This is just silliness on my part, really. I've been wanting to make a serious Reborn fic, but there are so many pairings I don't know which to choose. So I thought I would start a poll on my profile, but I had only been writing for a Naruto (SasuNaru) audience, and not many knew about the wonders of Reborn.

So I thought to even the playing field, I'd give the Reborn fic readers a go. please treat me kindly!

Sawada Tsunayoshi, or Tsuna as he was more often referred to, was currently experiencing highly condensed irritation.

"I expect the bleeding might have stopped only seconds ago. It's really a rather gory injury otherwise."

Tsuna stared straight ahead, copper eyes glazed over and his lips set in a passive line.

"It's quite painful, I rushed here as fast as I could, you know."

Glazed eyes blinked, slowly, with a calm that betrayed the true annoyance raging beneath the surface.

"I knew if anyone could heal me, it had to be the most beautiful and dedicated of all medically skilled hands. You're the only one who can help me in this, my most desperate hour of need."

Tsuna meshed his fingers together and brought his hands up to rest just under his chin. He fixed his gaze on the person in front of him, laying sprawled out dramatically on one of the white-sheeted beds.

"Mukurou-kun..." he said, keeping his tone carefully even. Mismatched eyes closed happily.

"Yes, Tsunayoshi-sensei?"

It was at that point that Tsuna reached his limit.

"You expect me to believe that that prick from your pencil is an injury worthy of leaving class to come to my office?! It barely even broke the skin for crying out loud!" he exploded, standing up to quickly from his desk that his chair clattered to the white linoleum floor.

The only other occupant of the room was none other then Namimori High School's 2ed year student Rokudo Mukurou, who sat up abruptly with a 'hurt' expression. He tossed his head to move a stray strand of dark blue hair from his odd colored eyes; his hand too busy cradling his wounded arm to be of any use.

"Oya oya, Tsunayoshi-sensei... here I am in a world of pain, and you're accusing me of playing hooky! Isn't it the duty of the school nurse to provide comfort for a student when he needs it?" he asked, not making it difficult to see right through his act of innocence. Tsuna flailed his arms about in helplessness.

"Mukurou-kun, this is the third time this week that you've had a 'health emergency' that needed my attention! I've never seen you in here at all until your sister Chrome-san brought you in after your little tussle with that Byakuran boy! Whats all this about?" he demanded, sticking a pineapple print band-aid over Mukurou's 'wound' just for the hell of it.

Mukurou's dark eyebrow furrowed at the mention of the fight, but was quickly back to his usual ever-charming smirk.

"But Sensei, you're the only one I trust enough to treat my injuries. Doesn't that make you feel special...?" he drawled, leaning forward to come in close to Tsuna's face. The brown haired school nurse backed away with a slight 'hii!', a dusting of flustered red blooming across his cheeks.

"Na, Sensei, do you really hate taking care of me so much..?" Mukurou continued, almost cat-like in the way he moved, striding from his perch on the mattress to pin his arms on either side of Tsuna's desk.

"Mu-Mukurou-kun! You shouldn't come to the health office if you're not hurt or feeling sick! Last time you came in for a splinter and ended up staying the entire day, chasing away any other students who came in!" Tsuna pushed fruitlessly against the slightly taller young man's chest. Mukurou's smirk widened, his strange eyes flickering off to the right as if to recall a fond memory.

"They had no real reason to be here." he stated. Tsuna blanched.

"And you did?!"

Mukurou's low, throaty chuckle drifted through the room, threatening to distract Tsuna was he not always on guard when it came to this particular student.

"W-well," Tsuna stuttered, suddenly more embarrassed then angry "You should get back to class..."

Mukurou continued to smirk in his haughty fashion, but released the shorter man from his trap between him and the desk.

"I'm afraid my stomach is turning; I feel faint... I need to lie down, I think..." He said, dramatically falling backwards onto the mattress.

"Mukurou-kun!" Tsuna clutched at his spiky brown hair. "You were fine a minute ago!"

Mukurou lifted his head slightly.

"I wasn't. I might be fatigued from blood loss." he supplied. Tsuna groaned, deciding to just give up. He'd just ignore the younger male. After all, it wasn't in his job description to take care of the Italian transfer student's every little need.

"Tsunayoshi-sensei! Come over here and lay down with me."

Tsuna twitched, but ignored him.

"You wont even turn to face me? Not that I mind, you look just as good from behind..."

Tsuna flinched, and tried to keep ignoring him.

"I'm curious Sensei, are medical bandages strong enough to keep someone tied up even if they're moving and writhing around with a co-"


"-in their a-"

"Don't say anymore!!"

Mukurou closed his eyes and chuckled, flipping his short ponytail over his shoulder and propping his head up on an open palm. Tsuna's face burned bright red, his white coat clutched in shaking fists.

