she knew you were in pain. I didn't need words to tell me that. So I was going to go to your room straight after, but they told me you fell asleep," she said, still staring at the door.

I looked at her as I took this all in. Could this actually…work? "How…how was she?" I asked feebly, as if the truth would rip and tear me to shreds leaving nothing but a fractured heart.

She looked at me with a sad smile. "Pretty good for a bloodsucker. Not one complaint, apparently. She's doing it for you, that's why," she said. Her eyes went hazy for a moment, like she was clinging to something far beyond her grasp, then they reverted back to its usual hazel.

"I'd better go," she whispered as she laid a hand on the doorknob. But right as she was turning, I called out to her. "Yes?" she asked me worriedly.

"Can I have some water?" I croaked. She just laughed.

Bella's POV

"Can we please go now?" I asked impatiently. Edward was now running his hands through his hair, desperate for ideas to prolong my stay. He looked at me warily. "Please?" I asked again in the most innocent voice I could conjure—which wasn't that good—and sat down on the bed.

"Can we at least change first? Alice bought you new clothes," he said hopefully with a faint glimmer in his eye. I laughed and took his hand as we strolled into the closet.

"Of course," I whispered. He drifted towards his side, scanning the racks for something that he could find suitable. I eventually drifted towards mine, settling on a new green dress that was pretty short that showed off my legs.

When Edward emerged from the piles of clothes, I thought I died laughing. Yes, I thought I died. That's how funny he looked. With a total grimace on his face, he wore green khakis with a bright red reindeer sweater. I leaned against the wall for support.

"What are you wearing?" I said half laughing, half disbelieving. "Who put you up to this?"

He shook his head and grabbed my hand as he pulled me out of the closet.

"Never, ever trust Alice," he muttered angrily as we sped towards our destiny.

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