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I bit the inside of my cheek.

Outside the windows, it was midnight, but in my cabin, candles lit the room. We, (Grover, Thalia, Annabeth and I), had gathered in my cabin, since it was the emptiest. It was against the rules, but Thalia had insisted on playing her favorite game. Unfortunately for us, she refused to tell us.

"Really, Thalia. Tell us the game," complained Annabeth.

"Not until you guys agree to follow the rules. No matter what."

We exchanged glances, then all agreed.

Thalia grinned evilly, then put a bottle on the ground. We all groaned.

"Spin the Bottle?"

"Yup. Percy, you're up first."

I took a deep breath, and spun the bottle. It landed on Grover. He leaned over, and I pecked him quickly on the cheek. Annabeth and Thalia cracked up.

"Okay, Grover, you're turn," Thalia said through giggles.

He spun it, and it landed on Annabeth. They leaned together and kissed quickly. Jealously rose in my throat momentarily, but I pushed it down.

"Yeah! I kissed a girl, and I liked it! Maybe I'm not gay! Sorry, Percy," Grover joked.

We all laughed. It was Annabeth's turn, and it stopped on herself. We laughed as she struggled to kiss herself.

"Really, Annabeth. Just spin again."

She did as she was told. My heart stopped as it slowed down, and I was staring at the mouth of a empty root beer bottle. A blush came up on my cheeks, and Annabeth's face turned red.

"Okay, Seaweed Brain. Let's get this over with."

She leaned over hesitantly, applying the old 90/10 rule. I leaned in the rest of the way, and our lips met. It was short and sweet. She was wearing cherry chap stick. Annabeth pulled back, pulling me forward a little bit, still stunned by our kiss.

"Uh..." Thalia said as we looked away from each other, hiding smiles and blushing.

"This never leaves the room," Annabeth warned. Moment over.