"I was just wondering, I thought Sensei might know." the Junior said 'sweetly'. Tsuna felt like he was going to spontaneously combust.

"I wouldn't know something like that regardless of being the medical assistant here!" he shouted. Mukurou smiled.

"I like that you say 'Medical Assistant' rather then the more feminine 'Nurse'. But personally, I think the term 'Nurse' fits your type better." the teenager mused. Tsuna reached his breaking point.

"Alright, that's it! If you can make comments like those, there's nothing wrong with you! Leave!" he ordered, striding over and pulling Mukurou's arm so as to get him out the door. Unfortunately, Tsuna's size proved insufficient for the task, and this seemed to please Mukurou greatly.


With a seemingly practiced ease, Tsuna was off his feet and laying atop the Italian, copper eyes as wide as they'd get. Mukurou wasted no time in securing his captive as he wrapped his arms around the smaller body.

"There, I feel better already." he muttered, pressing his face in close against Tsuna's neck. It would be true in any other case to say that Tsuna screamed and comically wriggled loose to fall to the floor, however, at this point, his soul was already leaking out of his mouth.

Mukurou smirked, taking this as his opportunity to moisten his lips and begin his attack. He rolled his body over so the catatonic nurse was pinned under him (a position he was quite pleased with himself for attaining).

"Tsunayoshi-sensei..." Mukurou whispered, just barely audible. He leaned in, his lips just fractions of a centimeter away from Tsuna's own slightly parted set.

A loud 'BANG!' broke young men out of their trance (not so much 'trance' as 'intense shock' on Tsuna's part).

"What do you think you're doing in my school..." an even, dangerous toned voice caused Tsuna's eyes to shoot open, pupils dilating in fear. Mukurou simply looked over his shoulder at the ominous steel tonfa that was now implanted in the dry wall inches from his head. His smirk was back full force.

"Principal Hibari!!" Tsuna really did scream and wriggle loose this time, falling to the floor on his face. Hibari didn't look down, his steel blue eyes locked with Mukurou's mismatched pair, his angled face composed despite the aura of death that was suffocating the smallest male in the room.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi... why are you allowing students to gather in here when they are not showing any display of illness..." Hibari never really 'asked' questions, 'demanded' was more appropriate. Tsuna hastily began brushing his coat off, quite red in the face, stuttering a jumbled reply.

"Well..! That is! I t-told Mu-Mukurou-kun here to g-get back to class, but he said he still felt si-sick! So I-I-I j-just...! He! He-"

"Be quiet, Sawada Tsunayoshi."


Tsuna, being ever obedient to the demands of a man he knew wouldn't hesitate to 'bite him to death', did in fact shut himself up, allowing the room to fall into awkward silence.Mukurou and Hibari seemed to be trying to kill one another with their eyes alone. Mukurou's smirk intensified, and his eyes finally drifted over to the panicking brunette nurse.

"Tsunayoshi-sensei was just giving me some tender loving care, that's all, Principal-Hibari." the teen drawled smugly, standing and sauntering over to where Tsuna was slowly dying of fear. Hibari's eyes narrowed.

"Is that right. I you want a real reason to be in the nurses office, Rokudou Mukurou, I can send you to a real hospital." he offered, raising his spare tonfa menacingly. Mukurou grinned.

"If you think you can, please feel free to try." he replied, daringly squeezing in close against a petrified Tsuna. Said nurse squealed, pushing away from his pursuer and placing himself between the student and Principal(something he would look back on as being stupid).

"Stop! There's no fighting in the Health Office! Both of you, leave!" he shouted, using a years worth of bravado. Two sets of eyes burned into his skin, and Tsuna knew that if he didn't pay especially close attention, his legs would give out under him.

"What was that, Sawada Tsunayoshi...? Are you ordering me, in my school...?" he inquired, stepping closer to the trembling male until he was mere inches from a cherry-red face. Tsuna whimpered.

"Ah... well, its just... si-sick students wo-wont come in if you're both fighting and ca-causing a lot of noise, so... I just..." he lost the ability to speak all together the closer Hibari crept towards him. Tsuna yelped when black jacketed arms wrapped around his middle, and he was pulled into a strong (unfortunately familiar) chest.

"Oya, Principal Hibari... you keep looking as scary as that and I'll have no choice but to take Tsunayaoshi-sensei to a safer location where I can protect him..." Mukurou breathed against Tsuna's ear. Hibari glared over Tsuna's shoulder, his eyes drawn away from the younger, more terrified man.

"Oh I'm sure you would love to 'protect' Tsunayoshi's brains out Rokudou Mukurou. Unfortunately for you, you have a class in session." he said with a clear sort of confidence in his tone. Confidence for what, Tsuna didn't really know. One glance over his shoulder told him Mukurou's face was steeled over in a glare to match Hibari's, and his arms tightened sharply before releasing.

Tsuna clutched at his heart with an embarrassed expression, more then relieved Mukurou was backing off. Hibari's intense glare had morphed into a smug smirk, his blue-grey eyes tracking the Italian student as he picked up his backpack and made his way out the door. Tsuna bit his lip.

He didn't advocate skipping class, and he knew that Mukurou was making excuses just to come see him, so having him sulk off like that made the nurse feel a little guilty.

"M-Mukurou-kun...!" he spoke up, making both aforementioned boy, and a Hibari sporting a look of deadly warning, turn to his attention.

"You can come into the health office any time you are not feeling well!"

Tsuna had said it so fast and rather loud, but he sure as hell wasn't going to repeat it even if he was asked. Either way, Mukurou's blooming smirk seemed to get the message across that he had indeed heard the invitation.

"In that case, I can't wait until I get sick again, Tsunayoshi-sensei." He said, his strange eyes burning into Tsuna's with an almost visible flame. Tsuna could only allow his hand to weakly wave as his body slumped back against the wall.

It was so quiet then, that Tsuna would think he was alone, if it wasn't for the growing feeling of irritation that was suffocating everything in the small office. Tsuna had experienced such a phenomenon several times before, normally at the Teacher meetings when too many faculty were put in one room with Hibari, or when a student's mother insisted on coming in to the school to have a meeting with Hibari.

It was no surprise that the overwhelming feeling that made Tsuna want to duck under his deck was rolling off Namimori's Principal in waves.

"Hi...Hibari...-san..." Tsuna squeaked, as though testing the waters. "Is... is there something wr-wrong?"

The older man's fist slammed into the wall just above Tsuna's head, and a loud 'Hiii!!' echoed out into the hallway. Hibari was in close, maybe a bit too close for anything of Tsuna's liking, but it seemed very little people cared for what Tsuna was comfortable with.

"Aren't you a little too friendly with that student, Sawada Tsunayoshi..." Hibari asked, his voice making Tsuna shudder slightly.

"Who...? Mukurou-kun? M-Mou, that's all because he has that kind of personality... I wonder if maybe its just because he's not used to Japan yet..." the smaller of the two thought aloud, grinning nervously and wishing he wasn't always letting himself get trapped up against things.

Hibari stayed where he was for a few moments, just staring down at the silently panicking young man. He frowned, tilting Tsuna's chin up with a long pale finger, so those overly expressive copper eyes blinked up directly into his.

"You are the weakest Herbivore in this schoool Tsunayoshi. Someone could easily take advantage of such a pitiful creature." Hibari muttered, leaning in.

Tsuna twitched.

"That's it..." he whispered. Hibari pulled away slightly.

"What was that..."

No sooner were the words from Hibari's mouth hat he was pushed away by a surprisingly strong force. Tsuna stomped right up to Namimori's principal and proceded to shove him out the door.

"I've had enough of all this crap! You bastards stop pushing me around already! You can only come into the health office when you're sick or injured! I'm tired of people coming in here just to pick on me!" the small framed nurse shouted,giving Hibari's broad back one last shove out into the hallway. He then slammed the sliding door shut, perfectly satisfied with the shaking rattle it made in response.

Hibari stared at the health room door for several moments, still reeling from the gal Tsuna had suddenly acquired.

"Ku fu fu fu fu..."

Hibari's eyes narrowed on cue as that person's laugh filtered over from a few feet down the hall. Mukurou leaned against the window with his smug smirk firmly in place.

"At lease I got an invitation back..." he bragged. Hibari's hands tightened around his tonfa, and he too gave a challenging smirk.

"Well then, I'll make sure you're thoroughly wounded as an excuse ..."

Just as the two made to attack, a muffled shout came from the door that had just been harshly shut.

"I'd better not come out there and see you two fighting!!"

Hibari blinked slowly, then lowered his weapons, Mukurou following suit (for he had been brandishing a mechanical pencil). he two seemed to have a silent war going on between their challenging gazes, which was ended abruptly with Hibari turning on his heel.

"It would reflect poorly on my appearance in Tsunayoshi's eyes if I were to trouble him with having to have you get patched up..." the shaggy haired man stated simply, walking back down the hall to his office. Mukurou smirked, turning back in the direction of whatever classroom he had come from.

"I wouldn't want you being around Tsunayoshi-sensei unncessarily when he has to stich you back together..." he muttered.

In the health office, the brunette nurse could be found sprawled out messily on the sick bed, his soul successfully leaking from a gaping mouth

This wasn't really anything, I'm just testing the waters. Hope it made you entertained anyway lol